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  1. Kilauea is quiet right now so probably not much to see.
  2. We did the private tour to Priene, Miletus and Didyma. It was very worthwhile but we found the climb up a little difficult as I have knee issues. I can’t understand why these places are not more visited as it is stunning.
  3. Congratulations, hope you have a wonderful time. Everyone is different but we really enjoy Canaletto, and usually find the food superior to the Pinnacle Grill. You will enjoy the signature suite, extra space, twin sinks and a larger bathroom, Have fun!
  4. I think it has been a very tough time for tour guides in Turkey. We were extremely pleased with Levant Solmaz this past fall 2019. His knowledge was impeccable, easy to understand and was totally willing to customize our tour to Priene, Miletus and Didyma. We did no shopping and he was very personable. Hank I am curious to know how those sites have changed, we found them simply stunning and amazing. Anywhere else they would’ve been overrun with tourists.
  5. And you can take the train there and stop in Pisa coming or going.
  6. We have had good luck at the restaurant at the Messorbo stop on the way to Burano. There are also some local nice restaurants on the north side of Venice in the Cannaregio area or far eastern area of Castillo. Just get away from the tourist areas.
  7. Still showing up under 2021 Europe.
  8. We were very lucky this fall on the Koningsdam as we were the only ship that could visit the port because of the wind and sea conditions. It has dynamic positioning so whereas other ships couldn’t safely maintain position as you can’t anchor there. So a positive about the new technology on the K.
  9. Luckily we visited the cinque Terre a couple of times before the present situation. I think people want to go based on the hype. Yet still many of the main pathways are closed. Yet even a few weeks ago Rick Steves is still advising travel there. We had friends very disappointed last year when they couldn’t do two of the main walks. People don’t seem to understand the destruction from the landslides, and that they are not repaired after several years. And things don’t work quite the same in Italy. Thankfully, Italy is full of wonderful places off the beaten path! We love Deep South Italy and visited a couple of amazing places in Sicily this year.
  10. We think alike Hank! After one splurge at a lakeside hotel on Lake Como that was ruined by loud customers we too avoid! I tend to ask locals where they like to eat and have had great luck this way. I also think the Cinque Terre is a victim of this.
  11. I too love the fruit flavours! One year I ate only Pesca or peach, it was wonderful and different. Also lemon is very refreshing if it’s hot. Best is a dark chocolate and orange. My DH swears by Nocciola or Hazelnut and Pistachio, but only if the Pistachio is a dull green, not bright. They have all kinds of flavours you can only imagine. This year we made it to Noto, Sicily. Cafe d Sicilia and had their amazing pastries and gelato. Check out chefs table on Netflix. But truly Agree that you should try it everywhere.
  12. The weather should be fine, it is just over an hour and a half each way. falasarna is just over an hour, but the water could be cool. Chania is worth exploring as well and you could visit Stavros beach about a half hour distance where Zorba the Greek was filmed.
  13. Yes Elafonisi beach is stunning if you are comfortable driving, depending on time of year and how long in port? It is quite a distance.
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