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  1. I never understood how just one person tested positive and as days passed and no one else did, it became more and more doubtful.
  2. But have cruise ships docked there on weekends in the past or is the Summit schedule the first to be there on Saturday and Sunday?
  3. I'm wondering (hoping) that with a cruise ship at the Dockyard on a weekend the ferry will run a few times each day. I would think cruise passengers make up a large percentage of Dockyard users. The current schedule is until mid April, which is when cruises start going there.
  4. I just don't understand the hate on HAL. Nobody onboard had the virus. Nobody reported symptoms. Everyone well. They were onboard longer than what many are saying is the incubation period and nothing presented. People were checked and every thing done as suggested by WHO and CDC. Why are they now blamed?
  5. We planned to book Summit to Bermuda in May and the 7 night cruises are gone. I don't care to cruise to American ports I can easily drive to. we hate NCL so no good choices.
  6. You're absolutely correct. Husband got the noro and the paperwork from the medical center says that hand sanitizer does not work and you need to wash hands with soap and water. So I don't understand the zeal for Purell. Friday night in the dining room when I got pager they squirted my hands and when it went off and we went back to get table they squirted again.
  7. We got off K yesterday. The code red did start Thursday morning when we were in St. Thomas. For the first time we all had to use those hand cleaners you put your hands into and then they squirted Purell on you. They also made a few announcements about a low percentage of Noro. As we were walking on the odd numbered side of deck 1 to get off, there was a mess on the floor and we had to turn around and go another way. A few crew were cleaning and sanitizing. We spent all the sea day Friday in the area above the Lido pool and I was in the pool 3 or 4 times and the whirlpool once. Husband never got in. Late afternoon we noticed the pool had ropes over it and they had moved all the pool chairs and were cleaning. I was surprised they had not done it later that night until I found out it was a deep clean. I know I was in there about 4:00 and all seemed fine. Saturday things eased up a bit and we all had a great day at Half Moon Cay. We came back on the last tender and enjoyed sailaway at the back knowing it would be our last bit of warm sunshine for a while. After we went in to shower, my husband said he did not feel well and Noro hit him hard and fast. I called the number they had announced to call and was connected to the medical center which gave him immodium and meclizine. He slept all evening. Two guys in masks, gloves, and plastic aprons came and wiped down our light switches and door handles and cleaned the bathroom. They put our towels in a large trash bag and tied it up. They were not soiled, just used to dry after showering. I was told to put our luggage out and call immediately when I did because someone different would pick up. The guy game wearing gloves. We were disembarked the next morning by an officer type person getting us from our room at 6:45 and taking us with 10-15 other cabins to BB Kings where we waited about an hour. Right next to all those lined up for self disembarkation!! I was also surprised that when we were escorted from our cabin, another couple got in our elevator. I thought they were with our sick group, but they went the other way. I was disappointed that the officer did not suggest they not share an elevator with someone quarantined. Customs came to BB Kings and checked our passports, then we were taken down to A deck and went off the ship the same way we would in a port. It was VERY disorganized there. We all waited outside in 55 degree temps for about 20 minutes while they figured how to pass out our luggage which was right there in the cages they load it onto when we drop off to board the ship. We finally got it and were on our way. It seemed like they had never done this before. I love HAL, but the whole disembarkation was poorly done. And I'm sure my husband wasn't the only one feeling miserable as we waited what seemed forever. He did not go to work today. First day missed in 6 years. That's how bad it hit him. I drove us home yesterday while he slept. We have laughed several times how I was in and out of the drained pool that day and am fine while he never got in and is sicker than a dog.
  8. Lindbergh beach is on Emerald Beach. I think it has a Best western hotel, is close to the airport, and very popular with locals. Maybe the quote you remember is Charles Lindbergh?
  9. We received the same email for our Konigsdam cruise tomorrow. The only thing other than the bag that appealed to me was the upgrade. It would be wise for HAL to elaborate on the upgrade situation in the email. When these offers come out, you need to respond quickly because if you spend a lot of time researching, they are no longer available when you call. A simple added line of upgrade within the category on there would cut down on calls to them where people find out the details and don't feel it's worth the cost to upgrade.
  10. We'll be boarding tomorrow from Chattanooga and Nashville. We'll definitely check out this area.
  11. We haven't lost power today but I have made sure our phones stay charged. We moved here from Chattanooga a few months ago. While on a HAL excursion to Dunns River Falls in Jamaica we met people from our ship who lived about 5 minutes from us. Joked we would see each other at Publix on Monday.
  12. lvz2cruz

    Quiet beach

    I do not get a chair or umbrella. I am in the water from the minute the cab drops us off till a couple minutes before we leave to dry off. Could husband get a chair and umbrella and me not? Is there a fee to just get in the water?
  13. oh my!! That's how I am about orange and some pinks. They don't make my skin look right. I see you're in Nashville--we're on the Hendersonville/Gallatin border.
  14. We're in TN and have no orange. Did not grow up here though. I HATE orange.
  15. How was that little yacht allowed to pass so close to Carnival Sunshine in the channel?
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