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  1. Then how do you use Luggage Valet? Can you give your luggage to your room steward ?
  2. Are you suggesting that RCCL should award collar or shoulder board insignia for their P's and Suite guests??
  3. Think Bill Murray in Caddyshack....
  4. I had a 9N cruise last Dec to ABC Islands. Upon boarding, I got hassled with a purely administrative problem that should never of happened. I escalated it on board to the hotel director. Soon after the cruise, I got a $129 FCC and an apology. I was happily surprised. 😎
  5. Best $25 you'll spend on a cruise...
  6. Also consider a Klymit V inflatable sleeping pad. They are easily rolled up and put back in your luggage. Weighs 26 ozs.
  7. I believe her name is Laura. I don't have her direct email, but I think you can direction questions/issues to community@cruisecritic.com. I hope that works out for you.
  8. Since you're taking the later flight, you might consider Luggage Valet if Mariner offers it. It's the best $30/pp you'll spend on your cruise...
  9. When I ordered my own snorkel equipment (mask, snorkel, fins) several years ago a very nice backpack was included. I leave my fins at home but add my full face mask and a towel. They are three pockets that I use for various items, and I take a large zip lock to keep my seapass, camera, wallet with cash and debit card and a copy of my passport. I usually put it under the seating as long as its dry there while I'm in the water. Normally, one or two crew members stay on the boat/cat incl. the captain. They'll keep an eye out but all guests should be in the water.
  10. Truluck's, 777 Brickell Avenue. I've eaten there once and am going back. You can check out their website for more info. It's definately pricey.
  11. Can this be combined with a BOGO50 discount??
  12. I called in today for a $45 price reduction and an additional $25 OBC. This will pay for one of my snorkeling excursions .I always review the new Cruise Receipt while I'm on the phone with the CSR. I've done this several times and CSR never mentions a re-booking only a price reduction...
  13. Very doable, especially with YT help. Or find something to "motivate" DH. This is very easy stuff. ☺️
  14. If you highlight all of your datapoints after you've added new ones (rows) in Excel, click on the chart. Then you can drag down the bottom border line and it will add the new data to your chart. I hope!! lolol.
  15. Open Excel spreadsheet and set up three columns as shown below: Spreadsheet Name Row 1 Date RCI Price My Price 1/28/19 $1,435 $1,435 4/1/19 $2,000 $1,435 2. Highlight the Columns A-C and Rows 2-4. 3. Hold ALT and F1 at same time. Move the chart as needed. 4. Click on chart. Click on date axis (horizontal). 5. Upper left click on Format Selection. 6. Format Axis will appear on right side. Change from Automatically Select to text Axis. 7. Click back on chart. Across top click on Design. Click on Change chart type on top right. 8. On All Charts tab click on Line. 9. Double Click on Line. Click on Paint bucket under Series options. Click on Marker. Choose option for Solid point at data change if desired. Repeat for other line. 10. That’s where my knowledge ends I’m afraid. Maybe ADPMOM can advise of how to add datapoints without redoing the chart. At least this will get you started.
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