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  1. Here's the text of the refund update from HAL's FB page: REFUNDS UPDATE - May 20th: We want our guests to know that we hear you and understand your frustration with the time it is taking to receive your refund. As of Friday, May 15, we have refunded millions of dollars in cruises, and we continue working through our backlog. Our reservation and payment systems were not designed to handle this volume of refunds in a short period of time, and it is taking longer than we wanted. We have increased the number of team members supporting this enormous effort and have made modifications to our systems. These modifications have increased our capacity to process refunds, and we should begin issuing at a faster rate this week. Thank you for your patience in these extraordinary circumstances.
  2. I just received my copy of Steve Corcoran's book and am looking forward to reading it. Thanks for the reference.
  3. Correct. I was referring to the entire transit. As I recall the Zaandam and Rotterdam hit 17+knots in Gatun Lake. Inside each lock, it's not a speeding area.
  4. On our last transit of the canal on the Maasdam in 2018 on our way to Easter Island, we could see the new locks and appreciate the increase in size. When I watched the transit of the Rotterdam and Zaandam and then the Koningsdam, I was further impressed. Transiting the canal is clearly for me one of the top travel things I have ever done, and we've been able to do the full transit 3 times.
  5. The Rotterdam and Zaandam both sailed through the new locks before the Koningsdam. And they did it at fast speeds.
  6. We've been enjoying watching the spring flora and fauna develop as the past several years we've been at sea during the spring. I'm also doing a bunch of house projects and shredding lots of excess vegetation.
  7. Thanks for the report. We enjoyed the last west bound transatlantic on the Ryndam before it was sold and became the Pacific Aria. My white socks are definitely on. I'm a white socks and sandals guy to the chagrin the fashion police here in the Seattle area. Since we're approaching 80f, it's probably time to break out the sandals to go with the socks.
  8. I saw that, but on HAL's site, it says: https://www.hollandamerica.com/en_US/news/coronavirus-travel-advisory.html For those guests who require a refund in lieu of the FCC offer, please visit the Cancellation Preferences form to make your selection by June 1, 2020. Submit one request, and include one guest name, per booking. To the extent a guest does not elect either Option 1 or Option 2 by June 1, 2020, guest will be deemed to have accepted Option 1 (which is a higher value than Option 2). The deadline for making your cancellation preference selection is June 1, 2020.
  9. Today's announcement indicated that cash refund requests need to be made by June 1, 2020.
  10. Disembarking the Maasdam in Vancouver and finding a way home to Seattle.
  11. I believe she sailed with us on the Maasdam last fall. I specifically remember the cat and chatted with her about the cat.
  12. With many of the crew currently being repatriated to their home countries using HAL and other cruise line ships, there's little chance of cruising resuming by July 24, 2020. How do they retrieve their crews? Restarting operations would appear to me to be a one to three month process. And that assumes readily available flights and other infrastructure in place.
  13. Thanks for the update and especially the report of all of the fleet that are enroute to repatriate crew! Tonight is a ribeye steak from the BBQ night for us. But thanks for the shepherds pie suggestion.
  14. On 3/12/20, I cancelled a Maasdam 4/15 departure cruise and on 3/17/20 our HAL Copper Canyon shore excursion was refunded without me requesting it. There's been no word on the cruise fare refund and FCC.
  15. I switched to a different browser (Chrome) and was able to read the article. I found it to be fairly written.
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