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  1. It's on the planner for my cruise on Adventure in two weeks' time.
  2. When I last sailed on a ship that required booking for shows there was definitely the option of booking on board. I think there was a kiosk or something and you could also do it on your stateroom TV. However, this was a number of years ago, long before the key was even a twinkle in a bean counter's eye, so I can't be sure it still works that way. Hopefully someone with up-to-date information will be able to chime in. Or possibly someone on your roll call might know, if it's active.
  3. If you're really interested in buying it, check back daily. It might show up again. That happened on my cruise planner. One day it was showing "sold out" and the next day it was available again.
  4. You can usually book cruise planner items up to about 3 days before sailing. The exact cut-off date for your sailing should be shown somewhere in the small print at the bottom of the page. That said, if you wait to buy, you may find that The Key has either sold out or gone up in price. You have nothing to lose by booking it now. If you do get an upgrade that means it loses its value you can cancel it.
  5. You can check the actual terminal your ship will be at here: https://pevvesseltraffic.broward.org/webx/ However, this only shows you the terminals for about a week ahead and operational reasons could result in last minute changes so it's not written in stone.
  6. European cruises have tended to be what I consider to be stupidly expensive for the last 3 or 4 years. We have found we can cruise cheaper in the Caribbean than in our own "backyard", even when you add in the cost of flights across the pond.
  7. It's not. There's a discount of some sort but I can't remember how much. I am sure someone else will be able to chime in with that information.
  8. Don't worry. You don't need to speak to them because that definitely isn't an issue. Essentially it's because they don't distinguish between Mrs and Miss in Portuguese, so effectively Mrs = Ms.
  9. Why? It says 22". Am I misreading something?
  10. The potential for cancellation was one of the main reasons why we opted for the November 23rd sailing on Adventure as opposed to Oasis on the 24th. Coming in from across the pond it would have been a catastrophe for us. Fingers, legs and eyes crossed for all of you that it works out.
  11. TAP is Star Alliance so if you have United miles there is a good chance you can use them for a flight with TAP. As I understand it (mostly from reading posts on "points-type" websites) TAP is one of the easier airlines to get award seats on. TAP will "feed" you at no extra cost, although the snack or meal (depends on the time of day) is always hit or miss and can range from surprisingly good to utterly inedible. Watch out for the hand baggage rules on TAP. Strictly speaking you have 10 kg but that is, in theory, split into an 8 kg piece and a 2 kg personal item. While this is mostly just on paper, I have, on occasion, seen them enforce this rule on busy flights by weighing hand luggage at the gate. They have also started rolling out a sort of premium economy service on their European flights, which they call Xtra (or something like that). This involves paying a bit extra to get a seat with a bit more leg room and which reclines. The cheapest of the cheap seats have minimal leg room and do not recline. However, this is a very recent development and I don't know if it would apply to the flight you may be considering. Vueling belongs to Iberia, which is a One World partner. That means you may be able to use American miles to snag an award seat. Otherwise, I'd second what @brian1 said and just book whichever is cheaper and/or best fits in with your time scale.
  12. Royal's itineraries in the Western Med tend to be repetitive, predictable and somewhat uninspiring (at least from my point of view as a European. YMMV). Celebrity are usually a bit more interesting, so you might want to consider them, although that's obviously going to be a different cruise experience.
  13. So are there any benefits now in booking on board if you want to do a refundable deposit?
  14. Last year they put the tree up on Navigator on 27 November.
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