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  1. We did find parking round the back and down a hill, our kids who were teens at the time wondered if it was an extra cute hill Town? We actually haven’t been back there, as we tend to stay further south around Pienza, Montalcino, San Quirico d’ Orcia and visit if at all possible during truffle season. Sigh.... We love exploring later in the day too, and we have some tiny villages that we adore and love the restaurants too. Unfortunately last year, we noticed some were becoming more discovered.
  2. Agree about talking about other things😄. Hank, you must have been to San Gimignano not in the summer! I still have vivid Memories many years ago about crazy parking! Now we travel off season and it is usually saner.. Will have to disagree about the trees in Toscana, but this quintessential scenery is nowhere close to Livorno.
  3. Thanks for the heads up on the wild mustard! We are dogsitting the grand dog this weekend and I’ve seen this growing wild and in some lawns.
  4. I didn’t actually ask. I am guessing a week as that’s what happened with their sister company HAL. They told us a cheque had been mailed end of July. We will see! I am thinking this is costing them customers, as I got more nervous I decided I wanted my money back not a credit.
  5. Taxis are reasonable and I think took other currency. But the boats didn’t. Just order some kuna before you go then no worries!
  6. We have had good luck with chat. We were on the October 5 cruise and they told us it has now been processed. Waiting for it to actually show up.
  7. Just checked and my DH birthdate is also off by one day! Strange that there are several of us. I would love to combine our platinum with our three star, free laundry😂
  8. Ours just disappeared as well, but we have received nothing, no credit, no refund for FCD. Frustrating that it takes so long.
  9. Interesting to read that many younger cruisers value the promenade, libraries and traditional feel of HAL. Sadly the lectures are MIA or given as a port talk by EXC. I hope HAL does refocus on their strengths. To answer a question the Koningsdam has the on deck for a cure walk. Just no teak chairs as there is no room for them, sadly.
  10. Thanks Rich! I was early on the ice cream sandwiches! Oatmeal raisin that reminds me of those on HAL with key lime ice cream. May have to make do today with Hagen Daz bars, though wish I could have a dark Dove Bar, not available in Canada sadly! Thought probably a good thing. Well we are finally having summer in the prairies! Finally everything is blooming!
  11. Love the dog pictures🤗. Bindi, Paisley and the others are beautiful. Here’s to raspberries and chocolate. Had local amazing steak last night. feeling a bit sad. Was hoping to combine the inaugural now Rotterdam cruise with a holy land one ala Roy. Now won’t be possible. on a happier note the wildflowers are exquisite 🥰
  12. I’m sorry to hear this! SO disappointing. We once had a 14 day cruise where they changed every day except embarkation and disembarkation ports. We ended up cancelling.
  13. We too sailed out of Rotterdam on the Rotterdam and it was amazing. Nothing like it🥰
  14. Good day to everyone. Roy, Is it FLL? It is sweltering Here. We’ve gone to the lake. Even the granddog is cooling off😀
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