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  1. I actually bought a new one to replace this one a couple of months ago but went back to it precisely because of that separate bit at the top. I had butter cookies in there today.
  2. Is it like this one? Won it in the raffle at the party for people celebrating wedding anniversaries away back in 2007. It's clearly the worse for wear after all this time but still useable. In fact we had it with us at the beach today.
  3. Thanks I can't remember for sure how many were entered; I know they told us afterwards when they did the prize-giving and I want to say it was just over 200 but I can't be sure I'm remembering correctly. Time-wise, again they announced the times at the prize-giving but we did not receive an official results list, so I can't be 100% sure. I am pretty sure I did 19 minutes something because that's what I was aiming for and I definitely remember that sense of satisfaction you get when you achieve a specific goal. I wasn't really expecting to win as I was still building my fitness back up again after a nasty calf tear a few months prior. They gave away two cruises, one for the men's overall winner and one for the women's, as well as a bunch of medals for the different age groups.
  4. I won a free cruise as first prize in a 5k road race organised by Oasis of the Seas during a port call in Saint Martin. It was called the Royal 5k and was back in early December 2012. The start was on the pier, right beside the ship, and the course took us all the way into town along the front and back. I still have my race number. 😊
  5. I think it would be wise to wait until the very, very last minute. Apart from anything else, and someone correct me if I'm wrong, please, but isn't the US travel ban on Brits still in effect? Unless that gets lifted or it doesn't apply to you for some reason, you would presumably be denied boarding this side of the pond.
  6. If it helps, I was booked on the Allure's 27th September sailing, final payment date under US rules was 29th of June.
  7. Yes, it stays refundable. I specifically queried that point with my TA when I was trying to decide whether or not to L&S. She pointed out to me that if you have a refundable deposit L&S is essentially about price protection. In similar fashion to you, we had an amazing rate for a BW balcony on Allure from Barcelona that I also don't know how we got, other than that there was a huge and unexpected +55 discount. To be honest, I don't even know how we got the refundable deposit as I couldn't even find that box to tick during the booking process. 😂
  8. Harmony is due for her 5-year dry dock next year so that's probably why there's a gap.
  9. Strictly speaking, because EU law requires it to be an option, someone living in the EU, as is the OP's case, can book directly with the cruise line through a branch office in any of the EU member states. However, in some cases, the cruise line may not have a branch office in the customer's country of residence so the customer would have to be comfortable with domiciling their booking in a country other than that of their residence. For example, I have in the past used the UK website to book direct with Royal. Here in Portugal, however, Royal has no branch office. Instead they are represented by a travel agent that in turn takes bookings from other travel agents. This means that the Portuguese "Royal Caribbean" website is not actually Royal's but the agent's and the phone number takes you to the agent's office and not to anyone who works directly for Royal. So if I wanted to domicile a booking here, I would not be able to book directly with the cruise line. If you live in Europe and want to book direct on Royal's US website, you need to be able to supply a US address, as it will not let you complete the booking with a European address.
  10. My pleasure. If you check their website they have a find an agency tab which will list all of the agencies in the immediate Barcelona area. There may be one closer to you than the big one in the centre.
  11. Hi, Because of EU law you can book with a TA anywhere in the EU. Booking with a TA on this side of the pond generally means you will not be able to take advantage of US perks such as re-pricing. On the other hand, you arguably have more consumer rights. Also, know that as far as payments are concerned, your payment is generally made to the TA, who settles up with the cruise line every so often depending on their mutual agreement, so you are not paying the cruise line directly, as I believe often happens with US TAs. Under CC rules TA names can't be mentioned on the boards but in Spain there is a major department store (think "the English Court") which has its own travel agency chain that is generally highly regarded.They have several in Barcelona including one located in their big store in the Plaza de Cataluña. Hope this helps.
  12. I think you may be right. The way things are going with closed borders... if Americans aren't allowed into Europe they won't be able to get to Barcelona to get on the ship. And if Europeans aren't allowed into the US, they'd have to be denied boarding in Barcelona. So who does that leave as passengers? And would they want to sail anyway? All those sea days, if someone came down with the C-word... What a mess. 😞
  13. Excellent, I'm glad it was helpful. From what the poster on the other site said, it certainly sounded very straightforward and much better for having to spend ages on the phone.
  14. A poster on Matt's blog reported using the online form successfully. His request was processed from one day to the next. The link *should* take you to a form that asks you to choose between 3 programmes: cruise with confidence, cruise suspension and lift&shift. Once you tick the appropriate box it opens up the rest of the form where you insert your booking details to begin the request. I tested the link and it works for me up to the point stated above. I couldn't test it any further because I don't have a booking to test it with. https://cancellation.royalcaribbean.com/?brand=R&_ga=2.94405592.594647497.1590767327-1101230479.1590767327
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