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  1. More sympathy here for the mom & pop stores that don't participate in the 'preferred' game with kickbacks to the cruise lines. I rather patronize businesses who don't share their revenue with cruise lines that feel the need to get a cut of everything their passengers spend.
  2. Healthy sail recommendation #66 below is going to be tough on Empress. It currently have quad cabins for crew. You are talking about a huge increase in converting passenger cabins to accommodate crew if the single occupancy crew cabin recommendation is enacted. 66 - Crew should be placed in single-occupancy crew cabins whenever possible to minimize extended periods of close contact with other crew members.
  3. CLIA should be the one expressing any dissatisfaction with the CDC. Some CEO's who are just taking upon themselves to release their personal displeasure are not accomplishing much. Cruise lines need to work together. A powerful impact is only accomplished if the major cruise lines unite and have a common message and common safety guidelines they agree upon. No need for CLIA to exist anymore if the major cruise lines who are CLIA members have their own 'experts' and CEO's that feel the need to be more dramatic and outspoken than others.
  4. The major cruise lines should be on the same page. CLIA should be the one in charge of submitting a unified safety plan to the CDC. The splintered safety initiatives from their members is eroding any confidence that the industry is working together to get cruising back to a safer place. CLIA should be taking a lead role. Cruise lines should be using CLIA to be the unified voice for them, but it is not happening. It is like the 'wild west' now where some cruise lines think they have the better formula for safety.
  5. Remember Knut saying the hull of the SS Norway was good for 100 years. He almost lived as long.
  6. Sad news. A true legend in the cruise industry. Those of us who loved the SS Norway will be forever grateful for his bold move to convert her from an ocean liner to cruise ship. https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/23526-in-memory-of-industry-founder-and-visionary-knut-kloster.html
  7. MSC's CEO Rick Sasso's comment below from the linked article is so outrageous. I personally have not felt any wind on lower decks without balcony cabins. Desperation is setting in Almost as bad as NCL's marketing telling guests that the virus can't live in warmer climates at the beginning of the year. Hello? “A cruise is a hotel in the middle of the ocean that the doors and windows open all the time, and we have an incredible amount of wind coming in and out making it a safer place,” said Sosa. http://www.virginislandsdailynews.com/ap/commissioners-and-cruise-execs-urge-cdc-to-let-cruising-resume/article_148aaca8-a07b-5b89-8f21-ab40c55ec195.html
  8. Thank you for the compliment. I like reading opinions expressed here even though I may disagree with them. Everyone is different and it is a waste of time for me to rudely force my opinion on others. My tolerance has changed over the months also. I was against going to amusement parks at first. I watched YouTube videos showing Disney World crowd sizes, the modifications done to many of the queue lines and the spacing distance between guests on rides. It helped give me the confidence to go there for 2 days and spend 1 night onsite the first part of August. Hand sanitizer at the exit and entrance to every ride helped me feel better once I was in the park. I know many would disagree that I should of gone to Disney. I am still not ready to for a cruise yet. I cancelled my mid November cruise on Celebrity. I just need the ships to sail a few months before I get on one. Tolerance level is unique to each of us during these times.
  9. Good point. I can't shake the stigma of cruise ships being associated with the virus it seems. It would still help put a positive perspective of things were it to happen.
  10. Dock a ship in South Florida. Get the CEOs that are so against the CDC and hold a news conference onboard to prove it is ok to get on a ship again. Enclosed area also. No open deck stuff. Doubt any of them would do it. Easy to spout their agenda on a video conference call from the safe surroundings of their homes.
  11. Cruise Travel magazine used to publish ship itineraries on a regular basis. Unfortunately, they just went out of business. My last issue was March/April. They have an archive, but you have to pay to get access.
  12. Good to know! In -stock when I just checked online at my favorite liquor store down the road. It is listed as Aquavit. Will pick some up on my next visit. Skal!
  13. Viking helmet filled with something I don't recall and would down the shot when the Captain did after a speech in the MDR. Ringnes beer it was!
  14. There were actually three Sunwards. Sunward, Sunward II, and Sunward. The Sunward you sailed was the original built in 1966 and sailed with NCL until 1972. It was scrapped in 2004. Confusing I know.... This old post might help clarify.
  15. Fred Olsen announced Friday that Boudicca former Royal Viking Sky/NCL Sunward and Black Watch former Royal Viking Star/NCL Westward are going to be retired. Sunward with NCL was my first cruise. I can only think back with fondness when NCL was owned by Knut Kloster and the ships actually had a Norwegian influence. It is just in name only now. No more Viking nights in the MDR or Norwegian beer available onboard. These ships are almost 50 years old now and will outlast most of the newer builds today. I am glad I was able to sail one of these ships in the 90's along with the SS France/Norway who Knut Kloster saved and preserved.
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