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  1. I tend to feel the cold, and was happy that I packed as much as I did, for Alaska. Sometimes I wore a number of layers: silk turtleneck, wool sweater, short down jacket, slightly longer lined rain jacket. Gloves and ski headband came in handy a few times. Even though I hate being cold, (and I did spend many hours standing out on deck) I tend to think a heated jacket is being "too well prepared".
  2. I can't offer any suggestions myself, but I see there is a section on Family Cruising, under Special Interest Cruising, here on CC, that might have some good ideas/people to exchange thoughts with.
  3. That November 4-nighter (or part of a longer cruise) with 36 hours at Ocean Cay is a dream come true! Now I have to look up other dates that do that.
  4. Re carrying a purse around the ship: I always chuckle when I see a woman on the dance floor, with a large purse on her shoulder. Maybe she does need to carry enough things to need a big one, but why not just leave it on the chair or cocktail table she had when she got up to dance? As far as I know, purse snatchers don't practice their craft on cruise ships.
  5. Do any of you have photos from those days? I would love to see them.
  6. Well, now this won't happen on the Bubble tours because no one is allowed to go off on their own. And probably no shopping stops.
  7. We opted for FCC (at 125% of value) when our MSC cruises were cancelled. I believe we have several years to use them; if not used, they will be refunded (at 100%). Not knowing which line OP was booked with, it's hard to advise.
  8. I was just about to say the same thing as neverbeenhere. Or at least have one. We have not made any phone calls; no credit card disputes; no letters. Just patience. Much less nerve-wracking or annoying. You mentioned both refund and future cruise credit. Which do you expect? When your cruise was cancelled, were you given the option to choose? If credit, most likely you will have up to several years to use it (unlike some airlines, which have only given us a few months).
  9. Yes. I would have to say we are the opposite to you. We cruise to be at sea. Especially in the Caribbean, ports don't matter. Many times we don't even get off the ship. Have you read about the MSC cruises in Europe? They have quite a variety of excursions, and they are very inexpensive. There are bus tours with distancing and stops, walking tours, bike tours, e-bike tours. They appear to be very well thought out, and passenger comments have been positive.
  10. When we fly in the day before a cruise, we wait til we are in our hotel and then buy the toiletries that are not only heavy, but possibly leaky, as well, such as mouthwash and sunscreen.
  11. If social distancing is still in effect when you sail, everyone will probably only be seated with their own cabinmates anyway.
  12. Miraflores, Thank you for your posts. And I do appreciate what you and your colleagues do on a normal cruise, even though you are typically invisible. Here's why. I've been a group fitness instructor for 30 years. I'm quite confident in my ability to provide good classes. But when I have a bad dream, it's always about something going wrong with the sound system or other facilities, just as I am about to teach. And then, when classes were abruptly stopped in March, the only instructors who could teach in the Summer and Fall terms were those who were competent with Zoom. I am not. I've done the training, I bought a new laptop, I set up an account. And it just does not work for me. Wish you were here! On Grandeur several years ago, I attended a guest teacher's Tai Chi classes. He used a mic, but had an appropriately calm voice. One day, partway through the class, his voice was suddenly interrupted by loud voices that seemed to be from the soundtrack of a porn movie. A tech person instantly appeared, cut off that transmission, and got our teacher back on the right track. Maybe there was crew matinee on a nearby freighter; we'll never know, I guess. Saved by the AV guy!
  13. Well, did anyone else watch? Was anyone else disappointed? I was not impressed with the outfits, the makeup, the new hair colors, the choreography, or the dancing. I miss Tom and Erin; they were always so warm and supportive of all the contestants. I understand it's really tough dancing to no audience. I understand the pros have not been able to train together for six months. But it was just a letdown to me. Can someone put a positive spin on it for me?
  14. Almost every time we've cruised to a port with beaches, the ship's newsletter states that NO sand, shells, vegetation, etc. may be brought back aboard.
  15. Were they sitting with their spouses? Wouldn't that be allowed/expected?
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