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  1. NCL offers travel with for $25 per person. OUR TRAVEL-WITH-GUARANTEE PROGRAM Guests who want to travel together can now take advantage of our new Travel-With-Guarantee Program. Below are the program’s Terms and Conditions and how to qualify: The Travel-With-Guarantee program ensures that eligible guests on different reservations are booked on the same flight. A non-refundable fee of $25 per guest (over the age of two) on eligible reservations. There is a maximum of four reservations per Travel-With-Guarantee group. Guests may add or revise
  2. This is why I love cruise critic, the amazing people who are filled with information and are always willing to help! Thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart! ❤️
  3. Thank you so much; yes I am reading this now!
  4. Happy Sunday! I am hoping I can get some information from the cruise critic community. When aboard a NCL ship going from east (Colon) to west (Fuerte Amador) through the canal is there lectures on board? Do you get to learn about the making of the canal? The reason I ask is I am trying to set up a pre-cruise excursion for my group who is really interested in the history, how the locks work, the difference between the new and old locks and the culture of the area. So trying to to duplicate too much. Can anyone tell me about their experience? We are on the Jewel in January of 2022
  5. I guess with the CDC’s requirement that 98% of guest and 95% of crew be vaccinated he will rethink his position or start sailing somewhere outside of the US ports..
  6. Good day everyone! Joining this cruise with 3 of my dearest friends! Looking forward to sailing Virgin and interested in the unique offerings.
  7. I generally feel like the spa folks are pushy and even pushier at the end of your service to buy the products they used on (like after getting a facial) so I just tell them at the beginning I will not be purchasing any products so don't even try.
  8. Clients who were to be on a late March Panama canal cruise got their refunds this week!
  9. Booked the offer and have confirmation with cabin #9115 for Jan 16, 2021 on the Apex. Happy with free cabin. Any idea if they let you bid on upgrades?
  10. Our cruise will end in Panama City (Fuerte Amador) and we plan to stay for 2 additional days to perhaps do some additional tours of the canal. Does anyone have any recommendations for private tour operators in that area? Thanks
  11. Or the link if you need it: https://www.ncl.com/sites/default/files/Certificate-of-Medical-Fitness-to-Travel-form.pdf?fbclid=IwAR002mzHnoYudquAqqd7tl9dGZI8vj07Gq0gfi5_zTSZnbegeqsdEqQ7-Go
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