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  1. Thanks! Yes Denise we are at the New Grand where General MacArthur had his headquarters during WW2.
  2. 🤩 so excited to see the beautiful Westerdam in port today in Yokohama! We will try to post some pictures as we sail around Japan and visit Vladivostok.
  3. We actually had some rather good feedback and response to ours along with some future cruise credit. YM M V
  4. Totally Agree! You can’t change the rules in the middle of the game with zero notification!
  5. Yikes! They have to give some notice! We are currently travelling so no way I can even address this!
  6. Hey bendigo boy, was wondering that myself, see you on-board!
  7. The lounge in Vancouver was virtually identical! With the same food and angel hair pasta prepared to order. I think the international are a notch up for sure. But giggled about the priority luggage, ours was last off in Japan! Glad you made it safe and sound, now enjoy those tarts! My DH adores them.
  8. Thank you! We are so excited, Japan is amazing. Roy, nice of you to step in for Jacqui!
  9. Looking forward to following along, though may be a bit behind or ahead as we are about to embark on our Japan cruise😄
  10. Have fun! Bon voyage Jacqui and Helen from Japan!
  11. Operational reasons seems to be vast! We had a recent port change for Japan fortunately with notice, but I found out on CC at least two weeks prior to being officially notified. Sometimes I wish they had to give a reason!
  12. Agree about the need for travel insurance. But also like venndiagram, I think that employees need to be held accountable for what is said. Maybe then we would get straight answers when we call. When we were in a situation where our TA had called HAL and they had it taped as well, and still HAL didn’t want to honour what was said. Fortunately our big box TA went to bat for us and made us whole. So IMO two separate issues here.
  13. I can live with the champagne prices
  14. I too think a cruise is a good intro to the Greek islands. But many of the best islands are not on most of the cruise ship itineraries. We loved Keffallonia, Zakinthos, Skiathos, Paros. Mykonos and Santorini are very touristy. Agree with Hank about Crete, we have fallen in love with this huge island and three two week trips have just scratched the surface. But for ease, and a first time visit go for it!
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