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  1. If it were me, I would be packing several lightweight jersey dresses, plus linen and/or jersey pants that I can pair with nice tops. Husband would have non-wrinkle lightweight trousers and several dress shirts. He wears a sportcoat on the plane. Have you tried doing a mock packing on the bathroom scale? We pack quite heavy, compared to some, yet our suitcases never go much over 40 lbs. (However, we don't take laptops, big cameras, selfie sticks, kettles, mattress pads, wine, hairdryer/curler/straightener, so maybe we are an anomaly!) You might be pleasantly surprised.
  2. That's what I like about it! "Invigorating!" I prefer it over the heat of the Caribbean any day.
  3. Does seeing the extravagant fashions at the Met Gala, the Red Carpets, etc., ever make you want to bump up your formal/chic/gala night attire a bit? It does for me. Next week's cruise will have my sequin dress a la Taylor Swift's romper (mine is a regular-length dress), and a gown with feather trim. (No, no long train, and no multiple layers to be removed one at a time!)
  4. If there are no pitchers at the buffet, just pour a glass or more of the water put out for passengers. For hygiene reasons, we are asked not to use the nozzle water dispensers. I believe you can also get glasses of ice water at any bar, and of course, ice and water in the cabin.
  5. On Veendam a year ago, we were unable to dock in Montreal due to high water, but did dock some distance downstream. (Industrial port for Montreal?) We had booked HAL airport shuttle, and those buses came to our location. As I recall, there were no taxis in evidence, though. I believe HAL provided transfers to the intended dock for those who had HAL hotel bookings.
  6. We always make our dining room request when we book, and it is always honored (traditional dining).
  7. In San Juan, you can see your ship from just about anywhere in the town, and you can see the forts from the ship. It would be virtually impossible to get lost in respect of getting from one to the other. In St. Maarten, you can see the town and town beach from the ship. In Labadee (Haiti), you can see virtually the whole property from the ship, and you can see the ship from the property.
  8. There is also the free bus that does circuits all around the island. No tickets or bookings needed, just show up at the Village Green. (No lobster lunch included, though!)
  9. Never have and never will. We are extremely frugal, but going after price drops just seems so tacky. I book when I am satisfied with the price, and then never look it up again.
  10. This morning's news mentions that an unnamed ship has been quarantined (no one allowed off the ship) in St. Lucia due to an individual with measles. Anyone know anything more?
  11. We have exchanged dollars for euros at Guest Services several times.
  12. There is a Pink Bus (HOHO) in St. John which goes to many places of interest in the area. And, just to add to the discussion, we would choose St. John over Bar Harbor any day.
  13. Where are you thinking of cruising from? Florida? Northern port?
  14. Or maybe you will. Keep searching. One of our favored 17th St. chain hotels is $99 on one date and $399 another. It really depends. And another budget factor to consider, besides transportation, is meals. 17th Street has lots of options, from McDonalds and up, whereas a more distant hotel might only have its own overpriced bar/restaurant. Sometimes when I do a search I rank by price for the date I want; that gives me a starting point.
  15. When we were there a few years ago, we went to a beach about one block from the pier. Rocks and sand beach, and coral and sand under the water. Small, but pleasant and easy. Exit ship, turn right, you are there.
  16. We never stayed on our balcony; spent every day on the open top decks. So cabin location did not matter at all.
  17. OV is our favorite. Close to Centrum, dining room, theater.
  18. No, drop off luggage, then park, then walk into the terminal. $15 a day is correct, cash or credit card. Everything is close, and there are attendants to direct you to each step. Parking is open-air. I've never had a concern about security. No one can enter the port without cruise tickets or a job there.
  19. There is parking right at the ship and terminal. $15 a day, cash or credit card. It is open air, not garage, secure, and well taken care of. (We've seen snow removal done just before arrival; probably won't affect your cruise.) The entire process is easy; attendants at every spot to direct you to luggage tags (if needed), luggage dropoff, parking. Enjoy your Grandeur cruise; we always do.
  20. I agree, peace of mind when it is important. We've used the X transfer three times. It gives us priority disembarkation, and we know we will be taken to the correct terminal.
  21. A friend recommended a waterfront walk, going south from the port rather than towards the sandbar. How is it? I don't see anything on the maps. We've done some walking in the other direction, around the town, and have taken a bus all over the island. Looking for another option.
  22. I do as much as I can before my cruise: good haircut, good treatment. Then on board I just accept that things will be different. I take my own shampoo, but that's it. Ponytail during the day due to wind; often at night as well. Ship hairdryer works well enough.
  23. As another option, your FL hotel might have its own shuttle. Not as glamorous as a limo, but easy, and as others have said, it is a very short ride.
  24. Posting this on the HAL boards could be helpful. There might be a roll call for it, too. We did the northbound last year on Veendam, and really enjoyed it. Will you be on Veendam, October 12? That's the only one I see, and it does not show any NY stop.
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