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  1. You can connect to the ships wifi signal for free, this enables you to use thier app. You generally need to pay to get past the firewall and connect to the outside world, however some things seem to be able to get by. Im not an IT guy but im guessing certain ports are open to allow the app to work which lets some traffic get by.
  2. Same fare, and same gratuity. However fare sometimes can be zero during kids sail free. This does not always work out in your favor though.
  3. Sorry if this is not allowed, we have been collecting the magnets over the years however for one reason or another we are missing the liberty and radiance, if anyone is willing to pick them up I would greatly appreciate it and can send you the money accordingly.
  4. I created a google sheet (spreadsheet) and shared it with everyone we where with and then everyone is able to type on it like a blank piece of paper. It wasn’t the best but it helped. I’ll try add a screen shot
  5. I would think so, some us didn’t have have it so we didn’t try
  6. FWIW on the Symphony TA, I was unable to get iMessage to work. However our group was able the share a spreadsheet via the google sheets app and use it as a message board. It worked on the “free” non paid WiFi connection as long as the app was already on the phone.
  7. Yeah nice surprise, the TA said the same thing when I booked, I think its a recent change. funnily enough it was cheaper than a junior, although it does not have a balcony .
  8. Got an email from the concierge, it appears 8000 VO will be considered a full suite
  9. The end of a new blog, points to them possibley giving Full Suite benefits, time will tell.
  10. Has anyone stayed in stateroom 8000 on Rhapsody since the recategorization in May 2018. It’s now VO Ocean View Suite. I’m guessing they will consider in a junior suite, but at 2 bed and 2 bath I can’t seem to confirm that, especially after the May changes.
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