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  1. No, it’s the 4/14/19 13 day Silhouette to Southampton.It stops at Nassau, Bermuda and Lisbon
  2. WE booked this TA a few months ago as well as three other legs. We’re returning 6/2 and booked a round trip on BA for under $500. We won’t be using the return but it’s a good way to get around the one way fares. Our 2A came down to $1019 and included gratuities at the time. We’re happy 🙂. Harry
  3. The last few MD’s we’ve attended have been a joke. They crowd too many in spaces where the life jacket demo is not viewable by all and the audio is not in ears reach. I pity the ship that has a real emergency after not properly explaining the procedures. Harry
  4. I’ve never bern refused when I requested it to be emptied.
  5. Excellent point. Thank you. I was advised long ago to turn off my WiFi calling.
  6. I beg to differ with you however I just turned on airplane mode and WiFi and didn’t get a test text from my wife. I could get a text from another iPhone using iMessage but not from a user who isn’t on iMessage. Therefore I just turn off cellular data and can still recieve phone and text from anyone. As I stated before , I’ve been doing it this way for years. Harry
  7. Thanks. I’m going to call Verizon to see if they can put a roaming data limit in my plan
  8. I don’t follow how you were billed if your cellular data was turned off. I’ve done this on dozens of crises. Harry
  9. I now know why I don’t use airplane mode. Just did a test. Turned on airplane mode and WiFi. I asked my wife to call me and it went to voicemail. I prefer to be able to receive calls ( you don’t have to answer but it may be important ). Of course you can only recieve calls if your traveling through a cellular network of anothe Country.
  10. Interesting to hear the use of airplane mode. I always turn off cellular data instead.
  11. I agree that he will not be mistaken for a waiter. Personally I no longer bring a jacket or tie. I wore them for many decades , however I enjoy seeing others get all dressed up. Go for it 😎
  12. We had booked the San Georgio in Feb of 2018 for Oct 21,2018. They emailed me on Oct 20 and informed us that they were over booked and offered to book us in down the road for the same rate of approx 200 Euros. Our Conceirge in Naples called this other hotel and was able to book us in at 67 Euros. The Hotel was fully booked with mostly cancelled San Georgio guests. Most had prepaid and didn’t get the lower rate. It’s an outrage and I can’t believe they get away with this week after week. I was lucky. Harry
  13. I have used OBC at the casino. The chips they give you are not eligible to cash in. You have to play all of them. You then can cash in the chips you won with those.
  14. I was wondering how you made out if in fact you boarded without a visa. We're going on the Connie 4/2/17 . Thanks Harry
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