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  1. Arrive a couple of days early before cruise . Galveston is an Island with 32 miles of beach and is a major tourist destination with much to do . Extend your vacation ! galveston.com
  2. The Royal Suite was already occupied by cruiser that had booked, paid and checked into it . The Grand was the Suite of the cruiser who unexpectedly sadly passed away just prior to arriving at the ship . Therefore an unoccupied cabin that could be given away as prize at Bingo . Obviously many cruisers were interested, that were not in owner's suite or the royal suite .
  3. Yes the bingo game was circumstantially held the first morning , for the cruiser who had booked the suite unexpectedly Sadly passed away just prior to arriving at the ship . The big lounge on deck four was packed . I had to force my wife to play that morning . We probably had the last seat in the house . Sign up time took about an hour and half , there were so many people . Obviously we were very lucky and fortunate to have the cabin for the first leg of a b2b 28 day cruise . The hard part was the second leg of b2b , the cabin was booked , and we had to go back to our smaller cabin . The first leg was a wonderful Fall Foliage Quebec City to New Jersey , and second leg was New Jersey to Southern Caribbean back up Western Caribbean to Galveston .
  4. 14 days First leg on b2b in the Grand Suite won at first morning bingo on Vision Quebec City to New York then on to Southern Caribbean and Galveston .
  5. There are various visa’s to travel on , if you know how to qualify. You will just have to fly or swim .
  6. Keep calling back until you get previous person or someone that's confers with Resolutions! Resolutions department is being very accommodating these days .
  7. Presently Cuba you may fly into and visit under special visas .
  8. Royal is now being very accommodating with Lifts and Shifts to avoid refunding cash .
  9. That’s good to hear . My Application has about same timings so I should be hearing soon also . .
  10. Unfortunately many are bailing TA Jewel 2020 Rome to Galveston for Lift Shift . No one now thinks Jewel will sail from Rome . Our group and many others are LS for Odyssey TA 2021 .
  11. What did it say specifically about Jewel TA Rome to Galveston November 26 2020 ? If any thing, because it’s still open for booking as of now .
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