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  1. Nymich

    Straw Poll

    YC but only if I get to wear my mask.
  2. Good point and I agree. It just seems possible they will cut wherever they can. Hopefully its not the sausage! Lol
  3. One can only guess what kind of sausages they will have after a long shutdown that has battered the industry financially. My guess is all food (because of cost) will be subject to change.
  4. Nymich

    Fake Sale

    Everybody is doing fake sales because there is nowhere to go.
  5. Nymich


    The House of Representatives Majority is investigating all the CCL ships that were shoved out in early March. They have CCL answering for the period in question. Pretty sure we will see hearings.
  6. This should be a full refund. Poor move by msc
  7. I had heard from a source that Seaside was leaving Miami and I posted here two weeks ago and got two responses saying not true. I am booked in December for Seaside that now says the Meraviglia.
  8. Thanks for the feedback we pulled back the deposit today. Time to sit on the sidelines and see what develops.
  9. I will not be surprised if HAL is blended into Princess or vice versa if needed. Eliminating ships will allow less salaries and a chance to get lean and in essence actually start over. The longer this drags on the more Companies with Zero revenue will have to do drastic things.
  10. Thank you for explaining that. Since this is a financial thread do you know what steps have been taken to get Crystal over the shutdown? I have been digging for info but coming up empty. Thanks!
  11. Yes it is the administration fee I was referring to. I was told they changed it to 3 days today or it is non refundable. It was 7 days.
  12. I was talking about the October Serenity cruises. Sorry I wasn't clear on that.
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