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  1. Portugal is allowing cruise ships to dock to take on supplies but passengers are not allowed to get off unless they happen to be residents of Portugal. This measure was announced by the Portuguese Prime Minister yesterday evening.
  2. Portugal too. Translation by Google (just a couple of dodgy bits here and there but the essential details are correct): "The governments of Portugal and Spain announced today the closure of all ports to cruise ships. António Costa announced a few moments ago that Portugal will not allow passengers to disembark at national ports, although it does allow ships to dock in Portugal. The exception will be for resident passengers, who may disembark in transit to their places of residence. The contours of this imposition are still unknown. In Spain, the Spanish government has banned, in Spanish ports, all cruise ships of any origin and passenger ships, if they come from Italy, from this Friday until next March 26th. The ban was approved this Thursday by the Council of Ministers, meeting in an extraordinary way, as an exceptional measure to limit the spread and contagion of Covid-19. The ban will come into force on the 13th at 12:00 am, until the 26th of March, with the exception of the 15th of the cruises, which will be allowed only for the disembarkation of citizens, who wish to disembark and where they will not be able to return on board. The ban can be extended beyond the 27th of March, for additional periods that do not exceed fourteen days, and will be assessed periodically taking into account the evolution of the pandemic, especially in Italy. This restriction is complementary to the one established last Tuesday for direct flights between Italian and Spanish airports. The prohibition does not apply to State ships, those carrying only goods, those sailing for humanitarian, medical or emergency purposes. In addition, the Ministry of Health may exceptionally lift the prohibitions on duly authorized ships, in which case all necessary health control measures will be taken to prevent them from posing a risk to the population of Spain." This was posted on a reliable Portuguese cruise blog website, cruzeiros dot com dot pt
  3. La Spezia, for easy access to Cinque Terre. Gorgeous.
  4. I understand that he retired and they moved to (I think) Florida and that all is well. It was commented on an earlier post. I believe it may have been @Ourusualbeach who provided the information. I miss his speedy and helpful posts and hope that, even if he is enjoying his retirement, he will soon be missing all of us enough to come back from time to time.
  5. Come to the Algarve. Great beaches, great food, golf, tennis, water sports, friendly people...
  6. Totally agree. In fact, virus aside, I think the media should be obliged to report one piece of good news for every piece of bad news that they so gleefully put the spotlight on. So much doom, gloom and depression. Let's have something uplifting. (I know, I know... never going to happen 😐).
  7. My pleasure. Glad to have helped. 😊
  8. I think I read a recent post that also had this problem and someone suggested checking in the order history in the cruise planner. When the affected poster did that s/he found that their reserved times were still all there, so it might be worth taking a look before you call. Fingers crossed for you.
  9. Tickets open up about 2 months in advance so it's too early yet for October. Check back nearer the time and book them as soon as they show up to get your best choice of timings. This is the official site: https://sagradafamilia.org/en/tickets
  10. When he was younger (and before he met me!) DH was a crew member on the old Sitmar line, and he always reminisces fondly of those days. In 2000, we were on a family holiday in Funchal, Madeira, and happened to see a couple of cruise ships that were docked in the port. That started us talking about possibly doing a cruise. I was a travel agent in those days so as soon as we returned from our holiday I started looking into the possibility of doing a cruise and I found one that worked perfectly for us - a respositioning cruise from Barcelona to Lisbon on Splendour of the Seas in November 2001. No sooner found than booked! And in the end we almost didn't make it because DH got food poisoning a week before we were due to sail! The stars aligned for us however; although he hadn't recovered sufficiently to travel when we were supposed to, the first stop on the cruise was Malaga, which is a port we can drive to. The extra couple of days were enough for the doctor to give him the go-ahead, a family friend agreed to drive us to Malaga, and Royal Caribbean gave us permission to board there. Cruising has been our holiday of choice ever since.
  11. You can look for Compasses from the cruises immediately prior to yours. To find them you can do a search here on the boards, or post a request for them or watch out for live reviews. However, even if you do find them there's never any guarantee that your cruise activities will be exactly the same as the previous ones and this is especially so if you're on a ship that's not doing 7-night rotations.
  12. We had days 2 and 7 as formal, day 5 as casual/tropical and all the others casual. That was 8-night E. Caribbean on Adventure over Thanksgiving.
  13. Similar thing happened to us in one of the forward-facing cabins on Oasis. We were on deck seven, so level with the helicopter pad. I threw the curtains open one morning and there was a yoga group out there!
  14. Haha, right. I wasn't aware of these cabins so thanks for the tip. They look quite interesting. Have you actually sailed in one and, if so, what did you think of it?
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