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  1. No ! But improvements at the port are progressing , readying for arrival of ships .
  2. After a few months , I received my Renewed passport .
  3. There are a large number of 3/4 guest cabins just opened up by Royal for 2 guest bookings on Odyssey TA Oct 28, 2021 . Two of our friends having LS problems like others were able to accomplish LS last Friday . Oceanviews and Balconies for 2 guests have been showing sold out for a while .
  4. Suites were sold out . Most had balconies . And bunch are doing b2b .
  5. A number of us have LS from Jewel of Seas TA to Odyssey of Seas TA . Obviously a totally different Class of Ship .
  6. Many have L&S from Jewel TA Nov 2020 to Odyssey TA Oct 2021 , but 2 guest cabins are sold out except for Interiors , and cabins are restricted for 3&4 guests and available for balconies , oceanviews and interiors.
  7. Now that is History and you have such great relativity to it . Sure you are into ancestry then . How far back there does your family go ?
  8. I’m Interested in your idea of History . Everything is relative .
  9. We live on the Island of Galveston just off the Great State of Texas . 32 miles of beach on the Gulf of Mexico and 32 miles on Galveston Bay . A domestic paradise destination with much history , culture and nature Tourism .
  10. BVI is one of my favorites, and always fun with all water taxis to other Islands from wherever you are staying in BVI . Much site seeing on all the BBI islands . We have enjoyed Josiah Bay Tortola . Much fun to “all” the other islands in BVI without the transfers . White Bay is beautiful for sure , if you want basically to stay put once you get there .
  11. Mother Nature has a mind of her own . Don’t count on anything even in the Caribbean in January . We have cruised though in January a number of times and only once did we experience cool temperatures . But the odds are in your favor considering you’re designations . Galveston could be in thirties or in seventies /eighties
  12. Arrive a couple of days early before cruise . Galveston is an Island with 32 miles of beach and is a major tourist destination with much to do . Extend your vacation ! galveston.com
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