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  1. We have seen a similar type of problem with individuals who have had the measles, or not sure if they did. Most likely the individual in question will have to obtain an antibody test for the Novel Coronavirus to determine if they have significant levels and submit this to the cruise agency. Whether they accept it, would be subjective. I would advise that the individual receive the Coronavirus vaccine which would be a booster.
  2. No the Vaccine will not be a "Panacea" but without a vaccine, I cannot see any cruise lines having anything approaching normal or near normal conditions. Even with a vaccine, I do feel that at least initially, there will be requirements in regards to number of people on board, frequent hand washing, do away with self-service stations in the buffet, and probably requirements that one wears a mask in certain areas.
  3. When my patient tells me that they will not have the vaccine for COVID when available, I tell them that we do need "Placebo's" to assess how well the vaccine will work. When they think about that and what is means, most change their minds.
  4. Although not directly related to Princess, Disney Cruise Lines has decided to cancel all cruises through January. Another sign that until there is a vaccine, we cannot expect any cruise line, including Carnival owned Princess to resume anything like normal operations. https://www.wftv.com/news/local/brevard-county/disney-cruise-line-suspends-all-cruises-through-end-january-2021/PKNVONDGHZHYPJK33QH6O2LSY4/?utm_source=WFTV-TV%20Breaking%20News&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=62511
  5. The CDC this morning raised the level of risk for cruising. For all intents and purposes, the CDC has effectively banned cruising in the United States for the near future. I doubt that we will resume any type of "normal" cruising until a vaccine is out and mass vaccination of the public begins.
  6. We must realize that until an effective vaccine is out and being administered to the public, the Cruise Industry will not be able to resume any type of cruising. Probably the best we can hope for is that cruising, with a bit of luck will resume during the late Spring or early Summer. CDC Raises Warning for Cruise Ship Travel to Highest Level (cruisecritic.com)
  7. We are scheduled to do a Trans-Atlantic on the Destiny Princess, November, 2021. I wonder if this cruise will indeed go on as scheduled.
  8. I will not comment on those who said it was a hoax, but yes, many physicians initially thought and hoped that the virus would be similar to H1N1. Sadly they/we were wrong.
  9. Although there may be limited cruising, one cannot expect the cruise industry to resume at anything like normal activities until we have a vaccine widely available. I believe that both the vaccine and even the Influenza Vaccine will be required before one is able to book a cruise.
  10. I believe, and this is my opinion, that "First Responders" will begin to receive vaccination in December. Cruises will resume before vaccines are widely available, but they will be restricted in duration, ports visited, and even activities on board.
  11. As soon as we have a vaccine, I do feel that the 7 day limit will be llifted. Hope to start to see a vaccine next month.
  12. Very well said. If you cannot wear a mask, then, at least until we have a safe and effective vaccine, one should not be on a cruise. There is a fairly wide selection of what I call “Air Travel” masks which unlike the N-95 are designed to be worn for long periods of time.
  13. I have heard rumors, and I stress that these are rumors, that Princess hopes to have the Discovery ready on time. In any case we are keeping our booking for the Trans-Atlantic on Discovery, and in fact if they delay, will just rebook when they do make the crossing.
  14. Great great news. The Cruise Industry will not be able to begin to make plans to get the process going in regards to reopening. Would expect to see the first cruises out of Miami and Port Canaveral with lines such as RCCL and Carnival using their newest cruise liners with reduced capacity doing initially 3-4 days, but then expanding to 7 days cruises with a stop at one of their outer islands and perhaps one cruise port.
  15. I expect that this will also be lifted as soon as we have a safe and effective vaccine. Would expect to see longer cruises by this summer.
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