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  1. The cruisers who will be back first are C&A members with many cruises under their belt and consequently being of older age. Newer ships with water slides, a flowrider and venues with an extra fee for a hamburger and french fries will probably be later to recover. The new reality in the cruising industry.
  2. I also tend to think the older ships with less capacity will be easier to fill and may be the first ones back. I don't see many new and younger cruisers with children flocking to the O class ships for awhile. Less crew needed for older ships is another bonus as there will be hesitation not to overhire and be locked into contracts if things don't rebound fast enough.
  3. Cruise lines are doing their best to conserve cash flow. It makes no sense to drydock ships before they are required to do so.
  4. This report says total is up to 87 now. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-03-24/holland-america-cruise-sailing-for-florida-has-87-flu-like-cases
  5. Not sure what this part means - ' In addition, the company has committed financing for all of its new ships on order.' Does this mean they are not going to cancel any of their new ship orders?
  6. My take on the airlines. Bail out the few that did not gouge their passengers with baggage fees. The remaining ones should of saved the baggage fees for a rainy day and are on their own to survive.
  7. Guess my first cruise not out of Florida is out. Booked on a 11 nighter to NE and Canada for June on Empress. Was not expecting it to happen anyway. This makes it a definite no go. https://www.citynews1130.com/2020/03/13/feds-announce-flight-restrictions-cruise-ship-ban-amid-covid-19-outbreak/
  8. True. NCL paid a large sum to cancel Epic’s sister ship at the last minute. A good call due the poor design of the Epic, but still very costly.
  9. Sounds like Maryland's officials are being much more proactive and concerned for their citizens in their state compared to our officials in Florida. Kudos to them...
  10. Unfortunately, Florida is a slave to the tourism economy. Low paying jobs for those who work in the tourism industry, but a tax bonanza for the state. Not surprised that Disneyland has been prudent and is closing soon, but Disney World continues to operate like nothing negative is occurring outside the 'magic' of their overpriced compound in Orlando.
  11. Disney World basically has our Florida officials in their back pocket. This is why it is business as usual with no warnings or temporary enforcement actions such as limiting crowd sizes. Sadly, our state officials won't bite the hand that feeds them even in the interest of public safety . Why you always need to follow the money trail....
  12. To the OP... Does the TA company start with an C and ends in a N? I am on the hook for $100 per person if I cancel with them.
  13. The best detailed article I have seen so far regarding this. https://www.washingtonpost.com/business/2020/03/12/norwegian-cruise-line-managers-urged-salespeople-spread-falsehoods-about-coronavirus/
  14. Apollo Management got out of NCLH smelling like rose a little over a year ago. Private equity companies love saddling distressed companies with debt and bailing soon after with quick profits.
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