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  1. If you are planning to put in checked luggage, possibly buy a wine container that will protect your clothes from the bottles breaking. That would be a mess. If you aren't going solo, could someone else in your group use a backpack to carry-on??
  2. If they are too wide to fit, just open them up and try to fit that way.
  3. Good question for a newbie. Please don't be offended by the smarta$$ responses.
  4. TY everyone for the responses. I don't use the Casino, but think I'll just wait until the last couple of days to switch to my credit card. Appreciate it. 😉
  5. Twankster, I'm sure you've thought about this but you have a real gift/talent. Ever thought about doing a "coffee table book" of some of your photos, mb of the Caribbean?? I'd buy it....
  6. Got it. I was trying to avoid a last night visit to guest services. That's why I wanted to switch at boarding. TY
  7. I've been on three RCI cruises and have always set up my on board account with the credit card I intended to pay with when I do my 90 day pre-registration. With security issues seeming to continue to rise, I am considering pre-registering as a cash account then switching to a credit card when boarding. Does anyone have any advice on whether this is a good or bad idea??? TY!!
  8. The Bounty Adventures is currently incorrectly showing a Luncheon, Sail and Snorkel available Tu-F. It actually is available Tu, W and Friday only. They do provide transfers to/from the Megapier for $9. Incredible catamaran (best I've seen!), awesome reefs,,,, bad webpage, lolol. p.s.: They are in the process of updating their website.
  9. The fishy site is evidently a dead site for some users. Look for others....
  10. There are websites that will watch a given cruise/category for you and notify you by email if the price falls below a specific price, all for a minimal ($1) fee. Look for a fishy site.
  11. I'd like some current feedback on this excursion tour. Also, I'd really appreciate knowing if they provide transportation to/from the cruise ship to their pier. Any information about cab/bus availability would be appreciated. Thank you.
  12. This looks amazing. Their site shows $150 for a 6 hr, 2 snorkel reef excursion incl lunch. Their cat looks like new too. The price is a little high but for a 6 hr tour and *****, I'm booking them on my next Roatan cruise. TY jungle1...
  13. There sites on the net that will track your cruise for a minimal fee ($1) and email you when the price drops below your designated level. I've used them successfully on several trips. Look for the fishy site.
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