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  1. Thank you so much for all the helpful replies! Next Thursday I am driving to Boston where there is still a "brick and mortar" camera shop to take a look at all your recommendations. Stay safe, Deb
  2. I always look for your posts, Mary229, because I find them interesting, and your viewpoint shows you care not just about and for yourself, but for others as well. Please consider taking a break to "recharge your batteries" and then rejoining us. Be smart and stay safe! Deb
  3. Today's Cruise Industry News has a headline that reads "Carnival Corporation Set to Dominate in China and Australia." The article mentions five Carnival brands, but not HAL, and goes on to state that these five are "projected to have a total capacity of three million passengers by 2027." Sorry I am not savvy enough to post a link, but perhaps Kirk or another CC HAL regular will see this and post the link. Is this headline and article enough to be concerned for the future of HAL?
  4. If you have the interest and the time, I'd appreciate an update as to how the process worked for you, Kirk.
  5. I currently have two Nikon bodies with two Nikkor zoom lenses that I take on cruises. When it's safer to travel again, I am flying to Frankfurt and going on a land tour for four weeks followed by a month-long cruise. I do not want to take my usual photography "set up" on the land tour so I'm hoping someone will suggest an alternative. I do no have a cell phone, let alone a smartphone, so that's not a photography option. Would someone please suggest a small digital camera that would be reliable and comfortable to use? A friend has a Minolta underwater camera, and I am
  6. While it may be a "snooze" to some, I found the commentary on Cruise Industry News by Paul Grigsby, HAL Vice President of Revenue Planning and Analytics, very interesting, and I hope that some of you will as well. As technology challenged as I am, the best I can do to source Mr. Grigsby's comments is to share the website on which I found them: www.cruiseindustynews.com Thank you, Kirk, for supplying the link to my "Bureau Veritas (BV)" posting on Monday so that others may find it easily!
  7. From Cruise Industry News 19 hours ago: "Bureau Veritas (BV) has been contracted by the Carnival Corporation to provide health and safety services to facilitate the return to cruising, protecting passengers and crew, according to a press release." Please do not flame me because I have not furnished a link to this press release: I simply am not tech savvy enough to do so. If you were to do a Google search for "Bureau Veritas, Carnival," the link will immediately be shown. I am posting this on CC's Holland America Line Ask A Question because I avidly read here, and ev
  8. Have you considered checking out the roll call for this cruise? Sometimes when someone cancels a reservation they post on the roll call saying their plans have changed. Just an idea.....
  9. Thank you for your service and welcome home, Jimmy! Deb
  10. Booked my first Cunard cruise on Thursday afternoon (a six-week segment of the 2023 WC), looked into this forum for the first time hoping to find some answers to my questions about a Cunard WC (have had experience on HAL), found your post, read it avidly, and then noticed you are from my little corner of the world. Hope I have the opportunity to meet you on a future Cunard cruise! Be well and continue to stay safe, Deb
  11. I had a booking for this cruise that was to follow the June 7 Westerdam sailing from Venice RT. When HAL cancelled that sailing, I asked the TA to cancel the July 1 booking. It may interest you to know that I elected to take the deposit in the form of an FCC, even though I had plenty already, because the FCC that resulted was 200% of the deposit--and I could have that FCC applied to an existing booking. By the way, some of my FCC's have been extended--and more than once!
  12. One of the alternative to "covid fatigue" is that you could be suffering from CSWS (Cruise Ship Withdrawal Syndrome), Jackie!
  13. I hear you loud and clear, your viewpoints resonate with me, and I hope to meet you on the Westerdam because I am scheduled to board in Venice on September 12 for 24 nights after having been cancelled on virtually the same itinerary twice earlier in this year!
  14. Thank you for refreshing my memory--as if I will ever forget! I wondered last week when we had five consecutive days of daytime temperatures in the 50's and 60's, with Thursday being in the 70's, if I would be allowed into Quebec this summer from the only NH/Canada border crossing. I missed my annual pilgrimage last summer, I fully understand why, and I am cautiously optimistic for this fall, if not summer.
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