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  1. Well no idea ... just maybe a bit more port oriented than most looking on TA For airport hotels - they’re adequate
  2. I did look at TripAdvisor - just seeing what cruisers like ...
  3. Anyone have any decent hotel suggestions at the airport in SFO and near to the Cruise Port in San Diego? Many thanks!! :)
  4. Thoughts around Cape Horn in this stateroom? Would Mid Ship be a better gamble? Thanks!
  5. Just trying to make it clear that the ship port is Civitavecchia and the train station is also Civitavecchia and not Rome. Crystal have told me about the shuttle from the ship to the port entrance..or gate Does the bus to the station take cash? Anyone know?
  6. That's a hike with baggage isn't it ?
  7. Anyone know how to get to the Civitavecchia train station with baggage from the ship? Seems taxis won’t accept the small distance.
  8. Getting from the port Civitavecchia train station I know there’s a shuttle , and then a walk of a mile approx, not ideal. I know there’s a bus , does it leave right from the port ? I’m told cabs won’t accept the short commute to the station Anything I’m missing ?
  9. Sorry, I couldn’t find my other thread ! I oddly do see it now ,Bizarre... so , arriving from Frankfurt into terminal 1 bags won’t be in that terminal? Celebrity advised passengers and baggage must meet in terminal 3
  10. Apparently we meet the Celebrity transfer in terminal 3 and we arrive in terminal 1 which I'm hearing is a 10 minute walk. Will there be baggage carts to take between terminals, anyone know? Thank you
  11. I notice when we arrive at Rome airport we are at terminal 1 and the Celebrity meeting point is at terminal 3, checked it out and it is about a 10 min walk, anyone know how accurate this is? Are there baggage carts ?
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