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  1. I had a similar issue with my bank's automated teller machine. Instead of a message saying "balance unavailable" the receipt would simply show a balance of $0 in the account. A recipe for disaster if the customer has a weak heart...
  2. Would you mind revealing how small was the deposit? I investigated two different cruises but found that the deposit was higher than I had expected.
  3. Thanks for the link, kazu. I was trying to access the specials via the .ca website (go figure) when I should have been on .com.
  4. Any chance that someone can post a link. I went to the HAL website but it is nowhere to be found, and no option to search. Google didn't turn up anything either. Thanks!
  5. Just curious - are you traveling with 12 potential "spinners" or just hoping to lead a class for the ship's guests? I suspect there might be liability issues....
  6. I always pack a few pant/skirt hangers, just in case. They come in handy for hanging small items to dry on the towel rack or shower bar.
  7. I guess I should have used the proper nautical terminology; the back deck is something that is attached to our house, also a place where I like to spend as much time as possible.
  8. I love being able to have my breakfast, lunch, and even the occasional evening meal, outdoors on the back deck. I also love to play pickleball on the sports deck, something that Holland America seems to be making available on most of its ships.
  9. And I will challenge you to a spirited game of pickleball - which is one of the activities that is actively promoted on HAL ships (and one of the reasons why we are hoping to return one day soon)
  10. We were with two other couples, all having the Fantastica package, so the water was free; however, someone in our party was asked to sign a slip at the end of each meal (for accounting purposes, I guess). On the first night I asked if I could take the open bottle back to our cabin, as it would not be used for the next guests. The waiter kindly provided a few unopened bottles for us. It's funny what we take for granted, but now that I think of it, more and more North American restaurants are doing away with water at the table, and some no longer provide bread unless asked.
  11. Just for the record, although I live in North America, I am a Canadian -- and not a terribly demanding one at that. 😉 In terms of "personal treatment", we did not expect our cabin steward to be at our every beck and call; however, it would have been nice to know who to contact for a basic necessity.
  12. Sometimes it's the little things that can make all the difference. We have just returned from our first MSC cruise (in Europe) and found that the difference between the cruise line and others is in the service - or lack thereof. Where other lines encourage the cabin attendants to introduce themselves shortly after the passengers arrive, on MSC we only met our steward on the fourth day, and only by chance. When our toilet paper was about to run out - with no extra roll tucked away in the cabinet - we were left to fend for ourselves, as no member of the housekeeping staff could be located, and our phone calls went unanswered. I can vouch for the lack of kleenex in at least three cabins (we were traveling with friends); I don't remember seeing any tissues on the service carts, so I can only assume that management considers paper products as a luxury item that can be discontinued. That said, most of the staff members we met were receptive when we attempted to speak to them, but very few seemed to be happy. I contrast that with the crew on other cruise lines whose demeanor is generally pleasant, sometimes bubbly, and who are eager to provide their guests with a memorable (in a good sense) experience . It is up to management to set the tone - and IMHO, therein lies the difference between MSC and its competitors.
  13. Our kids were too old to take along by the time we discovered cruising, but I was under the impression that some cruise lines require parents to be on board or within close proximity to the ship in case of an emergency.
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