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  1. Thanks for heads Up! A little jet lagged, just home from Rome but I will take a look!
  2. I take Bonine along for when the ginger and sea bands aren’t enough. It works quickly to take away the nausea and it is once a day and non drowsy.
  3. We always take several hundred euros with us from home and a smattering of Kuna or whatever currency we will need. It is always good to have some local currency. We find our bank and sometimes the local banks add on extra fees of 5 to 8$ so we take out larger amounts. We too use our credit card as much as possible and have found the tap feature works well in Greece. But there is always the odd place like in Rome whose credit card machine is “broken”
  4. I agree that you need more time. We are at the airport today and even with fast track, business checkin and customs took an hour. The customs lumps every one together. Take a shared or private shuttle. We have had good luck with NCC and Rome cabs. Yesterday there were were six ships in port so things can be delayed. Better yet stay overnight and see Rome with less stress.
  5. There are rolling baggage carts that make it easy. Just take the walkway to the hotel. Just don’t take the first elevator you come to to get to ground level or you will be trying to cross a very busy road. Go to the end of the walkway and take that elevator down to easily access the Hilton. It is a good ten minute walk.
  6. No, not on Pinnacle, you have to go to forward camera, takes a minute or two to get there. Frustrating that you always miss the first part.
  7. Wow, we are just off a back to back on Koningsdam, half way through the first cruise we were in code red. Staff had you sanitize, before entering ship at port and in dining room. Last cruise normal sanitizer availability. Now zero? Seems shortsighted. I too sanitized after menus, use knuckles for elevators but do use railings. I have not gotten Noro in twenty cruises, but have gotten the flu. I was appalled the last cruise by people coughing up a lung in the main dining room. No wonder we became code red!
  8. We had no problems two weeks ago, but Mykonos is crowded and very pricey!
  9. In the middle of a 23 day cruise they removed all our shipboard credit, it was returned after a few days when I questioned why?
  10. They told us it was to do with computers so I thought there was a connection as they had been working all morning on it. But I only know what I was told.
  11. Was dumbfounded at dinner when a person at our open seating table took out a roll from the bread basket looked at it and put it back and took out another one. Was also shocked when his wife berated the wait staff for not mentioning that the cream held cream and not milk. It went on and on. I did speak to the maître d as the severe criticism was unfounded. Similar thing on a Japan cruise when one person was incensed by how the grapefruit was cut incorrectly. Some are just chronic complainers, when last seen two maître d’s were in attendance! But it I did confront one woman when she picked up the tongs and then decided to pick her cookie up with her fingers while touching others. Her comeback was she had coffee. I told the staff. We were under a code red at the time.
  12. The problem was electronic, the TVs were down earlier that morning. The flip side is the new systems allowed us to visit Santorini when other ships cancelled as we were safely able to maintain our position near the port in windy conditions.
  13. We recently boarded and sent two bags the first day. It was back in just over a day. The timing for unlimited varied from same day to two days.
  14. The lights went out then the emergency ones came on, but it was daytime in The dining room. So most people were oblivious. The appalling thing was that it was mariners that were so rude during an important announcement. I think after a while they started to realize as there was no food and the captain was busy elsewhere. What a way to mark our bronze medallion ceremony😎 The announcements come on the Bow camera, but by the time you hear the bong for the announcement and find the channel you have missed the first part! Unfortunately, they have no qualms waking people up for announcements when a passenger is not back on board near 11 pm, they do an all call! ,
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