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  1. It shows on Express Pass up the right side, our cruise is not until April 20.
  2. The bubbly may not be in your cabin, but they will bring it to you if you ask for it.
  3. If you win an upgrade bid, the perks you have go with the booking. You also do not get the extra points which I assume would be for a Suite.
  4. You could be right but the 3 cruises we had booked are not until spring & fall of 2021.
  5. We booked 3 cruises on the day they came out, a lot of C2’s were not available everyone we asked did not know why, finally we were advised that they hadn’t been released yet by Celebrity so we put a wait list for the cabins we wanted on all 3 ships. Last Wed got the call saying they were released & did we still want our waitlisted cabin, which we did. i have never seen Celebrity hold back cabins before any years prior don’t know why this year.
  6. We are also on this cruise & was told the same thing you were. I found the same information you did about a Ultimate Disco cruise, which could be worse as we like music. So I’m just waiting to see when & what Celebrity tells us!
  7. We had lots of OBC on our last cruise & we like taking pictures so we bought a Go Pro. Great item to have for future cruises.
  8. Celebrity is playing games, we booked 3 cruises when they first came out for 2021 & there were only a very few C2’s available. We played their game & waitlisted the cabins we wanted & it worked, notified yesterday.
  9. They never released the best C2 cabins in the middle of the ship until yesterday. Don’t know why but I guess it’s their choice.
  10. It’s not the TA’s we booked both TA cruises April & Oct for 2021 since the day they came out. We put an angle balcony on wait list & was told it would be out beginning of Dec. We received a call yesterday that Celebrity had finally released them. So we got the Concierge cabin we wanted. Celebrity was hanging on to them for some reason & it actually happened on 3 cruises we had booked.
  11. Our friends did not get cancelled but since we were the lead they would lose the On-board Booking Credit. At least that’s what we were told.
  12. I was told by Celebrity it was for new cruises in 2021 & the deck views would be available Dec 6. Not sure how true this is but every cruise we booked in 2021 does not have deck view for either C2 or A1 or 2A. Not sure the others as we want a balcony.
  13. We were on the Infinity last NewYears Eve. The 31st was embarkation day. & I would say at least 80% of the people dressed up for New Year’s Eve. It was not their Chic night either. There were parties everywhere, it was great. They gave out party favours hats etc at dinner.
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