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  1. I'm debating on getting the Soda Package for my cruise. I have seen where sodas cost $4.14 (incl tips). What I want to know is just how much you are actually getting for that amount? Do they bring you a glass in the sit-down restaurants or a can/bottle with ice? How big is the glass? How big is the can/bottle; 12oz can, 7.5oz mini-can, 8oz bottle, 16.9oz bottle, or a 20oz bottle? What about the buffet? Are the drinks "pre-poured" and what size are they? If I'm using my own 20oz tumbler, will a bartender fill it directly? (not expecting the restaurants to do so). I'm just trying to do the math to see how cost effective it may (or may not) be. Telling me that drinking 3 sodas is the break-even point doesn't help me. I'll be sailing on the Jade if that helps. Thanks!
  2. Thanks! I used the online form. Hopefully I'll hear from them in the 3 days it says to allow.
  3. I might have to do the same thing since I'm not getting a response from my travel agent. Who did you contact? Was it by email or phone?
  4. Who did you contact? I spoke once with an NCL rep and they said I had to go through travel agent since I booked cruise using time-share points. Still haven't heard from TA after 2 attempts. Did you email someone or call a specific number? I'm hoping to avoid having to visit the Front Desk as my first cruise "activity".
  5. Is there an email address for shore excursions? I had originally sent a list of questions to the Access Desk Guest Relations email address but they replied that I needed to call the excursions department. I work nights and it is difficult for me to call during normal business hours. Thanks!
  6. I'm curious to see how this turns out for you. I have a similar scenario, but through a timeshare travel agent. I've tried contacting them, but no response yet (possibly due to holidays). My cruise isn't until the 25th.
  7. I'm staying at the Hilton Miami Airport Blue Lagoon for my cruise. Not sure if you can use points toward it, but they have a 'Sail Away Pre Cruise" package. It includes: Transportation from the Miami Airport to the hotel One-way transportation to the Port of Miami Complimentary Breakfast for two adults Details can be found here. Personally, I didn't book the package. As a solo traveler, didn't add up. I booked under a different rate. I chose this hotel because it has an actual dining room that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner; has a complimentary airport shuttle; and a cruise port shuttle that isn't much more than lyft/uber.
  8. I've booked a room pre-cruise for in January. Hilton Miami Airport Blue Lagoon has a "Sail Away Pre Cruise" package @ $252 for my date. It includes airport shuttle, breakfast for 2, and shuttle to the port. Instead, I booked a room for $187 as a pre-pay (Hilton Honors member rate). The airport shuttle is already complimentary. They have a buffet breakfast at their restaurant for $26. The plate menu is nearly that when you add coffee. The cost for the shuttle to the cruise port is $15 per person. Since I'm traveling solo, it just made more sense to not book the package. All of that being said, has anyone had trouble getting a space on the shuttle to the port that didn't book the package? The tickets have to purchased in advance from the Front Desk. My flight doesn't land until that evening, so I fear there may be no spaces left. What has your experience been? I'm going to contact the hotel as well, but want to her things from the cruisers perspective. Thanks!
  9. I'm going to be on the Jade in January. I'm curious... where did you find the comfortable chairs?
  10. I voted for the 5-day for one reason that I have not seen mentioned. Do you know if your sister is prone to motion sickness of any kind? If she is, those 2 additional days may not be very fun. Also, she may discover she really doesn't enjoy cruising (heaven forbid!). Doing a 5-day is a good introduction and you can tack on some days in NOLA. This is based on past experience. My sister and I were on a 7-day cruise together (her first) to Alaska. She has a history of motion sickness and even has trouble with some forms of anesthesia. So we booked an Inside Passage cruise. I had done a much longer cruise to Alaska before and knew that the IP was like being on a lake. Well... even though she came prepared with one of those behind the ear patches, she still wasn't feeling very well throughout the cruise. She has since sworn off ocean cruises. I, on the other hand, have only experienced one day of feeling bad. That was in the middle of the Pacific ocean and the seas were so bad, they closed the promenade deck. Otherwise, I just roll along with the ship. So I definitely inherited the "sea-legs" between us.
  11. This is my first NCL cruise and first time on the Jade. I'll be in a balcony cabin. Is the power in the cabin controlled by using a key card or is it like a normal room? This post is not intended to start any "discussion" about bypassing key cards. I just want to know what to expect.
  12. I'm quoting this since I would like to see an answer myself.
  13. Thanks for the tip about the desk chair. I'll have to give that a try.
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