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  1. This actually may be more of an touchy ethical question rather than an etiquette one.... Any non-political Ethical Advisors here?
  2. Thank you all for sharing your thoughts here. I think the minute rule will apply. Totally agree with n2wdw that folding someone else's clothes is totally gross. If we, I would be looking for some rubber gloves to wear... Personally I believe that if you are going to wash you clothes, be considerate enough to ensure you are there when the timer goes off....
  3. We have been on a lot of cruises and we have some clothing that I just don't trust to the ships laundry. Where possible I will do these items in the launderette. We almost always seem to run into people who put in a load and then simply vanish. When the load is done it can sit there for a long time. My question is if this happens often on Seabourn or how best to handle this situation? Are there empty carts there where the laundry can be placed? What amount of time should someone wait until emptying their finished laundry? There are simply never enough machines to meet the demand no matt
  4. What ever you do when you visit the Dead Sea, do not shave any part of your body that will make contact with the water that day.
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