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  1. Limit of 50 guests to view onboard entertainment is another huge negative. Not the fault of the cruise line, but just another hurtle in getting cruises back to where follks aren't scared to book them due to restrictions where it is a better experience to stay at home than to be on a ship. No blaming the CDC here. Just seems that governments worldwide are overreacting in regards with cruising getting back to normal.
  2. https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/25008-royal-caribbean-makes-key-onboard-changes-on-quantum-due-to-singapore-warning.html All restaurants are closed and guests will get room service options or "grab and go" from select restaurants aboard. Limitations in dining where you can only eat inside your cabin or grabbing a premade sandwich seems pretty depressing to me. Might as well stay at home.
  3. I like the experience sailing out of Tampa and Port Canaveral more than Miami and Port Everglades. Port workers seem to be down to earth at these ports and don't treat you as a number. Luckily, we have 6 cruise ports here in Florida where you have a choice.
  4. Why the Villages has the one of the highest recorded instances of sexually transmitted diseases in the State of FL.
  5. Never been to a bar with lots of people dancing and packed with people before Covid in FL. That would of been a turnoff to me every day of the week.
  6. FDR played the cancel culture game in threatening to pull out out of Florida ports and DeSantis is calling him out on it now. I agree NCL needs Florida based ports more than we need to make FDR happy.
  7. Shame that NCL’s new $239 million terminal in Miami will go to waste…
  8. I thought from the beginning that FDR calling out Florida’s governor was a bad business move. Not surprised at what is transpiring now due to FDR’s recent negative comments regarding DeSantis.
  9. https://www.wesh.com/article/desantis-norwegian-cruise-line/36420109# "Norwegian's not one of the big ones, by the way. Cruise lines have been operating in other parts of the world where there's no access to vaccine,” DeSantis said. "These cruise lines are ready to go: Royal Caribbean, Carnival." The governor added: "At the same time, our state policy is our state policy. But I can tell you this, if one of the smaller ones says they somehow don't want that, that niche will get filled in Florida." FDR’s caber rattling approach not working so much….
  10. Agree home rule is important. Key West residents should have the final say. The Florida representatives in North Fort Myers and Bradenton where cruises have no economic impact should not be pushing to overturn the the voters in Key West.
  11. You are correct. No big ships as bill died in the Florida House. https://www.miamiherald.com/news/politics-government/state-politics/article250988874.html
  12. Getting to the ship has been quick. Like a 15 minute wait. It has taken longer when ship returns as the traffic around the terminal gets congested with so many passengers leaving close to each other. I have waited usually around 30 minutes. It is an easy walk to the lot though if you don't have much luggage. Not the fastest option and I would not do it if I had a flight to catch. We are about 45 minutes away from the pier up in Pasco County, so we have never been in a hurry. Shuttle drivers have always been so friendly to us also. Seems like a family business.
  13. Taken 3 cruises on the Rhapsody from Tampa and another on the Radiance. I used Park4Cruise last couple of sailings. A grassy lot just down from terminal 6 and paid $5.97 a day with a short 5 minute shuttle to the pier. It was $49.36 with tax on 1/4/20 for 7 nights. Hope to use them again in November if my Brilliance cruise is not cancelled.
  14. CDC is a government agency. There is no pressure on them to do anything. Folks that work there are collecting paychecks and benefits higher that the private sector. It is a waste of time to think they care about the cruise industry. Nothing will change. It is a fundamental flaw for a governmental agency such as the CDC to regulate the private sector such as cruise lines. They are are not in touch with the private sector at all.
  15. Yes. Overpaid government employees with the CDC that are isolated from private sector issues. They collect the same government paycheck no matter how many port workers and supplier jobs are lost in Florida.
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