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  1. Kmcub, are you sailing on Seaside on January 18? (You noted 37 days til sailing.) That will be the second week of our B2B. Nice to know there will be like-minded people aboard! Are you on your roll call? Meet & greet?
  2. We, too, are glad to again be reminded that the service on MSC is more discreet and less jokey. I don't think dinner is enhanced by magic tricks! I am reminded of our first Cunard cruise. The first night, our waiter introduced himself, and asked if we had any special needs. He took our orders. We hardly ever noticed him again, but everything arrived as it should, almost magically. Certainly he was there if we had questions or concerns, but he didn't intrude. It makes me sad to read complaints that MSC crew don't kid around "like they should". It is these differences (for the better) that are drawing us to MSC.
  3. I don't think they do FL hotels to FL port; it's very close. Many of the hotels provide a shuttle for around $7 per person. Are you aware that many of the hotels also provide shuttle pickup from the airport to the hotel, free or $2?
  4. We regularly sail from Baltimore in the winter. We board in long pants, sweaters, winter jackets, especially as we like to be out on the open decks for the first hour or so of departure. Once it has become warmer, in a day or so, the jackets go into the suitcase under the bed, or put into compression bags under the bed. Most likely, the long pants and long sleeve shirts will get a bit of use during the cruise, as well as the shorts and summer shirts.
  5. You can be the one to start one!
  6. And mine wears a tuxedo on Chic nights, and a dress shirt, usually with a sportcoat, on the other nights.
  7. Very interesting; thank you! The Baltimore option is especially appealing. Now that you mention it, I've seen Grimaldi ships in the Chesapeake when we've sailed there.
  8. Yes, I booked SAS through their website, and received an email confirmation fairly promptly, as I recall. My confirmation says that my payment has been received ($30, for two of us), so everything is squared away. It was a relief to have the flights, hotel, and shuttle all confirmed. One can only "shop around" so long! Best of luck with all your arrangements, and especially your cruise!
  9. Many FL hotels have free (or $2 per room) shuttles from airport to hotel, and many offer paid ($7 or so per person) shuttles to the port. Some of the search engines for hotels allow you to enter shuttle as one of the categories, as well as ranking by price, if that is important. We always used shuttles both ways, for the convenience, as well as knowing we'll get to the right place.
  10. We've had connecting cabins several times, and rarely heard anything. If we're concerned, we hang a couple of garments on the door; the soft fabrics act as a buffer.
  11. We love TAs, but we know that we love sea days, so in our case, that is an attraction. Have you done any other cruises? Are you familiar with some of the different cruiselines? There can be a different vibe from one to another. We personally prefer to sail east, which happens in the spring. Getting to a Florida port the day before the cruise is much less stressful, IMO, than getting to Rome/Barcelona/Genoa a day or more before sailing. Since there will likely be one-way flights involved, look into using the cruiseline's air partner. Fares are usually greatly discounted, and they use many different airlines. Assuming that you are considering US-Mediterranean (or reverse), review lots of offerings, and see which Med ports have more appeal for you.
  12. Yes, that is the Days Inn we will be using. I'm glad you got it all worked out. Short notice can be tough! Have a great trip.
  13. We will be flying into FLL, staying at Days Inn at Hollywood. That hotel will pick us up at the airport; free shuttle. On cruise day we are booked with SAS for trip to Port of Miami. As well as using the SAS (or other shuttle service) website for a hotel search, some sites such as Expedia allow you to use "airport shuttle" or similar to narrow the search.
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