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  1. I just find it interesting that Carnival has managed to keep all their Fantasy class ships with the Fantasy being close to 30 years old now. They are investing in them adding new food venues and those hideous balconies. They seem to be able to make the numbers work. Wonder why Royal can't with the Vision class?
  2. I recall that NCL spent as much for the flawed Epic as the Oasis. The cost was increased when NCL had to pay a fee to the shipyard to cancel a sister to Epic. A smart move in the long run I believe. NCL's elimination of traditional dining has made NCL not even an option for us in over 15 years.
  3. Sorry, but I don’t know your background. How do you know TA’s are getting commission in regards to accepted Royal Up offers? The offers are being sent directly to the passengers and bypassing the TA’s. How would a TA even know an upgrade was offered let alone the acceptance by the passenger to pay a higher fare?
  4. I stand corrected. No excuse for TA’s to opt out of the Royal Up program.
  5. I have a gut feeling that Royal did not get feedback or buy in from their TA partners about Royal Up which is administered by a third party. Not surprised that some of their TA partners are raising the red flag and pushing back on this Royal Up program. Royal Up creates the environment where passengers book lower categories and hoping to bid more later on for a more desirable category. Apparently the TA’s are not benefiting commission wise from bids that are accepted at a higher fare via Royal Up. Seems like Royal created this monster and TA’s are fighting back.
  6. I wouldn't think it is a weekly sale as the cruise is too far out. I assume it is non-refundable as I paid $200 to switch from Empress to Rhapsody. No desire to suffer through the repetitive brunches on Empress again. I did click on something that said deal and that lowered the price online, but I would think it still would be honored for an existing reservation before final payment. Anyway, just sticking to my inside. Outside not worth what Royal wants over the phone.
  7. Tried to pay for an upgrade from inside to outside. Did a mock booking and got a price before I called Royal. First agent made change and all was good. She read off total and it was higher than online price. Not so good... She transferred me to resolutions and was on phone for 30 minutes. Reservations told me the price I saw online was for new reservations only. I am before final payment on our Rhapsody cruise In January. I thought I am entitled to the lowest price before final payment. I said I need to be switched back to my inside if the online price for the outside can’t be honored. Finally got it switched back to the inside. Have paid to upgrade many times before final payment in the past without complications. What is the deal now with Royal making you jump through hoops to pay extra and upgrade at the online price?
  8. Empress is totally smoke free in the casino. Hope it expands to the rest of the fleet.
  9. Booked again on Rhapsody in January. Our third cruise in three years on her. We had a broken drawer that was never fixed after we reported it on our last cruise. Posters are very faded in the hallways. Still love her though. Food was great along with the crew. Glad Royal still has a variety of ships in their fleet. A 22 year old ship is not that old. Just off Empress that is almost 30 years old for a second time and she is still a beauty.
  10. Surprised the Sun isn’t terminating in Tampa. Much closer to Port Canaveral than New Orleans. Breakaway couldn’t clear the Sunshine Skyway bridge, but no issue for the Sun.
  11. Amazing how the marketing folks and bean counters have such a disconnect when interpreting packages when purchased prior to boarding in the cruise planner.
  12. They are pretty tasty also. Had iguana stew at the old market in Curacao when visiting off the Navigator.. Little bones you have to be ready to deal with though. I asked the pleasant owner if they were farm raised. He said no. They are all over the place, we just grab 'em and cook 'em!
  13. Looking forward to another option out of Tampa. Have not been on Celebrity since 2002 on Zenith out of Tampa. Getting a little tired of Rhapsody on Royal. NCL and Carnival options out of Tampa are ones I won't even consider. NCL lost me years ago when they got rid of traditional dining.
  14. Hopefully the pool video screen with it's damaged pixels gets repaired along with the fuzzy projection units in the main theater.
  15. Lunch at CocoCay was also a highlight. Those chicken sandwiches were so good. Wished the same could be said about lunch onboard.
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