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  1. Well that would be interesting, as we are currently booked on Radiance Jan 31 out of Brisbane for the Great Barrier Reef. I'd actually prefer Quantum, but it would be nice to know, especially if any of the itineraries have changed.
  2. As someone who doesn't love sitting out on the pool deck, I much prefer Quantum class ships. At least there are indoor venues where you can see the sea, regardless of the weather. I can usually be found in Two70!
  3. I wish Royal would make the possibility of doing a B2B2B with Australia with the Great Barrier Reef, NZ, and the South Pacific stops. Celebrity has that available, but oh, the pricing! Especially for me who travels solo, I can't justify the extra cost on Celebrity. And a circumnavigation would be amazing, too!
  4. I'm going on Princess around the horn in a few weeks, but I might actually do it again if Wonder takes the long way around!
  5. Oops, I posted Odyssey as Oct 28-Nov 5. it's actually Oct 28-Nov 11. Sorry about that!
  6. Oct 28-Nov 5. Rome, Cartegena, Lisbon till midnight, Funchal, Ft Lauderdale There is also an April 17 TA 😊
  7. I’m wondering if the TA will follow a Rome to the Holy Land cruise which might end somewhere other than Rome. That would be the best for me! 🤞🏻
  8. I agree, the pricing on some of these cruises is outrageous! I shudder to think what Odyssey Holy Land and TA will be.
  9. Can you please post a screen shot of this? This is wonderful news as I really want to sail on Odyssey and we're planning the Holy Land for next year. 🥰
  10. Don't get my hopes up only to let me down!!
  11. My understanding is that the TA mentioned in the UK brochures is not actually going to happen. Odyssey will be traveling to the US empty. 😕 Sailings beginning Nov 5 are online and open for booking.
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