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  1. Our first MSC cruise was in 2002. The buffet at breakfast and lunch consisted of two items each. We didn't learn until well into the 12 days that we should have gone to the dining room. There was no self-serve coffee other than at mealtime. So the current offerings are far superior. We had robes in our cabin in 2019. Maybe a Black Card amenity?
  2. Erin was always such an inspiration to me, for how to look festive and glamorous on a cruise. Tyra, not so much.
  3. Our experience (early 2020) was that we could not check luggage through, inside the terminal, until our flight was within 3(?) hours away. So hundreds of people sit on the floor with lots of luggage, waiting. Outside, after standing in the long line, one can check luggage at any time, but attendant holds out his hand while saying what good care he will be giving us.
  4. I quite dislike packing and unpacking. One of the things that has made it easier, on both ends, is leaving many things (jackets, dresses, trousers, shorts) on their wooden hangers. They're hanging when they're ready to pack, they stay on the hangers in the luggage, and they are ready to just hang up when we get to the cabin. Same with coming home. I use clear bags for socks, undies, jersey tops, etc. They stay in those bags on the ship. Things we rarely use remain in an open suitcase under the bed.
  5. The age, size, and style (full promenade deck!) of Armonia are what is appealing to us; much more so than Divina or Meraviglia. We are very disappointed to have lost our hopes for our December and January cruises on her.
  6. Re macarons: We sailed Bella, not YC. We frequently went to the buffet at lunchtime. There were piles and piles of macarons, many different colors, every day. I think they were there in the evening, too.
  7. lissie, That's an excellent point. Especially on Cunard, where many people book with the anticipation of dancing, it would be extremely disappointing to find closed doors. There are some posts elsewhere about charters and partial charters disrupting the expected cruise experience. I looked at the site of that company; it now seems less enticing to me, for some reason.
  8. Welcome to Cruise Critic, swansea-lad! You might benefit from also posting on the "UK cruisers" section of CC. Also, if you are familiar with any of the cruise lines sailing out of Southampton, read through some posts of those forums, too (P&O, Fred.Olsen, and others), and ask questions there. I hope we will help you find the perfect cruise!
  9. q, We are having similar frustrating issues with some non-cruise services, too. And getting nowhere.
  10. I would love to know more about that! I still have my dresses and shoes from the Hangar Dances and the big band dances at our local ballroom, neither of which exist now. Great dance music.
  11. I think the "preferred" above pertains to being able to choose early or late. The exact time will be assigned. If it is not a good time for you, you can go to the dining room upon boarding and request a different time. According to the "experiences" charts, anytime dining only comes with Aurea (and Yacht Club).
  12. Nunagoras, I always learn something worthwhile from your posts, and I always enjoy your writing style.
  13. As I understand it, Fantastica (and Bella) come with set dining times: early or late seating. The exact time would be assigned. To have anytime dining, one must be booked in Aurea.
  14. We have always had to send our carryons through the xray. So they have to fit those dimensions.
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