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  1. We have changed our minds....just canceled our $19.95 payment we made for our Key for our upcoming cruise in September on the Symphony. We will use our D+ benefits for some of the perks of the Key and do without others. I believe we can get along just fine without it and save $280 in the process.
  2. We were recently on the Jewel, a sister ship to the Radiance, and had the same cabin as you are looking at. We went to breakfast almost every morning and met a companion couple that was cruising with us at the Windjammer Veranda. It was very quiet, relaxing, close to coffee, and not crowded. I noticed that the area that you are speaking of had some additional tables for seating and a couple of ping pong tables located there. In the morning we would seldom get a stray ping pong ball, since no one was playing. We never noticed any noise coming from above. Hope this answers your question.😎
  3. About 8 months ago, I booked a Presidential Family Suite for 8 of us. It was a family cruise for my daughter, her kids, and the grandparents. We had to break up the reservations into 2 reservations of 4, placing 2 adults and 2 children into each reservation although we were all in the same cabin. When it came to making reservations for dinner, shows, etc., it was the same thing all over, 2 reservations, multiple co-ordination over a "Royal rule" of no more than 4 people on a reservation, or something to that effect. A real pain in the *#%% getting everything coordinated. Hours spent between the TA and time personally to make sure we were at the same table at dinner, breakfast, shows, etc. You would think that if you spent a whole bunch of $$ for a trip that Royal would be able to help out.....NOT! It's been 8 months, I'm still a bit upset.
  4. We were recently on the Jewel and ate in Chops on two different occasions as well as Giovanni's twice. We noticed Officers eating at both restaurants but noticed other staff (we believed to be entertainers), at another table at each restaurant each evening. Every evening there was a small table of staff, other than officers without nametags. Did not bother us.
  5. We are just back on the Jewel, not the Radiance. It's a sister ship but the layout is the same for at least the 10th floor and so forth. We were in 1536 and it was just great as far as getting away from the noise from the Centrum and we did not notice any noise from the Solarium above. You can go to www.cruisedeckplans.com and get pictures and layouts from all of the Radiance class ships as well as all of the Royal fleet. Join for free and get on the members site and enjoy the pictures and video's of the cabins. Any of the Grand Suites are good, we love them. Enjoy!!
  6. I was not sure if Luggage Valet was offered for the Symphony or not either so I shot an email to guest services.....this is what I got: Dear Mr. Davidson, Thank you for contacting Royal Caribbean International. We appreciate this opportunity to address your inquiries. I am happy to inform you that Royal Caribbean International offers Luggage Valet in Miami with the American Airlines carrier. Additionally, you must be flying on the entirety of the journey with the same air carrier, your flight needs to be the same day of ship's arrival, and you must be on a 7 night or longer sailing.. You do not have to use our transfers in order to participate in the program, however, your flight must not be earlier than the earliest flight time listed for our transfers. Mr. Davidson, thank you for taking the time to write in your concerns. We look forward to welcoming you onboard on September 7, 2019 onboard Symphony of the Seas. Sincerely, Marilyn E. Robleto Royal Guest Experience Management I sent something similar to guest relations for our recent cruise on the Jewel last month and got a similar response but when I got on the ship I was told in no uncertain terms that Miami did not do Luggage Valet any longer. So I don't know if it is really Miami, Terminal G, Terminal A, or just some of the ships or the proverbial nobody really knows and the information that comes out of Corporate depends on who you talk to.
  7. Another BIG supporter of Woodwind!! My wife is not a very strong swimmer and has always had problems snorkeling. When we went last month, the crew took special care with her and one other "rookie" snorkeler" and made the day perfect for the two of them. This was the first time that my wife EVER had a pleasant day in the water. The equipment the Woodwind uses is first rate and if you have prescription needs for lenses, they have facemasks that can accommodate that as well. I would not snorkel with anyone else in Bonaire!!
  8. Oh, if this were only true! We are going on the Symphony in September with a 4 couples. 2 couples booked with an agent, 2 couples booked direct with Royal. We have managed to get all 4 reservations linked, however working thru the Cruise Planner online and with the Cruise Planner on the phone since the reservations booked with Royal are "Individual" reservations and the reservations booked with the Agent are "group", they cannot be combined for dinner. So we have 2 groups of 4 at the same time for dinner in My Time Dining that may or may not be close to each other. We will have to get on board early and try and speak with the Maître D, in hopes that all of us can eat together. This has been extremely frustrating and more than 2 hours waisted on the phone with customer service. One of those little quirks that Royal has that could be fixed with a couple of key strokes, NOT!
  9. Just rented one 2 weeks ago, right by the buffet for lunch. There are only 8 of them so really relaxing. Money well spent.
  10. My wife on stage with Mary Wilson, singing "Stop in the Name of Love".
  11. Forward, of course, it was Formal Night !
  12. Just off the Jewel on a 10 night cruise. Saw shorts in Main Dining and in Specialty Dining, even ball caps both regular nights and Formal Nights. No enforcement of dress code on the Jewel. When I said something to our staff, I got a shrug and a statement that mentioned Management really doesn't enforce it any more.
  13. Just got an email from Aline Perez, Concierge / Guest Services aboard Jewel of the Seas on our upcoming trip in 2 Days. I don't know how long she will be there but for now, she is the new Concierge.
  14. Thank you. In this case, it would be perfect because she sleeps on the right side of the bed and it is closest to the bath. Not all cabins are configured the same way.
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