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  1. I did do that , not heard yet so booked an expedia service, no worries... thank you! Now I’m hoping there are cabs at the port to get to the hotel! I have asked the hotel that question also..
  2. At Rome AP - are they readily available or must we book ahead or go the private transfer route? Looking for AP to Hotel (Hotel Mediterraneano) and then Hotel to Ship - assuming the latter can be arranged with the hotel Thank you!!!!
  3. Are there readily available shuttles / cabs from various hotels in Barcelona to the AP or do we really need private transfers? Hotel Pulitzer Barcelona - to be specific - assuming we can grab a cab at the ship to the hotel also? My thanks!!
  4. The Regal does dock at 0600 My client, who is able bodied for sure, is travelling solo and I have recommended she do express walk off and travel lightly. Of course connecting to a world cruise segment - that might be a push! Thanks everyone for the suggestions and thoughts! This is a bit of a challenge - now I have to see what insurance will get her to the ship 'IF' she doesn't make it in HNL when she is knowingly taking a chance. Thanks!!
  5. Full disclosure. I am a TA. I’m grabbing info wherever I can and you all are an informed group here ! I have a client doing a world cruise segment next January on the Pacific .. cruise begins in LAX but she’ll be cruising the Regal ending in FLL on Jan 26 - 6 days into the sailing - so she plans to join the segment in Honolulu same day as debarking the Regal. Ideally, a 9 a.m departure would be best given connections in LAX and the ship sailing from HNL at 11:00 pm but we realize the likelihood of Princess getting her off and through immigration at FLL in time is slim so we’re aiming for an 11:00 am departure from FLL. If we get an unrestricted fare thinking perhaps if she gets to the airport early , they may allow her on the 9:00 am flight...more wiggle room. Anyone every done anything like this with success? My thanks!
  6. Lol sorry bout that... It is lovely indeed. My husband brings his clubs , ships them home to Canada before we cruise. I am really asking for our UK friends and last time they did rent ... finding it pricey for the 2 of them needing clubs - but acceptable. They just left us here in Canada after a visit , we drove to South Carolina this time around , they brought 2 sets of clubs in one bag and my husband loaned them a second bag once here. Other than paying for the one bag coming and going back , it was easy and actually they were upgraded so didn't end up paying for the bag at all. We're just thinking of next years logistics. That said, the airline has 'misplaced' the golf clubs going home sooooo ...it might be a moot point! 😉
  7. Unfortunately, that won’t work... We’ll be in Marco Island ( west coast ) then heading over to FLL for the cruise and not returning to the west coast. I will check the other suggestion out though, thank you!
  8. That’s what we do ...to Canada But others in the group are from the UK so that could add up
  9. There will be 2 sets ... with baggage not sure they’d all fit under the bed. Golfing on the west coast of Florida in a villa so can’t leave where playing unfortunately. Appreciate the reply..
  10. Spending a week in a villa pre cruise next February before hopping on a 12 night Celebrity - Silhouette sailing. Any ideas what to do with golf clubs whilst cruising? Assuming they won’t store on-board and no room in our stateroom. Anywhere around the port in FLL or around MIA A/P ( flying out of MIA home) Many thanks!
  11. Or Celebrity! Itinerary: Southampton, United Kingdom - At Sea - Bergen, Norway - Alesund, Norway - Geiranger, Norway - Flam, Norway - Stavanger, Norway - At Sea - Southampton, United Kingdom oh dear... confusing myself more
  12. I'm torn - between Holland America (7 nts) Itinerary: Amsterdam, Netherlands - At Sea - Eidfjord, Norway - Hardangerfjord, Norway - Andalsnes, Norway - Olden, Norway - Bergen, Norway - At Sea - Amsterdam, Netherland And Royal Caribbean - with Iceland (12 nts) Itinerary: Amsterdam, Netherlands - At Sea - Geiranger, Norway - Bergen, Norway - Alesund, Norway - At Sea - Reykjavik, Iceland - Reykjavik, Iceland - At Sea - Akureyri, Iceland - At Sea - Lerwick, United Kingdom - At Sea - Amsterdam, Netherlands Love to see Iceland - but which has best Fjords? Looks like HA goes into the Fjords deeper... Thoughts?
  13. Yes, I understand that.I guess I'm trying to get an idea if it's similar to the Medallion on Princess or like Magic bands at Disney. But it doesn't sound like it.. they have radio signals that connect for charging to your account onboard etc etc
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