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  1. Can you use the future cruise credit to book shore excursions or can you only use it to book a cruise?
  2. I booked several shore excursions, and the cruise got canceled. I did receive the future cruise credit but nothing for the shore excursions. Am I supposed to get the money back for those? Also the letter from Norwegian was saying the future cruise credit was going to be valid through December 2022. The credit I received is only valid for one year. Did anyone else have this issue?
  3. I am looking for a good place to go swimming and snorkeling. I plan to go swimming first and then take a ship's shore excursion in the afternoon. I was thinking of Pigeon Point Beach. But it might be too far. Is it easy to get there from the cruise port? How much does it cost to get there and what are the fares? What other places should I consider?
  4. Is that when the ship leaves late, like at 9 pm or when it leaves earlier like 5 pm?
  5. The Epic is leaving Puerto Rico at 9 pm. According to their schedule the ship will be in port at 5:30 am. What is the earliest you can board and check in for your cruise?
  6. Are there places where people can leave their valuables, like a phone or does everyone always leave everything on the ship? Are there no lockers at these beaches?
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