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  1. Welcome back Crystal -that time must have flown by! I was out of the house for 14 hours yesterday and that will be the case today, but I'll get to our Lysefjord excursion when I get home this evening. Cheers! Norris
  2. Once again the Grand Cuvee excelled in food and service and gave us a great start to our day we have our drinks; tap water, orange juice and cappuccino in an odd cup. I prefer the wide bowl shaped cup but that's a first world problem next my Kadota figs which I always order on Princess my full English breakfast, composed of sides off to the theater to get our lapel stickers and head off the ship...
  3. see those people down there....what they are holding above their heads? soon we are going to be doing likewise as we have to get off the ship and walk a ways down the dock and get on a boat that will take us to Lysefjord but first we need to fuel up , so off I go to the MDR to meet Carol deck 5 I will see you later!
  4. 3 photos stitched together drizzle view from our stern and what we woke up to as always a trim little city on deck 5 with an espresso more later....
  5. We seldom miss a show when we sail Princess or Celebrity in the Caribbean but there are times when we are happy just to have a nice relaxed dinner, a walk on deck and then an early bedtime. We didn't go to any ship shows on Azamara in Cuba and so far we have only been to one on this Norway trip. Tonight was another dinner then bed evening. We value our sleep. Murano is sold out. Lawn Club Grill-no, it's too windy and cold in this 127 mile long fjord. There is always a table to be had in the MDR though so we go there As usual I had to wait for the sommelier to get my glass of Malbec. We had the same team as our first night and they were happy to see us and banter spinach and ricotta ravioli off to a good light start. Beef carpaccio caught my eye... under seasoned and we notice that on X no one comes with a gigantic pepper grinder (as on the other lines we sail) to perk the food up. for our entrees I chose a New York Sirloin steak, medium I saw Yorkshire Pudding listed as a side and being British had to order it. It had the consistency of a giant fortune cookie-a dry thing that may have been parchment from the Dead Sea scrolls warmed in an oven. Or imagine a warm asbestos ceiling tile. Carol, who cooks our authentic Yorkshires immediately said-oil wasn't hot enough. The pillowy texture expected inside the crisp outer shell was not to be found. The steak was cooked medium but was a tough chew. Carol's Cajun Spiced Cod This dish lacked the okra listed on the menu and had spinach instead. She also had a Caesar salad and a Grand Marnier souffle to end the meal. I had a double espresso and Sambuca as I often do. Can't win them all and I have to say there were plenty of interesting choices on the menu and I can't fault the service and the room is a stunner. Our hunger pangs have been satisfied. On deck 5 for my smoke. Lots of Brits there and I hear some Northern Ireland accents. A young Italian girl and her momma were regulars too but no one can savor their smoke as it's cold and I just satisfy my craving with one desultory cigarette and the thought of a nice warm bed and a pillow leads my feet inside again. Head hits the pillow, lights out literally and figuratively and I am in a deep chasm of sleep. Another wonderful day comes to an end...
  6. It was so obscure I am amazed you got it! I had a liking for 10cc back in 1974. Well done! Norris
  7. The Lysefjord boat trip will appear in my Stavanger section in photos and maybe video? I had spare 64Gigabyte cards (Sandisk Extreme Pro) but got the whole trip on just 1-over 1500 shots and I shoot in RAW which uses about 30 MB per photo. A JPG will use about 7 MB. I would certainly have enjoyed the ship more if the sailing weather had been warmer and less windy/rainy. The week before we sailed the cruise had lovely weather. So far we have had 3 ports where the weather was fine and only in Alesund did it rain before we sailed and it was drizzle but even that killed the Sunset bar for me and everyone else. Thanks for your kind comments! Norris
  8. Betty you are correct. I think it was just one corner of the window there was some kind of prism effect. One of the perils of taking window photos but it didn't happen on the bus. Thanks for the comment! Happy to see you reading along. Norris
  9. Ever the optimist I try deck 15 again It's sheltered in here but cold and when I step out of it and walk to the path to the Sunset Bar I can see that it is empty. I go there to relax when the weather is fine but it's too windy now I can snap a quick photo as there is no one at the bar. The bartender is sitting behind a door to their stockroom pool deck (deck 12) is empty too I retreat back to the warmth and am looking forward to a nice hot dinner once Carol is done with her nap. I could use one too...
  10. Cafe al Bacio stairwell art ready for the band now I am in the shopping arcade to buy cigarettes at a great price per carton more art! booze is your tipple (odd word) here? one of the events is a Johnny Walker tasting which you sign up and pay for Johnny says "keep walking" and I take his advice opposite the shops is the non-smoking casino Luck be a lady, tonight beautiful art at the entrance to Grand Cuvee dining room
  11. Specialty restaurants are clustered at the stern. Blu is for Aqua and Suite passengers while Murano, QSine and Tuscan are open to anyone art for art's sake menu impressive entrance
  12. Thank you Highpeaklad! Free pastries is good news although I would always be buying coffee to wash them down. This was the cruise where I really made use of the cafe as I spent more time on the sheltered smoking deck nearby on deck 5. I never actually sat in it but took a to go cup on deck. It was a very popular room indeed and rightly so. Glad to see you following along! Norris
  13. Wandering indoors There's no wind indoors so I stroll around with the camera an empty room which is an art installation with nature sounds playing Ensemble Lounge up ahead Murano and Michael's Club are accessed on the right. The club is for Suite passengers the show band plays some loud jazz while you relax and form an escape plan. Acoustic piano would be much more appropriate for the space tonight's Murano menu I had tried to get us a dinner booking in Murano but all slots were taken for the week when I asked. So I booked a lunch for the last sea day. Dinner is $50 per version and the food and service are top notch. Some dishes are prepared tableside which I love.* * interior pics from 2016
  14. Rob which ship were you on to the North Cape? The inside sounds like a good idea in permanent daylight and of course easy on the pocket. Someday we'll get that far North. We were just watching Jeff Corwin (Ocean Treks) on Crown Princess in Iceland and that's on our bucket list. Cheers ! Norris
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