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  1. Yeah the FCC would be a bad deal really, my wife and I would get about $570 each then everyone else would only get $50
  2. I really think royal wants me to take the refund, I got a great deal on the villa and wouldn’t be able to replicate it, even with the 25% FCC, so I feel like the refund is the better option for them
  3. The thing is to start things weren’t really equal, two groups had the nicer rooms on the ends of the suite and two groups had the interior rooms of the suite. We split the fare based on the room inside the suite each couple got
  4. The executive office has assured me in writing that they will contact the ship prior to make sure the benefits are correct. I’m not sure how they will do it but figured I would also contact concierge prior to sailing
  5. Thats a good point, my hope is that the royal suite being so large those staying there can treat their bedroom as private and the living area as shared, then make sure everyone else has access to the room so they can use that common space
  6. I’m not sure anymore I had to pull teeth to get to the royal/junior/interior/interior but although the will throw in the $200 obc and suite amenities it just doesn’t feel right
  7. For those following along royals first offer was
  8. Unfortunately I can to personally contact the CEOs office for them to confirm the suite is being removed however they do not yet have a solution
  9. Yeah I’m not sure, at this point my TA believes royal that the Villa suite stays, I have a hard time believing it and dread when we have to figure out how to fix it
  10. 4/26/2020 which is our sailing, if you are using the US site look under the mid section on deck 6. For some reason it has them listed there even though on the new deck plans it shows them replacing the villa suite.
  11. Unfortunately I just did a dummy booking and found the 4 junior suites they claim they are not replacing the Villa with for sale
  12. Online it says lunch only on sea days for the package, as long as the venue is open does the package work?
  13. Latest update - Hi David, After a long conversation with Royal and going up the chain, I have goods news for you, bad news for them. When Royal added the new deck plans and information on dry dock to the website, they had outsourced that website update. The team that did that, made mistakes that IT is now looking into and needs to fix A LOT of what is now showing on the website. The deck plans you are seeing now are not accurate. They have assured me after looking at a master list of all of the work that is being done, that the villa will not be touched. Most of the work will be to mid ship areas and triple and quad cabins they will be re-categorized to doubles. With what you’re seeing being wrong, they were also just plans, no final plans. Again, these are being fixed. Dry dock will be from January to March, and 90% of all of the cabins effected have already been contacted. If you were to be affected, you would be one of the first to know seeing as its basically the highest cabin on the ship. I and they apologize for any confusion and hassle this has caused. But I can only relay what I’ve just been told, that your cabins will stay the same.
  14. Agent called royal, who claim to know nothing, and the agent is trying to claim to change doesn’t happen till May 3 when the new deck plans change over. There is no way they converting the room in 30 minutes from us getting off May 3 and the new pax getting on. Not sure what to do
  15. I will demand they put a kiddy pool on the balcony lol
  16. Yeah I’m not sure, it’s going to be impossible to replicate the 4 bedrooms with shared living room balcony hot tub etc, sadly we are really disappointed evenly though admittedly we have no idea what they are going to do about it.
  17. Yes, for April 26, however it appears they are removing the suite and replacing it with 4 suites at the dry dock in February
  18. Yeah, first world problems I know but we were really looking forward to all the family space with dining room table and hot tub on the balcony. I asked my TA to look into it, hopefully there’s a plan.
  19. Spoke too soon, just saw the post drydock deck plan and it looks like they removed our room.
  20. 10 of us are booked in the 4 bedroom suite on Freedom for the end of April 2020, I thought we got a good deal....however now the post dry dock plans show it removed, any guesses on how they will handle it?
  21. Wow Old thread but we booked the 4 Bedroom villa on Freedom in December 2017 for April 2020 the cost is 7250 for 10 people, i thought it was a good deal.
  22. You can connect to the ships wifi signal for free, this enables you to use thier app. You generally need to pay to get past the firewall and connect to the outside world, however some things seem to be able to get by. Im not an IT guy but im guessing certain ports are open to allow the app to work which lets some traffic get by.
  23. Same fare, and same gratuity. However fare sometimes can be zero during kids sail free. This does not always work out in your favor though.
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