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  1. It’s all relative. Go and enjoy the cruise . On either line it’s better than what you’re eating at home .
  2. Norwegian Cruises will call Galveston home starting in 2023
  3. No the walkway is under total renovation plans. You will need to just walk across Harborside .
  4. There was a deal at one time to be done with both to same buyer , but with covid , they were sold to separate buyers . The old feeling at Tremont will be there, but not at the Old Grand Dame of the Island . Nothing will be the same of the Old Grand Feelings.
  5. Do not expect any thing to stay the same at the Galvez. It’s being totally reimagined , redesigned and remodeled.
  6. It will be the real thing and the new owners having to defend it to the hilt on media . There is a lot of push back on the drastic changes to Historic Grand Dame Colonial Galvez.
  7. Carved Trees Bryan Museum a must for American History, Texas History, Western Art , and Cowboy Indian Artifacts
  8. visitgalveston.com Old Town Strand Shops and Restaurants LaKings Confectionery . Pirate Store . Historic Elissa Sailing Ship Tour Three Short Films on 1900 Great Storm , Pirate Jean Lafitte and about Galveston Immigration Center Of South . 1894 Grand Opera House Railroad Museum Ocean Star Museum Dolphin and Port Tours Naval Museum with Sub and Destroyer Carriage Ride and Homes tour Bishop's Palace Moody Mansion Nautical Antiques Moody Gardens Seawall Blvd and 32 miles of Beach Pleasure Pier
  9. We live in Galveston 12 blocks from terminals . if flooding is a concern , consider the garage .
  10. And if possible flooding is an issue for you . Then consider the garage . We live 12 blocks from terminals .
  11. Owned and operated by Port of Galveston . Located in multi-level building . Will not flood . Garage Parking: The multi-leveled parking garage is located at 150 25th St. a short walk across the street to the cruise terminals. Garage Parking is available for ALL cruises beginning at 9:30AM. Levels 1 & 2 are covered, 3 is not. Filled on a first come, first served basis. Reserve online at www.portofgalveston.com. The CLOSEST secured garage parking to the Cruise Ship Clearance height in the Parking Garage Is 6ft 8in Police Patrolled 24/7 Credit Card only accepted Length of Cruise Parking Rates- Garage Five Days: $90.00 Seven Days: $120.00 Fourteen Days: $235.00 Cruise Pre-paid Discounted Parking Cruise Garage Parking Disabled Veteran Discount Program Loyalty Rewards Program
  12. Royal Caribbean Liberty of Seas test cruise will be September 18, 2021 (4nights) from Galveston Texas. Participants are supposedly being randomly selected from Volunteers of the Seas program !
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