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  1. Just leaving Kanazawa, Japan headed back to Russia. It's 10:40pm and we have a dance team send off. It was a great repeat day and we were the 23rd & 24th to get back on the ship tonight. Lots more detail will be in my blog, but it'll be a couple days for the posting.
  2. We had a very nice warm day in Kochi today. It was really nice to not have to do anything. We strolled the Sunday market and the Shopping Street. It was more crowded with the Diamond Princess in port with us.
  3. We were moved a few days ago and our second room can't get cooler than 70°f. I am still working on that issue. 1/2 of the Lido is warm. All that being said, we're having a ball and love the itinerary and would book a good itinerary on the ship. We're finally in Kobe this morning.
  4. Here's some food pictures to break up the storm news. Alaskan King Crab and scallops in the Pinnacle Grill tonight. iceberg wedge salad Cooked veggies Fruit plate for dessert
  5. At 5:45pm, the Diamond Princess is heading for its anchorage for the evening in the Bay as viewed from the Pinnacle Grill. Earlier today we shifted positions and re-anchored when the anchor lost its hold. Captain Arno is keeping us appropriately informed when things change
  6. At noon today, 15 Aug, the Captain announced we will remain at anchor in the bay until 6am tomorrow when we will set sail for Kobe to arrive the morning of 17 Aug. It has gotten very windy in the harbor and the swells out side the bay were 8-9 meters. In the picture below all the ship are facing into the wind. That's all for now. I'll try to get my blog updated for the past two days today while we have a sea day in the bay.
  7. We left the Osanbashi Cruise terminal and sailed out under the Tokyo Bay Bridge and are in position for our anchorage for the night. Even in the protected bay, it's extremely windy outside. The only program tonight was the introduction of the EXC presenters. They are: Dr. Ronald Orenstein - zoologist Nigel Atherton - photographer Chef Hiroko Shimbo Terry Greenberg - History & Culture Yoko Oikawa - Japanese culture & women's issues Terry Greenberg is one of my favorite HAL presenters and he received a resounding welcome from his fan club including me. The topics each will be presenting sound very interesting and likely to be much different than what we had on the last 14 days. Stay tuned to my daily blog for reports.
  8. The captain just announced at 7:30pm that due to significant swells outside the harbor we will overnight in Tokyo Bay as the Diamond Princess needs our docking spot. Tomorrow he will make a decision as to whether we'll leave Tokyo Bay for open water for our 2 day ocean cruise to Kobe. Two ports (Shimizu and Takamatsu) have been cancelled and Kobe's visit date changed. He noted that they even considered doing the voyage counterclockwise. Today we visited the Ramen Museum and the Mitsubishi Museum and walked a lot. There was another very cool stop, but you'll have to read my blog to learn of that. The adventure continues!
  9. Yes we knew about the 600 yen fare but due to a short port day a simple round trip worked for us.
  10. Yes, you correctly understand it. The shuttle drop off point is at the JR train station. The tram to the tower is 230Yen each way. When (and if) we return on this leg, we may go ride the rope way up and walk down the hill. All of that will be in my blog.
  11. About to go under the Yokohama Bay Bridge. It's calm and humid at 10:45
  12. We're entering Tokyo harbor and will be docked by 11:30pm local time (6 hours early) after outrunning the typhoon. There were constant swells all day from the typhoon as we sailed high speed from Hakodate. We change cabins tomorrow and likely will don rain gear.
  13. The short answer about the building being of Japanese architecture is that Japan occupied the area until 1945. Then the Soviets destroyed most of the Japanese and other historical architecture.
  14. What we are and have been experiencing are waves emanating from the storm. There are no whitecaps. Just rolling waves. At our noon briefing today, the Captain indicated we would be alongside the pier in Yokohama at 11:30pm tonight. All diesels are running and I clocked 18 knots at noon today.
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