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  1. Dear valued Travel Partners,As we eagerly plan for our healthy and safe return to service, Royal Caribbean® wants to make planning your client’s next cruise vacation as stress-free as possible, so we are extending our very popular Cruise with Confidence program! Your clients can be reassured that when they book on or before May 31, 2021 for a sailing departing through April 30, 2022, they can cancel up to 48-hours prior to the sail date in exchange for a 100% Future Cruise Credit. Plus, under our Cruise with Confidence program, your clients are eligible to take advantage of our Best Price Guar
  2. Murkowski and Sullivan’s bill is just one solution that has been floated in recent weeks. Alaska Congressman Don Young has introduced his own bill in the House of Representatives, also called the “Alaska Tourism Recovery Act,” that would “provide a temporary PVSA workaround by deeming roundtrip voyages between Alaska and Washington State as foreign voyages for the purposes of U.S. law.” Young’s proposed legislation would apply only for the duration of Canada’s cruise prohibition. Yet a third suggestion was proposed last month by the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, wh
  3. RCL must feel optimistic because they have not cancelled May cruises . We are anxiously sitting on top of the bubble waiting with another paid for cruise .
  4. There May be an itinerary change to be out of Seattle. ROM21290 YJR S.L.C. S. ll To restrict the imposition by the Secretary of Homeland Security of fines, penalties, duties, or tariffs applicable only to coastwise voyages, or pro- hibit otherwise qualified non-United States citizens from serving as crew, on specified vessels transporting passengers between the State of Wash- ington and the State of Alaska, to address a Canadian cruise ship ban and the extraordinary impacts of the COVID–19 pandemic on Alas- kan communities, and for other purposes. IN THE SENATE OF THE UNITED
  5. Does anyone really think a 5/12/21 cruise will happen and why?
  6. Radiance . In this case a Loop is Deploying port Vancouver to Alaska destinations and return to Vancouver.
  7. Our final payment on 5/12/21Vancouver loop Alaska was due the 11th also , we paid . Next day the 45 day new policy comes out . And there is still nothing to use LS to 5/2022 according to agent and RCL . We are pissed .
  8. So are you saying you have seen something official already from RCL on May and June 2021 Alaska ??
  9. Many hotels have parking included for cruise ! Pick out the hotel and then ask !
  10. YES I agree, a rational concept ! By sailing on a temporary short term basis though, they are better off , if any fixed costs are covered and lower. But eventually they have to return to the profitable relevant range of a long term going concern basis.
  11. If cruise lines can initially just cover their variable costs of the specific sailing and make enough to pay on some on the fixed company overhead costs , they are ahead by sailing.
  12. So there is observation and initial conclusion , that Alaska with Radiance may not happen in summer 2021 ?
  13. Upscale booze is all relative to your personal preferences. And yes wine and martinis are available on first day .
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