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  1. Karen Lynn


    Just looking at flight details ...2 nights in Quito pre cruise , whom do they use to fly you from Quito to Galapagos ? Thanks , again !
  2. Karen Lynn


    Many thanks ! I appreciate the info..
  3. Karen Lynn


    Anyone know if snacks and water are taken along on zodiac shore trips?
  4. Karen Lynn

    Constellation - the notorious Deck 9!

    SO many thanks! Pool area is above 9089 so I think 9125 might be best.. :)
  5. Karen Lynn

    Constellation - the notorious Deck 9!

    Okay - then moving to Aqua Class Deck 9!! So #9089 or #9125 :D Opinions? Motion sensitive so thinking #9125 maybe? Any downside to so close to the stairs and being next to a Handicapped cabin?
  6. Karen Lynn

    Constellation - the notorious Deck 9!

    Dalmatian coast .. in May :)
  7. Karen Lynn

    Constellation - the notorious Deck 9!

    OOPS! Aqua class
  8. Looking at Concierge Class #9084 but soooo hesitant that it will have a dark shaded balcony with the overhang ... Help?
  9. Trying to get an idea of what ones are a must do? So many are recommended .. Thanks!
  10. Karen Lynn

    Serenity #9084

    Anyone with feedback on this stateroom?Opposite the self serve laundry and elevators .... Much thanks !
  11. Karen Lynn

    Budapest or Bucharest?

    Eyeing 2 itineraries - both end with a few days in one or the other. Thoughts on what's the best? Some sailings have either as a stop ..but then we lose the overnight in Vienna.
  12. Random question .. maybe someone has some experience debating between ending in Bucharest or Budapest. Opinions on preference? thanks!
  13. Karen Lynn

    Marina - Amsterdam

    Any idea where she docks? I have the Passenger Amsterdam Terminal - Piet Heinkade 27-1019BR as on documents ...assume that's as precise as I can get?:confused:
  14. Karen Lynn

    Go Best / Go Big

    can two people in a stateroom mix two different offers ? Ones a non drinker .and I’m blanking Tks!
  15. Karen Lynn


    I’ve no idea (!) how it became T:rolleyes: I’ve tried to change, I’ll try again...