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  1. Something I'm wondering, and I know nobody knows the answer to this but just for argument's sake, let's say the UK government is still requiring 2 weeks' quarantine on people returning from certain countries and that Belgium and/or Holland are still on the quarantine list, would quarantine actually be required given that the ship is likely to be operating as an essentially Covid-free bubble?
  2. I really hope you're wrong and the UK government sorts out some way of testing that will allow that time to be greatly reduced. My daughter has had to quarantine after paying us a quick visit here in Portugal at the start of this month. Tomorrow is the last day and it can't come a moment too soon. She's really struggled with it. 😞
  3. This is us too, except we're (a long way) between D and D+. Our last cruise (Adventure over Thanksgiving, can't believe it was nearly a year ago!) was our first and so far only as D. Glad we got the chance to experience it before everything went pear-shaped. 😞
  4. There's a 2 night gap between the 10th and the 12th as well. That 4-nighter from Barcelona to Rome on the 26th could be a great add-on for folks booked on the 9-nighter on the 30th.
  5. Just spotted those too. There are also a 4-nighter (26 April) and two 5-nighters out of Barcelona (12 and 21 April). My first thought was that these are to test the waters before the longer cruises start at the end of the month. I will be keeping an eye on these!
  6. Not available to us here in Portugal. Guess our market here is too small for them. 😞
  7. Amazing colours! Just added a fall foliage cruise to the bucket list.
  8. Had a gorgeous day at the beach yesterday. Having lunch in one of the beachside restaurants I could almost imagine we were on a cruise. Then we came home and I had to cook dinner. Boo. 😕
  9. I am inclined to agree with this. After months and months of masks and hand sanitising and distancing measures with no trips to look forward to (lost a city to break to London, a cruise to the fjords and another to the Med, the latter having been L&S'd to September of next year), I can't help thinking that even a masked/hand sanitised/distanced cruise would still be an enjoyable holiday as long as the cruise line was doing everything in its power to ensure passenger safety, as the recent reviews appear to be showing. No grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, laundry, blah, blah, all the usual stuff you don't have to do when you're away on a cruise would still apply. We are lucky in that we live in a place with gorgeous beaches and decent weather for a large part of the year and, in fact, we had a lovely day at the beach yesterday. But I still had to cook dinner and do laundry when we got home. My biggest concern would be having to fly to the departure port and not because of the flight itself but because of the potential to test positive and be denied boarding and then being stranded and unable to fly home. So, I guess for the time being I'd be looking at cruises that I could drive to and, unfortunately, there aren't any of those right now. 😞
  10. We usually go with Royal but have sailed on two occasions with MSC precisely because Royal had nothing suitable on the dates we were able to go. Both cruises (one on Poesia and one on Divina) were very enjoyable and we would have absolutely no qualms about going with MSC again.
  11. For Europe, I would think that a major factor in their decision would be the inability of a huge part of their customer base to actually get to Europe to cruise (US) and another huge part (UK) not being able to cruise because of the government restrictions (advice not to cruise + quarantine on return).
  12. Thanks for the very interesting and informative review. It's great to see that you had a good time on your cruise.
  13. Great, thanks very much, Graham. Appreciate it. 🙂
  14. Ryanair only just refunded me last week for a flight cancelled in March. Six months. And I lost out on the exchange rate.
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