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  1. You're at the back of the line with thousands of requests before you. Patience.
  2. I'd like a cruise to nowhere. I get so tired of living in a big city of one million, high rises, concrete, traffic etc. Just to get out in the middle of nowhere with nothing but water, blue sky and clouds. Aaaaaah.
  3. Then maybe we'd have to leave from a Canadian port. I'd love a cruise to nowhere. I could go out into the Atlantic or Pacific and sail around in circles for days upon end.
  4. I've been to all of them except two (Alrsund and Eidfjord). I've loved Honningsvag and the North Cape. All the ports are winners.
  5. The only ship's photo I every buy is the embarkation one. This photo has the date, the name of the ships and they photo guys usually make a collage and insert a few smaller photos of some of your ports (HAL does this).
  6. Thank you for taking the time to provide this information. I've got a lot more now to look up. I love your photo. One thing about Hurtigruten right now is that many of their voyages this Fall and Winter have no single supplement fee. Skoal
  7. I'm thinking of taking a cruise next January or February up the coast of Norway to see the Northern Lights. I'll be sailing solo and was thinking of flying into Oslo then taking the train to Bergen. Any type of cabin to avoid. I was thinking of an outside one. Any other tips I should know about. Thanks (P.S. I'm not worried about the snow and cold as I love winter in Canada)
  8. Thank you for the good wishes. It's sunny and warm in Ottawa today and I was sitting out on my balcony. A few fireworks last night and I expect a few more tonight. Happy Canada Day to all Canadians.
  9. Hi Av8rix. I'd be on the plane right now flying back to Ottawa. Waaaaaah. I thought of our cancelled cruise everyday and where I'd be on each day. I booked a cruise with HAL for next August but not to Alaska. I'd like to do the Alaska cruise in early May next year but the price for solo is over $2K than what I originally paid. Hope to see you on the same roll call in the future.
  10. Then one day were gong to share a drink or two in the Ocean bar as my treat. I'm on the August 29, 2021 sailing out of Boston on the Rotterdam.
  11. August 29, 2021 - Rotterdam - 17 day Greenland, Newfoundland & New England Discovery
  12. I've been in many an inside cabin on the Lower Promenade Deck. But a couple of years ago HAL started to offer me an outside cabin on the LPD and since then I've only been in o/s cabins. In the future I would not book an inside cabin in case I was quarantined. Yes, it's more as I sail solo but I would need to see out.
  13. Oh I wish they would do this. People are so impatient to get their refund from a company in chaos. Give HAL a chance. If you're that tight for money then you shouldn't have booked a cruise(s). And yes, I'm patiently waiting for my refund and I hope I get it by the end of the year.
  14. Fourth cancellation!!! I only have one and the total refund to me is under 3K (solo). I feel sorry for those who booked loooooong cruises as you can image how much a couple would have paid....
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