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  1. Early last week I faxed in my information to HAL to receive the shareholder credit on our upcoming 10/2 SEA-FLL cruise with a request that I be emailed confirmation of the posting of the credit (as has been my past practice and they have always quickly confirmed). I didn't hear anything so today I sent an email to the department requesting confirmation of the of the posting of the credit. I received an automated response that a reply would be coming in 10-14 days due to high email volumes. Does anyone have any further suggestions as to how to get confirmation that my credit has been posted? Thanks, Tim
  2. Karen, yes the Amazon cruise was terrific!! I finally found the direct information on the HAL site at a link I posted above. I continue to be amazed HAL would make it so difficult to find such important and basic information.
  3. With a lot more digging I found the reference cited above. The direct link for me is https://www.hollandamerica.com/en_US/worry-free-promise/travel-well/faq-for-cruises-from-usa.html
  4. They look like a regular paper mask, but they have a plastic one way valve (usually on the side).
  5. I've been a lay leader on a number of HAL cruises since they discontinued the Protestant chaplains several years ago. We've met a number of wonderful people while providing this gratis service.
  6. We're itinerary driven cruisers and the small ships' itineraries of HAL really fit our niche for cruising. That being said, we've sailed on all classes of the HAL fleet and most of our many days of cruising have been on the Volendam and the Maasdam. And we really miss the Prinsendam. . .
  7. When we took the inaugural cruise of the Nieuw Statendam out of Civitavecchia, we came three days early and explored the lovely little port city. We had been there several times before but just were passing through. Having the time to walk around, visit the market, the port and the sending church for the mission to Japan was so worth it. We did a similar thing in Barcelona with similar results.
  8. I'm with Jacqui. So the question for my wife and I really becomes "when can we do shore excursions on our own?" and not so much whether all have been vaccinated. While we are both vaccinated, it's not a 100% barrier against the virus. We need to continue to be prudent.
  9. Here's an updated post from Captain Albert: https://www.captainalbert.com/2021-april-18-happy-birthday/Enjoy!
  10. In another thread it was suggested that a good topic would be to share who our favorite presenters have been in on prior HAL cruises. I'll start with my two favorite presenters (in no particular order). I have some others, but I'll save those for a future post. Terry Greenburg who speaks on Asian culture Dr. Kam or Master Kam who also speaks on Asian culture with more of an emphasis on China. He also leads Tai Chi classes. Who's been a favorite presenter while you've been on board a HAL ship? This topic should stir up some pleasant memories.
  11. We, too, were on the 2019 Amazon cruise noted above along with the two week Caribbean cruise that followed. For the first cruise we were in a window stateroom and for the second we were in an inside stateroom. The ship was in wonderful condition and we had a terrific time. Over the years, the Volendam ranks among the top two HAL ships we've cruised on in terms of days sailed (the Maasdam is the other) and we've been totally satisfied with its condition.
  12. I received my 2nd Pfizer shot today at UW Medicine in Renton, WA. It was very efficient and I was in and out in 20 minutes including the 15 rest time after the shot. Not bragging; just thankful to have this behind me.
  13. I received my first Pfizer shot a month ago and am scheduled for my #2 shot at noon on Monday. My wife was scheduled in a different health care system for 3/19, but she found a pop up clinic last Friday morning and got her first Pfizer shot then and received an appointment for shot #2 in late March. Here in WA state, it's been a very mixed bag in the ease of getting appointments for shots.
  14. We were on the Volendam for a month and a half ending 1/5/20 and experienced no issues with the plumbing, air conditioning, etc. We've logged many nights on the Volendam and wouldn't hesitate to sail on it again given the right destination.
  15. We actually used the Zodiacs in the Maldives to go snorkeling and Captain Arno was our Zodiac driver, but I agree they had very limited use due to challenges in getting permission from the respective countries to use them. It was a great concept, but the implementation really struggled. When we last sailed on the Maasdam, I spoke with an onboard officer and he indicated that they were getting ready to purchase American made Zodiacs as the then present ones were built outside the USA and couldn't be used in Alaska.
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