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  1. Friday, 5 Jun 2020, I received my refundable OBC from our March Crown Princess cruise which ended 81 days earlier on 16 Mar 2020. Princess seems to be doing the right thing. I'm sure finding the cash when no revenue is coming in is a challenge.
  2. On Royal Caribbean, Celebrity, and NCL forums Cruise Critic members have been posting reviews of cabins on ships. It is time now for Princess cruisers to share cabin information with others. One problem I have noticed on the other forums is the lack of a way to easily manipulate the data collected from the reviews. On the Royal Caribbean thread someone started an accessible spreadsheet that compiles the data from the reviews. I used that paradigm as a starting point for this project. This thread provides a means for cruisers to provide reviews of cabins on Princess ships and a link to a means to easily sift through information contained in those reviews. I hope it is successful enough for the moderators to make it a “Sticky”. The first step in the process is for Cruise Critic members to post reviews of cabins. In Posting #2 I will provide a template that can easily be used to prompt for the information to be provided. The topic of that posting will be PRINCESS CABIN REVIEW TEMPLATE (07/12/2015). It is conceivable that after some usage we may want to change the template so a new template will have a similar title with a revised date. A person wanting to use the latest template can check the spreadsheet to see what and where the latest version can be found. The initial template will look like this: Ship Class Deck Cabin # Category Port/Starboard/Bow/Stern Connects With Cabin # Accessible Quiet Balcony Size View Privacy Issues Wind Soot Problems Comments Persons posting reviews are encouraged to add pictures to reviews. Here is some guidance to explain how some of these template items should be interpreted. Some fields require secific answers and those answers are indicated in parenthesis Ship, Class, Deck, Stateroom, and Category – Without the name of the ship and the stateroom the remaining information collected will be useless. If you aren't sure about the deck or category the person transcribing the data to the spreadsheet will look it up. Port/Starboard/Bow/Stern – (Port/Starboard/Bow/Stern) This information can be looked up by the transcriber if missing. The purpose is to determine where on the ship the cabin is located. A bow cabin faces the front and a stern cabin faces the rear of the ship. Connects With Cabin # – Enter the cabin number this cabin connects with, if applicable. If it doesn't connect enter “na”. Accessible – (Yes or No) Is this cabin a handicapped accessible cabin? You may make additional comments if you wish. Quiet – (Yes or No) This is the first subjective response. If the cabin isn't quiet then the answer is “No” and tell why it isn't quiet. If the cabin is quiet all day but has noise from meal service one deck up from 2 AM to 6 AM it is not quiet. Please explain “No” answers. Balcony Size – (None/Oversized/Undersized/Normal) If the cabin has no balcony please enter “None”. Balcony size is subjective and relative to different ships. If a balcony does not have room for 2 people to sit on it in chairs facing the ocean without being cramped for leg room, it should be considered “Normal”. Most of the balcony cabins on the newer ships would be considered “Undersized” by this standard but that is how they should be classified if they don't meet the definition mentioned above. View – (Normal, None, Obstructed) If the cabin is not a balcony and doesn't otherwise have a view outside is should be classified as “None”. Privacy Issues – If the cabin's balcony is not completely covered, if there are privacy issues with SeaWalk, or anything else that compromises privacy, please give a description. Wind - (Yes or No) If there any unusual wind problem with the cabin the answer is “Yes” and please give an explanation. Soot - (Yes or No) If there were problems with soot please answer “Yes” and explain if you wish. Problems – Please describe any problems you had with the cabin and indicate if they were remedied. Keep in mind this is a review of the cabin so if you had a problem relating to your specific sailing it would be best to describe that in a review of your cruise. Comments – Please feel free to make any comments you think other people interested in the cabin might find interesting. The responses from the reviews will be copied to a spreadsheet located at https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1iJDFCtotsFNUvSNFzZ3LXomW95WX7R0svO7JhGRBvpo/edit?usp=sharing. You will be able to filter the data to view it many different ways.
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