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  1. Received our 25% refund to our credit card today so 27 days from cancellation to receiving refund.
  2. I received all of our 25% back to our credit card today, for both B2b cruises. started Mar 11 & finished today so 27 days in total.
  3. Ok, your on but no fair pulling strings cause you worked for the Royal Bank & we bank at CIBC.
  4. Just to let everyone know that we finally received our letters from Celebrity stating the 25% refund amount for our b2b cruises on April 12 & 20 that were cancelled on Mar 11 when our government issued 4 status of no travel. Now let’s see how long it takes our Visa card to post the credits. Btw letter was dated April 1..... They are correct amounts & sent by Celebrity Executive.
  5. I am also waiting for a refund since Mar 11& we have been told that it has been processed & has not shown up. I’m not sure it’s Celebrity or my bank Visa credit card, we also had Hamilton tickets cancelled & was informed that it had been credited back to my credit card but it never actually showed on my credit card until my statement date. Im sure credit card companies are also having a back log due to the Covid-19 & we all know charges have a way of showing long before credits. Just saying...
  6. Aeroplan refunded our points immediately & refunded the taxes within a week, we cancelled March 11.
  7. We talked to Celebrity yesterday as we are still waiting also, but found out that they take off the port fees & taxes divide them by 2 assuming 2 in a cabin then those amounts are put in your account. Then they divide the 25% by 2 after the port & taxes are deducted & deposit those 2 amounts to your credit card.
  8. We talked to Celebrity on Sunday. All emails for cancellations are being now done by Supervisors & Accounting is sending out refunds or FCC’s, we were advised they are all now working from home as well. So it will all take time. We canc March 11 for our April cruise. We have still heard nothing but were given amounts etc over the phone.
  9. We phoned in & were given a canc #, but have not received the official email yet.
  10. We canc on Mar 11 & were given the credit amounts that will go to our credit card & canc #’s but we still have not seen anything yet, either email or credit. I think it will just take more time.
  11. Randy Global Affairs Canada has to put it out no the Travel Advisory. if we could just convince CAA or Orion of that.
  12. Hi Randy We met you & your lovely wife (sorry I cannot remember her name) on a previous cruise. David knocked over his champagne!!! I’m sure you remember that. We feel the same as you do, we love cruising but who knows what will happen & this is the first time we had booked b2b, just my luck. I know that CAA are only the brokers but they should know Orion’s company policy. I will let you know if we hear back. Shirley
  13. Hi Randy Very frustrating to get misinformation from CAA. I went on Orion’s website & have sent an email directly to them for clarification. for the following: 1. if we can cancel & give us a full refund through submitting a claim. 2. If we go will they cover any medical as policy was before this took place.( which I really don’t want to do under the circumstances). 3. if they will cancel policy & refund money paid for Vacation package if we take Celebrity’s offer. CAA has stated that the Gov’t has not issued a “Avoid all non essential travel”.. Are you telling me that you submitted a claim to Orion & getting full payment back from them? Shirley
  14. I talked yesterday to CAA as we are also covered with Orion. They advised me the complete opposite. They advised me that because it was only a recommendation from the Travel advisory & it was not one of the Gov’t level 3 or 4 they would not give me back my money & since the policy was bought before this started that I would be covered for medical. Did you actually speak with Orion or was it CAA. We have a b2b on April 12 on the Eclipse. Would really like a definite resolution to all this Shirley
  15. We found out that the Vancouver Marathon is on May 3, the day we arrive. It is the largest Marathon in Canada with runners from 65 countries. This could make traffic a big problem.
  16. It shows on Express Pass up the right side, our cruise is not until April 20.
  17. The bubbly may not be in your cabin, but they will bring it to you if you ask for it.
  18. If you win an upgrade bid, the perks you have go with the booking. You also do not get the extra points which I assume would be for a Suite.
  19. You could be right but the 3 cruises we had booked are not until spring & fall of 2021.
  20. We booked 3 cruises on the day they came out, a lot of C2’s were not available everyone we asked did not know why, finally we were advised that they hadn’t been released yet by Celebrity so we put a wait list for the cabins we wanted on all 3 ships. Last Wed got the call saying they were released & did we still want our waitlisted cabin, which we did. i have never seen Celebrity hold back cabins before any years prior don’t know why this year.
  21. We are also on this cruise & was told the same thing you were. I found the same information you did about a Ultimate Disco cruise, which could be worse as we like music. So I’m just waiting to see when & what Celebrity tells us!
  22. We had lots of OBC on our last cruise & we like taking pictures so we bought a Go Pro. Great item to have for future cruises.
  23. Celebrity is playing games, we booked 3 cruises when they first came out for 2021 & there were only a very few C2’s available. We played their game & waitlisted the cabins we wanted & it worked, notified yesterday.
  24. They never released the best C2 cabins in the middle of the ship until yesterday. Don’t know why but I guess it’s their choice.
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