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  1. I'm surprised to read this! I know the crew have to prepare for the next group, but current passengers are still current passengers, especially with the expectations one would have in YC. We sailed not in YC, but in a Bella cabin. From the moment we arrived at the terminal until we disembarked two weeks later, we could not fault any aspect of the service we received. My journal for disembarkation day says "As Diamonds/Black we are entitled to 7:30 departure. But no hurry on our part, so we have a semi-leisurely breakfast (in buffet), then quick and easy exit." I had to look
  2. We did our 14-nighter as 7+7 last year, as it was considerably cheaper. We didn't care that much whether we got the same cabin or not, but our TA called MSC and booked the same cabin for both weeks without any problems.
  3. You reminded me of an incident while we were on SeaBreeze. We were docked next to an NCL ship. As we walked the Promenade Deck we heard a lot of cheering and shouts, so we went up to pool deck to see......and a large group of NCL passengers were "mooning" us.
  4. My prediction is that we will dress up more, after more than a year in pajamas and sweats.
  5. We never figured Jeanie out, either. A passenger on a nearby balcony or walkway? A Jamaican in a boat? A local line-handler? It will remain forever a mystery. We love that about MSC, as well. Both weeks we were aboard, we were told there were fewer than 700 Americans. Quite different from our convenient Baltimore sailings, with the majority from PA and MD.
  6. How about a couple of quirky memories? A year ago, we were on an Italian ship (Seaside), docked in Jamaica. As we sat out on our balcony, we suddenly heard "I Dream of Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair" (hometown composer!) That evening, I looked across the dance floor, and saw an Indian man in a turban, an American man in a Vet ballcap and loud Hawaiian shirt, and an Asian young lady in an immaculate ensemble (think "Crazy Rich Asians" movie), all having a conversation together. On that cruise we met people from Italy, Germany, South Africa, Brazil, India, Ph
  7. Welcome to Cruise Critic! You will find a wealth of information here.
  8. Thank you for mentioning the magic that we sometimes unexpectedly experience. For me, it has occurred while on the highest outside deck, few or no other people around (perhaps due to a coming storm). I see the vastness of the sea and the sky, and the word bliss comes to mind.
  9. The Maritime Museum in Halifax, further down the boardwalk, is also excellent. And if you go there, you get to pass all the stalls selling beaver tails, poutine, etc.!
  10. As well as following any replies here, I would suggest reading about potential ports in the Ports of Call, Canada New England section of CC. There are a lot of posts about any places you might want to include. Of course, it is always personal preferences, so the more you can learn the better. As well as sailing to C/NE out of Baltimore several times, we've done the spring version of the repositioning cruise mentioned above, starting in Florida and ending in Montreal. Our own favorite ports on this itinerary are Halifax, Portland, and St. John, with Boston and Bar Harbour near the b
  11. Heidi, Your post about Colon reminded me of our day there in 2005, while sailing on Zenith. We knew nothing about the city, but watching our arrival from top deck, we thought it looked like South Beach Art Deco; very nice! We went ashore as soon as we could. The first couple of blocks were quiet, empty, and wealthy-looking. Then small businesses appeared, along with dozens of people heading to Mass. We thought we'd blend in. An armed, uniformed young man on a bicycle appeared, and slowly pedaled along beside us wherever we went. When we got to an intersection, he stopped the traffic in
  12. Or you might find, as we did last year, that MSC provided the best cruise you've had. Our MSC ship, Seaside, is twice the size of what we usually sail (Grandeur of the Seas, etc.) IMO it did not feel more crowded, passengers were fine, and our interactions with crew and officers were outstanding. No complaints at all about customer service.
  13. Thanks to this post, I discovered that I have more menus than I thought! And they are among my favorite ship items, allowing me to see the differences in foods over the years. -Berengaria, 1920's (re-printed as a greeting card, never opened) -SS United States, 1950's -Rotterdam, 1965 & 1966 -Cap Vilano, 1969 (freighter, German cuisine. Lunch was fixed, two choices for dinner.) -Norway, 1996 Gala Dinner -Caronia, 2000 "Introductory Event" Celery or carrot sticks for appetizer, anyone?
  14. Several years ago we had as dinner companions two gentlemen who were great company, but what the crew might consider "rascals" (to put it nicely). One evening they confided that during a behind-the-scenes tour they slipped away from the group, and were quite amused to see their pictures posted on a passageway wall. "Keep an eye on these guys"?
  15. I hope so! Armonia is our next choice, after Seaside.
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