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  1. After cruising on the Noordam's maiden voyage, I will only cruise HAL's smaller ships and have never encountered an AC or toilet problem in many years. I use to order a fan for my cabin but haven't had to do that in years either. I'm also looking for an Antarctic cruise for 2021 but those flights (from Eastern Canada) are standing in my way (for now).
  2. I also take Bonine the first day of the cruise and if I'm on a land tour that has a lot of bumps and winding roads. Funny that it was banned in Canada.
  3. I did nine cruises with my mum and even though she didn't use a walker I always rented a folding one. It was delivered to the cabin and she liked to use it during the life boat drill so she could sit and also when the seas got rough. You might consider this for your mum.
  4. I would love to do this cruise but just can't do those long flights from eastern Canada. Five hours is pretty well the max I can handle flying w/o a break on land. Looking forward to more photos etc. Enjoy the cruise.
  5. Wow. I'd like to book that suite. I wish all the cabins had a coffee maker. I'd even bring my favourite pods (maple flavoured and hazelnut).
  6. If only.... A new ship the size of the old Prinsendam would be wonderful.
  7. Ooooh. This sounds sweet. Guess I'll go and see what type of cruise I can find. Thanks for posting this.
  8. I always book a cabin on the lower prom deck and have never had a problem finding a lounger to sit in. Go for it.
  9. $359 for the week!!! Holy crap, I've never seen any prices like that when booking from Canada. I would have booked a B2B2B2B😂
  10. Well some good news for once about the entertainment. Hope there is more good news forthcoming.
  11. My mum and I have been in some pretty good storms and while I love rough seas she doesn't. She puts on her sea bands after the life boat drill and has never been sick (our first cruise she didn't have them and she was sick for three days. She told me on day four after finally being able to exit the cabin that she didn't care if the ship sank and would never take another cruise. However, three years later she took another cruise to Alaska and the waters were so calm). Now she's done nine (she turned 95 last month).
  12. You're right. I travel solo and always want the bed split into two. Never upon embarkation has this been the way. I hate unpacking trying to squeeze between the bed and wall to get to the night table. I do leave a note for the steward and usually the beds are split by the time I get back from the lifeboat drill. But I hate for my steward to have to do this as they're so busy on turnaround day and must be exhausted. Leaving a little tip helps.
  13. I've just booked the train in Skagway for the 4th time. Love it. In Icy Straight I previously booked with F.I.S.H.E.S. Small boat for six passengers and we were surrounded by whales. Amazing.
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