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  1. As I understand it, a social bubble is a formal understanding, about standards and inclusion/exclusion. We're reaching a low point in morale after 6 months. For the sake of our mental and emotional health, we need to socialize. To be able to wander around freely. That's why masks are so important. I've been wearing a mask in public since April. It's now routine, kinda like pulling on my pants in the morning. “CDC chief says masks better at stopping coronavirus than a vaccine” https://ca.news.yahoo.com/cdc-chief-says-masks-better-at-stopping-coronavirus-than-a-vaccine-173526486.html Ideally, the vulnerable should be wearing N95 masks. Too bad that governments haven't mobilized to manufacture quality masks for everyone. Use a KN95 mask if it is available. Above all, make sure that the mask has a good fit on your face. Even a 3-layer mask will be almost as effective as a 5-layer N95 if the fit is tight. Be safe. Think good thoughts about yourself. Encourage others to adapt and overcome. The day will come that the border reopens, and we can sail again.
  2. What about social bubbles? Dine-in restaurants with patios should be safe if your group only includes trusted people. Restaurants can arrange distancing in a logical manner. But, there is no safety when patrons dine with people outside their bubble. Same principle applies to dining on a ship, and out on excursions. MSC seems to have the right protocols. No passengers infected on the ships yet!! I have hopes that the NE can form a bubble with us, partly reopening the border. I would like to cruise again in spring.
  3. Many thanks for the update. Looks like the disease was circulating on board for several days. Not spread on disembarkation as some had claimed. What the article didn't mention was that the MO had asked several passengers to isolate in their cabins. But, this was not enforced. We know this from the evidence given by the MO and Staff Captain during the inquiry.
  4. Let's hear from the biggest manufacturer of vaccines... "Dampening hopes of a Covid-19 vaccine by year-end, the chief executive of the world’s largest manufacturer of vaccines has said that adequate coronavirus vaccine will not be available for everybody in the world to be immunised until the end of 2024" https://ca.news.yahoo.com/coronavirus-vaccine-won-t-available-090400724.html
  5. Right! USA numbers are good. BC has seen a HUGE increase...
  6. Holy Smokes! Israel is first country to lockdown again. For a month. "All schools, hotels and shopping centres are to close; Supermarkets, pharmacies and restaurants can only open for delivery.. Israel was initially quick to curb the spread of the virus and sealed the country’s borders early on in the year during its first outbreak. But in an effort to kickstart the economy, schools were invited to reopen in May, which led to a surge in cases." https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/middle-east/israel-coronavirus-lockdown-cases-second-wave-infections-b435513.html
  7. Quite right. The Maritime (pop 1.8m) has had exactly 16 cases in the last 14 days. No other place can match that. No point jeopardizing the sacrifices you made. In BC, there has been a large second wave. Very sad. The government has closed nightclubs and banquet halls again. Alcohol will no longer be served after 10 pm in restaurants/pubs.
  8. NY is an example where covid is under control. In fact, the daily infections per capita is similar to that of Ontario. As is the positivity rate. It is conceivable that Eastern Canada and the Maritime could form a bubble with the Northeast States. The ability of NY to keep the state safe for the last three months is a reflection of the effectiveness of the government. To isolate travelers from hotspots, and to prevent large events like motorcycle rallies. I would make the case that cruises can resume from NY to New England to NL, Maritime and QC. With the necessary restrictions and safety processes.
  9. The article in the Argus Leader has a link to this 63 page publication. Lots of charts, tables etc. https://cheps.sdsu.edu/docs/Contagion_Externality_Sturgis_Motorcycle_Rally_9-5-20_Dave_et_al.pdf?_ga=2.81569950.884710651.1599969932-1634587553.1599616085
  10. In April/May, I cancelled everything (up to March 2021) except for Iceland in August 2021. Today, I have no reason to change my plans. Despite the news about the wonderful quick tests and beautiful vaccines. I intend to maintain discipline. Wait for actual programs to be implemented and success achieved. Waiting for the experts to give the all clear. Wait for the second wave to subside. Waiting to see how bad it gets this winter. Be safe.
  11. I agree with ncpl. It is what it is. Restaurants and nightclubs are closing where covid is not under control. Cruise companies have to adapt and downsize. Not every brand will survive. The faster we bring the disease under control, the sooner we can cruise again. More brands will survive.
  12. I have to agree. Lots of speculation on this forum. Perhaps, the disease will disappear! Perhaps, the cruise industry can work a miracle? Perhaps, we'll turn back the clock with a vaccine!. Perhaps, the new management team will demonstrate competence and vanquish the bug? No one knows. Just listen to Dr. Fauci and be safe.
  13. Canada is happy to open its borders once there are no more super spreader events. “Study says 260,000 COVID-19 cases could be tied to Sturgis rally; Noem calls it 'fiction' https://www.argusleader.com/story/news/2020/09/08/study-260-000-coronavirus-cases-likely-tied-sturgis-rally/5739139002/ The exact number is unclear. However, the official stat from South Dakota is revealing. The Rally started August 7 and ended August 16. Prior to the Rally, SD cases were @100/day. August 7 98 cases, August 16 156 cases, August 22 251 cases, August 29 425 cases, Sept 8 103 cases. https://covidtracking.com/data/state/south-dakota/cases
  14. Neither testing or vaccine by themselves will be the final solution. Life isn't returning to 'normal' pre-covid with just a killer test or vaccine. 36 We've already discussed the problems with the $5 tests. Assuming that 30% of the population refuses to be vaccinated, the efficacy of the vaccine has to be 90% in order to get close to herd immunity. Should the efficacy be only 50% (like the flu vaccination). its just a coin toss. Cruising will still require distancing and masks. Even if 100% of the population is vaccinated. Is there hope? Suggest that you wait for the plan from the Blue Team. IMO, they will need to propose a creditable program by early October. This will be a strategy utilizing all the tools in a systematic assault on the disease; lockdowns, large scale testing, mass testing, contact tracing, treatments and vaccines. Plus the procurement of PPE etc for the poorer counties. One of the most important jobs is standardization in the management of the disease. What criterion for lockdowns? Currently, NY (and Canada) have a testing positivity rate of 1%. Whilst the Dakotas and Iowa etc have a positivity rate of 20%. At what point would restrictions kick in to prevent the epidemic from spiraling out of control? A great deal needs to be done.
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