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  1. All HAL ships we have sailed on have a 220v European 2 prong plug and a standard 3 prong American plug. We bring two 10' light extension cords. One has two 3 plug outlets. It gets plugged into the 110v outlet. The second cord gets a 2 prong European adapter affixed to the plug and plugged into the 220v outlet. Most modern chargers and small transformers will run on 110v-220v. Just check the data plate. We also will daisy chain them together if we want power on both sides of the bed. Re: conditioner, yes. It's in the middle dispenser in the shower.
  2. No ship was berthed at the cruise terminal. It appeared they were working on it. We enjoyed Île des Pines. Very laid back Headed full speed for Sydney.
  3. The entertainment has been varied and for the most part excellent. I really don't miss the singers and dancers. After many cruises that style became stale for us. Lectures are a big part of the daily schedule. Personally, my wife and I really enjoy them and it's why we book the Maasdam itineraries. I've never heard of a Bridge Director on any cruise. There are bridge games I believe.
  4. The Pacific Aria (former Ryndam) berthed in front of us. As the Ryndam, we sailed its last Westbound transAtlantic to Tampa.
  5. There's been no mention of the library this entire cruise. I'll take a look and report back. We're in Noumea today and visited the aquarium. Here's a few pictures.
  6. For some reason, my write-up got deleted. If you Google "Using a travel router" it will give you lots of information including links to YouTube videos on the topic. If after reading that you have further questions, please feel free to contact me. Setting them up can be a bit fiddly, but they really work well for sharing a connection. I'm currently connected using mine and I have an iPad also connected. Tim
  7. A travel router is a device about the size of a computer mouse and costs about $30US from Amazon. I am currently using a Ravpower which has a built in battery but also have an unpowered Hootoo as a backup. I have a full write up on my blog. Just click on my profile picture and it will bring up a list of my blogs and look for the one labeled Travel Router. If you can't find it, let me know and I'll get you the address.
  8. Ken, Scottish Maid was on deck 6 (Promenade) but I don't think it matters much which cabin you are in. We've been on the Maasdam for 5 months over the past year in various cabins on decks 4, 5, and 6 (2 different rooms at opposite ends of the ship this cruise) and have had good reception in each cabin. The only dead spot I've found is in the Wajang Theatre. We also use a travel router in order to share the signal with my wife and I. We also use the premium package so we can access video and have 500mb of daily data, but I don't recall being throttled for excess use of data. The speeds aren't blazing fast, but at least we don't waste time in port waiting for WIFI. HTH, Tim
  9. Barbara, the paper you refer to must have been unique to the presenters on those segments of the voyage. I don't recall any such paper from this Sea-Syd segment of the Sri Lanka or Easter Island segments. Tim
  10. None of the lectures, port talks or the like are repeated on TV and haven't been for several years. It would be good if they broadcast them to another public area like the Crow's Nest or Ocean Bar or Mix or Wajang Theatre.
  11. In Wewak, the poorest of the three ports. In one case, the fellow's cellphone and camera were pickpocketed; in another case, a lady's iPhone was taken out of her hands in a crowd situation.
  12. Rabaul: a new day with an ancient as well as a new caldera. The Maasdam from Volcano Observatory hill. The harbor is an ancient large caldera. an ancient caldera (the sea fills it) and a newer caldera in the background. The sand and the water are quite warm from volcanic activity underneath us. Aussie memorial at Bitapaka memorial & cemetery map of Rabaul from Admiral Yamamoto's bunker. Super hot inside due to volcanic activity underneath Sunset behind Mt. Vulcan leaving Rabaul. . .
  13. We had a pleasant treat today at 10am. Our reef pilot suggested that we sail into the Garove caldera for some scenic cruising. The Captain was thrilled to do it as were the passengers! Here are a few photos from today. Caldera entrance from inside the caldera small village
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