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  1. Love this cruise. We did it last year on the Adventure and are booked on the Vision next year. Looking forward to your review. Love your pictures, they bring back many pleasant memories. We really enjoyed our time in Quebec City.
  2. On symphony - SL - Raul and Jackie in Suite Lounge. And Norman De Ocampo on DL for 2 weeks. (I talked with him this evening in the DL.)
  3. Jackie will be on board for the birthday cruise. I think she will be going home about 2 weeks later.
  4. On Symphony, Willie will be starting his vacation tomorrow, 9/21/2019. Raul will be moving to the Suite Lounge. I expect Jenny will be returning to the DL. Will check and confirm tomorrow, since we will be on for another week.
  5. I am currently on the Symphony of the Seas and "Name That Tune: The very est of the 80's is listed in todays compass. It is an afternoon event.
  6. Sherri - We are currently on the Adventure of the Seas. Rafael signed off yesterday, 12/8 an Suecel is in the Diamond Lounge.
  7. Thanks, we are having a wonderful time. Looking forward to meeting you in March as well.
  8. On board the Brilliance and Bertie Almeida is the concierge - Amit is on vacation.
  9. We have used Safe Parking several times in Miami. I found them through Parkway parking in Tampa. We have had no trouble at all.
  10. Harmony has a Starbucks coffee on board and they have almond milk. So you should be able to ask for it and they may be able to get it for you. I am like you where I have trouble with milk and milk fat - even skim milk will upset my system.
  11. It will be fine. We have sailed on Harmony several times. When you get on board, the first thing you will want to do is go to the box office and book your shows. With late dining you are going to want to work around that time. Also know that there is a free dining option every night in the Solarium. You do need to make reservations, but it is well worth eating there. Also on deck 8 is the Park Café - it is the first place we head everything we sail on the Oasis Class ships. And yes, the luggage should fit under the bed. At least two of the cases anyway. You will enjoy your time onboard the Harmony.
  12. I know - I also have a couple of Oasis and the Brilliance.
  13. John - I have already traded Dennis Harmony for his Jewel block.
  14. Same here. We tip a $1.00 per drink whether in the Suite/Concierge, Diamond Lounge or using the drinks on the card.
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