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  1. Ocean Majesty cruise ship and HMS Belfast, London Viking Sun, Greenwich, London Viking Sun at Sundown Norris
  2. German warship in Stavanger, Norway Oil rig tender, Stavanger links in the supply chain Norris
  3. Hmmm, not well thought out. Work may have been given to the team that built the shed on the stern of Island Princess. Norris
  4. Joe, I have a friend in Florida who has sailed on the Z many times and loves it. Looking forward to your photos of life on board. We have yet to sail HAL but it's always a consideration when pondering a cruise. Next up for us is Princess on the Sky in under 6 weeks then Azamara, Rome to Venice in October. Have fun! Norris
  5. Then "Bon Voyage" Joe and Pat! I look forward to reading about your cruise-which ship? Norris
  6. Sunset between Havana and Cienfuegos, Cuba, January 2019 on Azamara Journey Norris
  7. Steve I can see them on my iPhone but not on my MacBook. Keep them coming! Norris
  8. Hi, if it isn't raining you can get some clean shots through the windows.... These were taken on the trip from Myrdal down to Flam from a seat facing backwards-not ideal as you get no warning of what's coming up ahead. Right side of train. There was no open section of the train to take photos from. Hope this helps! Norris
  9. Thanks for writing such a fun and informative review and for your generous use of photos! We will be sailing the Pursuit October 3 2020 and are looking forward to that even more now. Cheers! Norris
  10. Thanks for the superb photos! I'll get to see the Sky in person in 6 weeks. She looks good! Norris
  11. Hi Steve, thanks for your excellent photos. I'm not seeing the videos play though. Have a great cruise! Norris
  12. Thanks for the kind compliments, Kitty, on my review! We had a Greek islands cruise booked back in 2013 but had to cancel as we got tickets to the Wagner Festival in Germany and now you and Crystal (Singinalot) have shown us what we missed. We might find it a tad too hot as we are shade seekers and trees seem to be rationed on some of those islands. We love Greek food though and their prices can't be beat. It was a good move on your part to get off the ship early when you docked to try and beat those crowds. Empty streets make for good photographs! I'm sure you have started planning your British Isles visit-so much to see. Cheers! Norris
  13. Kitty, great review which I read in one long page-turning sitting this afternoon! Glad to hear you are taking the beautiful Regal Princess to tour the British Isles in May-a wise choice in itinerary, ship and timing. Approaching anywhere on the coast is a great anticipation builder in a way that landing there at an airport fails to do, as there is the horror of baggage claim, customs and a lot of walking with carry-ons ahead (yeah I'm talking about you, Heathrow and Chicago!). On a ship everything is revealed slowly as you near the port and you can get off in just a tee shirt and flip flops (um, the pants are understood). Looking forward to your May review! Norris
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