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  1. Enchantment and Dream Officers , Coast Guard and Pilots are controlled and make these decisions for various reasons. I am just so thankful all cruisers, tanker crew and surviving fishing vessel crew are okay . Prayers for the deceased and missing . Hope to see you on the Seas under better conditions !
  2. The Captain said on Enchantment that they were not able to leave port until Thursday afternoon , because of the necessary salvage operation of completing the securing of the sunken fishing vessel . That would be the situation likewise for the Dream not being able to come into the channel and port earlier on Thursday .
  3. Channel has also been closed for search rescue recovery and salvage and fuel spill as result from collision of 600 ft tanker and 181 ft fishing vessel. There was was loss of life and search for others is still underway. There are priorities in our lives .
  4. Yes this reinforces that the pilots Of Galveston are moving ships in fog . Hope they make Progresso on schedule.
  5. GALVESTON A search that closed area ship channels for almost 24 hours was still underway Wednesday as crews continued to look for two men who fell overboard after a collision between a fishing boat and tanker vessel Tuesday. The crash might have spilled up to 14,000 gallons of diesel into the channels, officials said. The crash happened off Galveston’s East End when the 81-foot Pappy’s Pride and the 600-foot tanker Bow Fortune collided in fog just before 3:30 p.m., capsizing the smaller boat and sending four of its crew overboard, U.S. Coast Guard Petty Officer 2nd Class Johanna Strickland said. One man died Tuesday after he and another crew member, who had a broken leg, had been taken to a University of Texas Medical Branch hospital, Galveston Island Beach Patrol Chief Peter Davis said. The crash shut down boat traffic to the ports of Galveston, Texas City and Houston for almost 24 hours and spilled diesel fuel from the fishing vessel into the ship channel. In the worst case environmentally, the boat leaked up to 14,000 gallons of diesel, Strickland said. Crews on Wednesday still were assessing exactly how much diesel leaked and how to begin cleanup, Strickland said. “We don’t know how much product is in the water,” she said. The Coast Guard Vessel Traffic Service shut down traffic into the Galveston, Houston and Texas City ship channels about 3:30 p.m. Tuesday and reopened it about 4 p.m. Wednesday, said Steve Nerheim, director of the vessel service. Wednesday at 5 p.m., searchers were preparing to continue the search for the missing men through this morning, Strickland said. The Coast Guard plans to continue searching as long as conditions, which can include weather and lighting, allow, Strickland said.
  6. Generally Pilots shut down for fog . Coast Guard shuts down for search rescue and salvage . Sorry for confusion .
  7. It will go fast , if Immigration shows up and properly staffed . Cruisers will be waived thru the disembarkation stations .
  8. Fog was not the issue in this case . The search for two missing mariners has shut down all traffic in the Houston and Galveston Ship Channels, according to the Coast Guard Vessel Traffic Service. The Coast Guard has shut down the channel in order for search and rescue and salvage operations to occur, said Steve Nerheim, the director of the vessel service. Pilots not Coast Guard shut down channel for fog.
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