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  1. You will certainly enjoy being Elite.
  2. Too funny we are in the same boat, before COVID we thought there might be a chance to get Zenith by 2022 but now who knows & I think everything will change when cruises get going again.
  3. I totally sympathize we have had an ongoing problem for the last 2 years which they cannot or don’t know how to fix. One cruise they made us US citizens & changed my DH’s name & couldn’t correct it before our cruise, to the point that we had to be met at the cruise Port to make sure we could get on the ship with a Canadian passport. Right now we have 129 past cruises of which 65 are not ours with no points but points for our real past cruises are correct. Every time we book a cruise it’s a surprise to see what they have done to our booking. So hang in there & keep after it to get it correct.
  4. Happy to hear I’m not the only one I have 63 extra cruises on my past cruises that don’t belong to me with 8 different folio #’s that don’t belong to me each one is in about 7 times. As I pointed out to Celebrity that if they were mine I would have been Zenith a while ago, but I also did not get points for my b2b in April.
  5. We booked a cruise on the 28th for May 2022, which should include the 30 extra points. No where on the booking does it say that we have the extra points. We were advised that they just go on the booking date, so I guess we have to wait 2 years to find out.
  6. Oooops, Good thinking, I will have to try that. The phone number I have says their willing to work with us 24/7 so we will have to see how that works.
  7. Our experience has been if you want to book a cruise no problem you are on hold for 10 minutes. If you have a problem with a cancelled cruise it’s a 2 hr hold & during that time you get one cut off & start all over again on hold
  8. Received our 25% refund to our credit card today so 27 days from cancellation to receiving refund.
  9. I received all of our 25% back to our credit card today, for both B2b cruises. started Mar 11 & finished today so 27 days in total.
  10. Ok, your on but no fair pulling strings cause you worked for the Royal Bank & we bank at CIBC.
  11. Just to let everyone know that we finally received our letters from Celebrity stating the 25% refund amount for our b2b cruises on April 12 & 20 that were cancelled on Mar 11 when our government issued 4 status of no travel. Now let’s see how long it takes our Visa card to post the credits. Btw letter was dated April 1..... They are correct amounts & sent by Celebrity Executive.
  12. I am also waiting for a refund since Mar 11& we have been told that it has been processed & has not shown up. I’m not sure it’s Celebrity or my bank Visa credit card, we also had Hamilton tickets cancelled & was informed that it had been credited back to my credit card but it never actually showed on my credit card until my statement date. Im sure credit card companies are also having a back log due to the Covid-19 & we all know charges have a way of showing long before credits. Just saying...
  13. Aeroplan refunded our points immediately & refunded the taxes within a week, we cancelled March 11.
  14. We talked to Celebrity yesterday as we are still waiting also, but found out that they take off the port fees & taxes divide them by 2 assuming 2 in a cabin then those amounts are put in your account. Then they divide the 25% by 2 after the port & taxes are deducted & deposit those 2 amounts to your credit card.
  15. We talked to Celebrity on Sunday. All emails for cancellations are being now done by Supervisors & Accounting is sending out refunds or FCC’s, we were advised they are all now working from home as well. So it will all take time. We canc March 11 for our April cruise. We have still heard nothing but were given amounts etc over the phone.
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