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  1. Well thanks a lot. My second-least-favorite everywhere song.....
  2. I overheard a youtube cruise reviewer talking about her Costa cruise in the Med. She stated that tap water at meals, pizza, and ice cream are all extra-pay items; none are included in cruise fare. True?
  3. Thank you for your post. We are looking forward to seeing arrival and departure during her Pittsburgh trips in August and September.
  4. Taxes are refunded direct to the credit card used for the booking.
  5. One of you has been in my house, taking a picture of Harvest Gold??
  6. We did two 7-night MSC cruises last year. There were two formal nights each week. Dress varied from tuxedos and long or cocktail dresses, to suits, to dress shirts. White Night, mentioned above, was well represented, but the other theme nights not so much.
  7. Same here, and our Patient Numbers are printed there. Nothing was done by hand; the cards were printed from the center's computer system while we did our 15 minutes observation time. Might be our patient numbers within our health system, though, rather than a national vaccine registry.
  8. I'm curious whether the number on each of our cards is a unique number, like a passport.
  9. Back in the days when old ocean liners were still available for cruisers to book, we found Gruziya, and had all intentions of booking a cruise on her. Alas, it was not to be. However, while on a port stop at Cozumel, we found that we were docked a short distance from her. We walked over and had a look, but the exterior was the extent of it. Nice looking ship. I just found several copies of "Nothing Can Go Wrong" on ebay, for under $7. That sounds like a book I would enjoy.....unless some of you snap up the least expensive copies first.
  10. I still chuckle when I look at our photo of one of the displays on a buffet on Regal Empress. Two roast chickens were propped up, with hard cooked eggs for heads, hats on the heads, one holding "cymbals" made of cucumber slices and one playing a guitar. So clever and so well done.
  11. The Chocolate Buffet when we sailed on Norway was during the afternoon. The many tables filled a large room. I don't think many passengers ate a full dinner that night. We have always had late dining, and always a leisurely meal with a lot of conversation among our tablemates. We shouldn't have ever needed more food. But regularly, at bedtime, Mr. S would say "I just want to get a glass of milk". So we'd head to the midnight buffet.....and end up with some crab legs, cheesecake, etc. Each night had a different theme. And on several occasions, we'd run into our dinner mates, and ha
  12. I imagine people are still cleaning out their closets, and their aunts' closets.....so there might still be some gems appearing in the stores, especially as they start putting out summer items. (Saw some this morning!) Love those picture above! Wide-bottom pants with fitted tops, shorts with matching tops (or one-piece?)
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