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  1. Thirteen parties including 3 individuals have been charged in connection with the White Island tragedy. The corporate parties face fines up to $NZ1.5 million and the individuals $NZ300,000. Names of those involved have not been released although some of those involved have acknowledged they are being summoned. The court cases have been brought about by Worksafe New Zealand and advice is that the pending actions do not cover any rescue missions which will be part of a coroners inquest. Court convenes on 15th December
  2. Unless your two day cruise is doing a circumnavigation of Willis Island you may have some issues with the shops and the liquor store. getting Duty Free prices. In order to get duty free allowances one must be returning from overseas and a Sydney / Sydney cruise does not permit that. A circumnavigation of Willis Island is however deemed overseas for duty free purposes. We had that issue some years ago when our Bali visit was cancelled (it being our overseas port) and willis island was substituted
  3. We are currently short of approx $800 which should be refunded by Travel insurance within the next 10 days. Future cruising is not on our horizon now any time soon
  4. 6 months after instigating refunds for two cancelled Celebrity cruises my TA advised me yesterday the last instalment has finally arrived. It appears that my TA is also getting his commission due had I actually completed the cruises. In order to get my refunds a number of emails, txts and international phone calls have been necessary. Will I be taking up future cruise options? - Unlikely in the medium term but who knows long term. The refund process for cancelled cruises is a disgraceful indictment on the cruise lines who have deliberately dragged out the process. Any holid
  5. It will be interesting to see down stream if anyone has a claim on Travel insurance going forward as the NZ Govt has recommended no overseas travel. It is safe to assume I think that any COVID 19 related claim would be void.
  6. Stage 4 in NZ was a little tougher than you have in Victoria. The only places that were open in NZ for our Stage 4 were petrol stations, chemists and supermarkets and corner dairies. Everything else was shut and bubbles at the start of lockdown had to remain until stage 3. People over 70 were recommended to stay at home and others would do their shopping for them. No visitors to home were permitted. Social distancing for those at supermarkets was rigidly enforced in fact it became the norm. Supermarkets were limited to numbers inside the shop in fact it got quite eirie with the silence. Stage
  7. I heard a rumour that the AFL Grand FInal is going to be played at Eden Park in Auckland as its the only stadium on the planet free of COVID 19 and can house 60,000 paying spectators. Noone will understand how the game is played though
  8. The Trans Tasman bubble now seems further and further away and that will definitely affect cruising down under. Under normal circumstances the ships in the Northern Hemisphere would be heading our way within the next month or so. That is definitely not going to happen. I note in the news over the past couple of days one of the NCL ships has COVID 19 on board and apparently the Paul Gaugin in Tahiti also has COVID 19 on board Chystal cruises are reported as having cancelled 2020 as a cruising year and I wonder just how long the big boys will do the same. the CDC in the USA doesn't appear to be
  9. We will see what the ramifications of the economy downturn are. Dont underestimate the worst outcome. It could be greater than Covid.
  10. We did what we had to do at the outset. The ramifications of that are still to be fully revealed. Whilst Covid 19 is under control the economy is anything but. Wage support comes off in a month and huge layoffs and redundancies are anticipated then
  11. Returnees are housed in hotels at taxpayer expense . The hotels are surrounded by 6 ft high fences. There are security on site comprising police , defence and govt security personnel. There is an element of voluntary compliance as the returnees are not in prison or criminals. For 8 weeks at the outset we were in voluntary lock down throughout the country which is why the only Covid in NZ is imported from returnees. These toerags should be charged for the costs involved in isolation, looking for them and then fined or imprisoned. They have put 5 million people at risk.
  12. Here in NZ we have had no Community Transmission since April 28th but we have had 9 escapes from compulsory isolation . Compulsory isolation for 14 days and a negative Covid test after that period is required for everyone returning to NZ. There is no sympathy from the NZ public for escapes and all are facing court action. Over 30000 returnees have followed the rules and the offenders are all facing court action.
  13. I have been fighting refunds since February. Two days ago I received part of the outstanding monies but still have several hundred dollars outstanding. What is gaulling is the fact that I don't know what the outstanding amount is for and why it wasn't paid with the monies received earlier this week. Refunds for me are being handled from the Australian Office, but the wont talk to me so I have been communicating through Celebrity Head Office who told me this morning that I have not received the monies I have let alone what the balance is for. Is it any wonder that cruises in the foreseeable fu
  14. In New Zealand we went two months with social distancing of 2 metres and generally no issues. We queued up two metres apart and kept our distance in the shops. At the checkout were crosses two metres apart where we waited. It worked because we have no community transmission
  15. TAs in your area must be different than here in NZ. With our borders closed they have nothing to do such that they are raising a petition seeking govt support to enable staff to be retained.
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