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  1. But Keith is Keith! They are messing with the wrong cruiser. 😁 I'd bet there are some who wouldn't have thought anything of it, but like me in my situation, you (Keith) know exactly what it's supposed to be, so they picked the wrong guy. LOL! Keith, I think once they get you sorted out, you should demand they send you on a free cruise on the Encore TA. I had a good time meeting you on Escape, and we'd love to have you again.
  2. I think you misinterpreted my post. I wasn't doubting Keith's ability. I have no doubts he already knows the exact amount the refund should be.
  3. Oh, okay. I found several that talked about people using something called Lactaid or mentioning that almond milk is also available and used. Again, I don't know anything about this, and for some reason I'm seeing things you aren't, but these posts were specific to intolerances and not allergies.
  4. You might consider searching this forum for "lactose". This is asked here regularly, but since it isn't me, I don't pay that much attention to the answers in order to share them. Just a quick search pulled up tons and tons of info.
  5. NCL has specialty cocktails in The District Brewhouse that were created by Bar Lab. They are amazing, and you should try them. They've been there since it first sailed.
  6. For what it's worth, when they shortened our Encore TA and prorated our fare based on 11 nights becoming 9, our refund was exactly to the penny what we'd calculated it would be based on the original base fare we had paid. In other words, NCL knows how to get it right. Somehow something has gotten screwed up on yours, and they need someone who understands the maths to explain it. I can't wait to see updates. Many of us know that you are level-headed and know your stuff when it comes to cruising with NCL. I know you'll stick with this until they get it right.
  7. Actually, Royal Caribbean does maintenance on their ships, as well. Thankfully it has never hit one of your scheduled cruises. It has happened to others though, as all cruise lines have to do this sometimes. Sucks.
  8. That isn't able to be reserved. Just walk in and eat, lunch or dinner.
  9. There are 4 to 6 drinks offered in District Brew House that were created by world renowned award winning mixologists. the same goes for the restaurant Food Republic, which has some unique, special cocktails. You'll also want to visit Tobacco Road, which has specialty cocktails you can't find elsewhere on the ship. Also, as mentioned, check out Sugarcane Mojito Bar. Those should meet your needs.
  10. It is indeed on the dining plan. One can get 4 items each. As far as it being sushi, that makes up a very small percentage of the menu. There is no upcharge at any restaurant any more, including Ocean Blue. https://www.ncl.com/specialty-dining-package/faq
  11. https://www.ncl.com/specialty-dining-package/faq
  12. The only limits are on entrees. You can only have one entree.
  13. I've been on Escape 3 times, and I don't recall ever seeing these on this ship. I also recall them on Breakaway.
  14. Correct. In that photo above, only the green parts don't require extra cost. (well, and the Haven, but it's extra to book and closed to others.)
  15. I’m with you. I spent 2 nights there, and that was plenty. I saw everything and enjoyed it just fine, but I see no reason to ever return. I’ve traveled all over Italy, and it’s not very near the top of my favorite places.
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