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  1. We were on the Volendam's Amazon cruise in December, 2019 when it went aground in the Amazon at 4am in the morning. Personally, I felt nothing; but others did. It took around 7 hours to get freed under our own power.
  2. We, too, have undisplayed FCC's from a cancelled Maasdam cruise.
  3. Hands down I would do the Panama Canal. We've done the full transit three times (Celebrity Century, Amsterdam, and Maasdam) and it doesn't get old.
  4. Finishing our bedroom remodel (wiring, sheet rock, paint, new floor, and a seashore decor). On to the next project.
  5. We were on the Amazon trip as well as the following Caribbean cruise. We've sailed on the Volendam well over three months total time over the years. We also liked the Zaandam when we did an Antarctica cruise.
  6. We pack virtually the same for a two week cruise as a two month or longer cruise with the exception of meds we need to bring and the number of thumb drive or SD cards for pictures. We travel with a backpack and small roll-on but I'm aware that just doesn't work for some. One of the biggest challenges is when we need to prepare for radically different weather conditions.
  7. Currently I'm about 1/2 way complete with our Master Bedroom Remodel; we're also doing a lot of house and yard maintenance, gardening, and bird watching off our deck. It's been fun to observe spring turn to summer for the first time in a number of years after being somewhere else in the world travelling or sailing by cruise ship. For the summer, we expect to go camping in our new travel trailer.
  8. On our last voyage on the Maasdam from Seattle to Sydney in 2019, I chatted with Captain Arno extensively about the zodiacs, and he commented that for what would be the upcoming Alaska cruise season in 2020 (which never really happened), HAL was going to have to swap out the then current zodiacs for those made in the USA as the foreign built ones couldn't be used in US waters. It seemed to me that there were countless hurdles thrown at HAL for use of the zodiacs. On an earlier Maasdam voyage to the Maldives in 2019, we did take a zodiac trip and really enjoyed the zodiac part especially when Captain Arno was our zodiac driver. We have our largest number of sailing days on the Maasdam, Volendam, and Prinsendam; and we thoroughly enjoyed all (especially the Prinsendam for the ship) and the other two for their itineraries. Tim
  9. No, the CC company is Citibank and my deposit account is at Chase. Re: the delay in posting, I experienced the same thing. For my larger refund, I was notified by Citibank on Tuesday, June 9, 2020 that my refund had been processed, but it was dated back to Thursday, June 4, 2020. I had checked daily between those dates, and nothing was showing. For the gap in processing the return of the funds by direct deposit, I requested that in a chat session with Citibank and I followed up on 6/18 with another chat session where I was told it was approved on 6/17 and I could expect the direct deposit within 24-48 hours. It came in 24 hours. I have to congratulate Citibank for communicating (or at least responding to my queries). HAL definitely didn't communicate anything (other than HAL's Mariner Society agent who looked up the status of my large refund) after my original request for refund through my big box travel agent. Hang in there. But don't be afraid to reach out to the parties involved.
  10. After waiting for over a week for my credit card company to process refunding the refunds received from HAL, I finally received them direct deposited to my checking account. From the date of first cruise we cancelled on 3/12 until now, it's been 98 days start to finish. The second one was 2 weeks later. I can now officially stand down and wait out the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on future cruising. I'll not be re-booking until it's once again reasonably safe to be cruising. We do have a small FCC to use in the next year or so, but I'll wait until closer to its expiration date to re-book.
  11. I had the problem of not being able to log into my HAL account. I tried everything I could think of and finally called the Mariner Society and quickly reached a representative who fixed the issue for me. All works well now, except my FCC for an April, 2020 cruise cancelled in March is not showing yet.
  12. Thanks for the update. We received our last and biggest refund today. Now waiting like everyone else to cruise again.
  13. Today I checked our credit card online and our Grand Africa 2020 cruise fare was fully refunded with an effective date of June 4. It was a 66 day wait and I'm glad this is behind us. We do wish to resume cruising when the world permits us.
  14. Rich, Thanks for the update. We were able to visit Normandy in 2012 which riding our motorcycle around Europe for the first time. It's a moving experience. My wife's uncle landed at Utah Beach. Tonight for dinner we've planning to enjoy BBQ ribeye.
  15. Thanks for the update. It's also National Doughnut Day in the USA. I bought 1/2 dozen for the grandkids and I.
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