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  1. I've used it several times from POM to MIA. Delta, UA or AA. Depart after 11:30am. My most recent was Dec 2019.
  2. At my hotel for breakfast. Peoplejammer is bad choice in boarding day, IMHO.
  3. Now that Pam has retired I'll have to give C&J's a try. Maybe I need to take Pam and my nephew with me ...
  4. I loved the eggs benny and bacon with OJ on FOTS.....
  5. Debbie, I think this answers ur ?: On 1/22/2020 at 5:37 AM, chengkp75 said: I don't deal with US construction or OSHA codes, so I'm not sure of the exact requirements either, but the ships do not have to meet any US code. The ships must meet SOLAS requirements, which are similar to what you mention, but here is what is in the US Code (the US law that enables the SOLAS requirements): https://www.law.cornell.edu/cfr/text/46/116.900 This is the only standard that the ship needs to meet, not any other "industry standard" that the lawyer claims would apply.
  6. I always enjoyed an annual Christmas trip to The Precinct for one of the best steak dinners I’ve ever had with my two children. Pam would always be our server of course and at the end of dinner Jeff Ruby would come by our table to say hello. He was always kind enough to provide a comped dessert to end the meal. You’re right in your assessment. One of the best restaurants anywhere.
  7. They are called Kimmelwich roast reef sandwiches. Not sure if on FOTS.
  8. I don’t think so. My sister, Pam Stewart, was the waiter captain at The Precinct in Cincinnati for years. A very classy place that expects classy dress.
  9. I truly accidentally walked into the MDR on Explorer in December on the first formal night, without knowing that it was such. I was stopped at the door by a nice woman who asked if I would mind going back up to my room to change out of my nice dressy shorts and a dressy shirt. I told her I would mind, and that I didn’t see it was designated as formal night in the Cruise Compass and proceeded to my table. I sat down and told my waiter about it, and he said he would get back with the people that stopped me because I was dressed just fine for formal night. Now please understand I had packed two sets of formal night dress for this 10 night cruise, an expected to wear such. I just didn’t see where it was designated as formal night in the Cruise Compass even though I knew the first at sea night is normally formal night. It was clearly my mistake and I will hopefully not make it again.
  10. My last three sailings have been on promenade view cabins on Freedom of the seas, Navigator the seas and then Explorer of the seas. I truly love these class of cabins because you get the benefit of interior pricing but more space than a standard interior cabin. For full disclosure, I normally sail solo. The space created by the windows seating should not be minimized. It just seems the whole setup is better than a true interior cabin. I also really enjoy being on deck six or seven because I’m quickly have access to the prom and odd or down to the dining rooms. You should investigate these class of cabins.
  11. Once underway, I enjoyed the R bar for a quiet before dinner cocktail....
  12. I bring $200 for a one week cruise and divide it between the staff that serve me. That's twice the auto grats amount.
  13. I sailed on the Explorer in December, and I had two excursions for snorkeling that were canceled by the excursion provider. Both excursions were booked through RCI. The second time I reschedule the excursion, I was assured by the excursion desk that there was sufficient interest for the excursion to take place. This was the same reason given by the original excursion provider for the cancellation. Nonetheless, the excursion provider canceled the second snorkeling excursion. I was finally able to get on a third excursion which was not a snorkeling excursion. This was a bus tour of the island and was very enjoyable. Without any further action on my part, I received an envelope in my room near the end of the cruise, with a notification that I would receive a 30% future cruise credit that had to be used within 12 months. I already have another cruise schedule so this will be of some benefit to me. I would highly recommend you contact Miami and let them know about your negative experience.
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