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  1. There is a free park circle bus at Bar Harbor; I believe it is called Island Explorer. And the town itself is right there where you arrive. Where you say NS, I assume you mean Halifax? There are good things you can do there within walking distance of the ship: the boardwalk, Maritime Museum, Citadel. I agree that reading the Ports (Canada/New England) board is a good idea. I do not necessarily agree about a cost difference between cruise excursions and private ones. Virtually all the ones I've looked at over the years were within a couple of dollars difference, at the most. But at least, reading about the excursions offered for your cruise can give you an idea of what each port features.
  2. What is mpm? I am familiar with bpm, for dance exercise, typically 128-140+.
  3. The SAS website lists all the hotels they service. We have not done that yet, but I found it quite helpful in narrowing down our hotel choices.
  4. Absolutely! We do it all the time. We also fill up in the buffet, but pouring from a glass there rather than directly from the dispenser, for hygiene reasons. Some who like their water especially cold recommend filling your water bottle with the ice from your ice bucket.
  5. Re communicating with family members on board: Other posts have indicated that this doesn't work very well, due to the metal structure of the ship. We just use the cabin phone, with answering machine if needed, and post-it notes in the cabin. Mainly, if we're going to be in different places for a while, we just agree to meet at a place and time.
  6. If it were me, I would absolutely hate not knowing as far ahead as possible. Half the joy is the pre-planning/fantasizing/reading my roll call. But I guess some people like surprises.
  7. I'm curious what people are telling you could go wrong. Curious minds want to know! We've been on 45 cruises; virtually nothing has ever gone wrong.
  8. Our TA's website still shows all dates available. August 12 says "sold out", but lists cabins in all categories. ??
  9. Not buffet, but the fancy Brunch Extravaganza. I saw a man whose plate contained a lot of assorted food, topped with a gooey cinnamon bun, which he then topped with crab legs. It kind of put me off ever attending one again.
  10. Would a hot water bottle help? Easy to pack.
  11. reedprincess, does that repeat with the alternating itineraries?
  12. We always use the hotel shuttle, both from the airport, and then to the port. We sign up for the time we want when we check in. We 've never had any problems with crowded or slow shuttles. Just nice and convenient.
  13. I second the idea that the chance of seasickness is way overdone. When we started cruising, no one even mentioned it or thought about it. 40+ cruises, including in some exceedingly rough seas, we never took anything, and never got seasick. No obvious gaps in the dining rooms to indicate that some passengers were skipping a meal. It makes me wonder how many people take meds time after time and never find out that they wouldn't have needed them. Feeling sick after the cruise?? That's a new one to me. I think I'm glad, again, that I don't read fb.
  14. We use the compression bags that you just press on after filling (like a sandwich bag, but big). No machine required. DH sits on them, I complete the Zip, done.
  15. I just keep the clear plastic bags that sets of bedsheets come in. I put all my jerseys in one, undies in one, etc. Nice square piece in the suitcase; when I unpack on the ship I just put each one in a drawer or shelf. Not useful for large garments. Many of those just get left on their hangers, and then hung as soon as we unpack.
  16. That's because balconies didn't exist then!
  17. OV, as low to the sea as possible. We love sitting in the window and seeing the ocean right there.
  18. NB, I'm so glad to know that Elysium is being performed. It is our all-time favorite cruise ship show.
  19. I intend to wear a long-sleeve rashguard on beach days from now on. On our most recent private island day, I saw many others, both passengers and crew, wearing them. At least my back and arms will be protected. I saw a mention of a brush-on powder sunscreen, Paula's Choice, and I see that another one is noted above. Has anyone tried these? Do they give good coverage? Decent appearance when applied?
  20. In St. Maarten you can walk or water taxi to the beach and town, without doing an excursion. It's about a 20-minute walk; it and the port are on the Dutch side of the island. You can see it from the ship, and you can see the ship from the beach and town. Very pleasant.
  21. OP, thanks for starting this! Great antidote to the Miserable Tablemates one. We've had excellent tablemates on virtually all of our 44 cruises. We chuckle over the fact that on one cruise, if we had been given bios of the other couple in advance (like college roommate info), we would have said No Way. So many strikes against them, nothing in common. And yet they turned out to be ideal company, night after night. We would happily share a table with them again any time.
  22. We are in the group that prefers oceanview over balconies. When we have an inside (and sometimes when we have an OV) we do as stated above, and leave the tv on overnight, on the bowcam channel, with the sound muted. It's like another window.
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