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  1. When we have had both RC and TA OBC, only the RC amount will be "available" before the cruise. TA OBC is not available until we are onboard.
  2. If she is likely to be in the cabin, you can call from just about anywhere around the ship.
  3. Cost! When we've used ChoiceAir for our one-way flights after a transatlantic, the cost was a fraction of booking directly with the airline ($700 instead of $4,400). We were able to browse the options in advance, choose the flight we wanted, and then choose the seats we wanted after the booking was made. For regular domestic flights there is probably not so much advantage.
  4. A shuttle company such as SAS, if they pick up from your hotel. You can find a list of the hotels they serve on the SAS website. $15 per person from FL to POM.
  5. Me, too. We do not like anytime dining, and we have no use for room service. Bella seems like a good fit for us.
  6. Years ago, a cruise we were on listed a Vow Renewal Ceremony as one of the afternoon activities. I got down on one knee and asked my husband to go. He said yes.....but then we got involved with something else and missed it. That night, late, he asked me to stroll up towards the bow with him. A couple we had met onboard appeared; he was a Navy chaplain. It turns out DH had asked him to perform a private ceremony for us. Short, but very very sweet. It was one of the best evenings ever. (And we just celebrated 30 years of marriage.)
  7. DH always wears his tuxedo on formal/gala/chic nights on a ship, and frequently a sportcoat on other nights. He is my James Bond, and I try my best to meet his standard.
  8. Our TA's website only goes up to March, 2021. Apparently the schedules are not locked in yet, or not available for booking.
  9. There was an earlier post on this question. The answer seemed to be that passengers were using tissues as toilet paper, and clogging the systems.
  10. We enjoyed it. No kids of our own, but the children we saw seemed to be having a good time.
  11. Seapass (ship card), and photo ID such as drivers license.
  12. The SAS website has a list of the hotels they serve. This can be a good starting point for choosing a hotel.
  13. shipgeeks

    New to MSC

    My take on the European style of service is that it is more discreet. Dining room servers are not providing jokes along with dinner; they are virtually invisible but the food appears when it should. Many have said that going to the bar to order a drink is better than sitting around and assuming someone will approach you. Personally, I like this, but it was a surprise when I first encountered it.
  14. Cruiseline air is well worth looking at, for one-way flights.
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