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  1. Hi - I booked 2 cruises thru NCL CAS and was able to get both the Caesars diamond discount of 20% + the 20% for past guest promotion. You might want to check again.
  2. We are visiting Barcelona end of September pre-cruise. I would like to pre-purchase the tickets for Sagrada Familia. I would like to purchase the guided tour with access to the tower. I'm looking at this website - https://sagradafamilia.org/en/tickets-individuals. I don't see an option for guided tour + access to the tower. Can I purchase the elevator to the tower when I get there? Also, this might be a silly question but I have seen reference to skip the line. If i purchase online do I skip the line? Thanks
  3. I'm looking at tickets on https://sagradafamilia.org/. I would like to skip the line with guided tour with audio to hear the guide plus access to take the elevators. On the website it seems if you get a guided tour you don't have an option to take the elevators too. Is it better to take the tour at 9 am? Thank you in advance for your guidance.
  4. Hi, We've sailed on Royal (3 cruises), Celebrity (2) and NCL (1). We've only been in a suite once on NCL in Haven on the Escape. We really loved the Haven experience but we've also loved all our cruises. I like the premium experience of a Haven but still looking for it at a reasonable price. I may not find this until I retire and am able to take advantage of last minute deals. I recently booked MSC Seaside for 8/29/2020. We got Royal Suite for 6824 for 2 of us + 300 obc. We'll get 5% when we sign up for their rewards pgm. Our TA told us this is a fantastic rate but I can't decide if it's worth it. I do like that if you add 2 additional people to the reservation that they get the beverage package. But price went up to almost 10K if I remember correctly. I'm considering cancelling and trying YC in deluxe room to save money. I know it's a much smaller room but you still get all the YC amenities. Would this be a mistake? I'd appreciate your feedback. Thanks
  5. We will be in Barcelona 3.5 days pre-cruise in September. Which tours with Spain Day Tours would you recommend? Thank you for your feedback.
  6. Looks wonderful! I guess important to get H9 under the salon instead of the gym. Did you mind being far from the Haven?
  7. How was the weather? I would love to go to Bermuda and thought I should wait until June for warmer weather.
  8. I'm looking at a cruise for next Dec 2020 in an H9 Haven Spa Suite on either Escape, Encore or Epic. The Escape & Encore are Western Caribbean. The Epic is Southern Caribbean. I prefer the location of H9 on Escape and Epic because it's right under the Haven. With the Encore it's in back of ship and the Haven is in front of the ship so a long walk. Also, the Spa suites are under gym. Comparing itinerary, Haven experience and the Thermal Suite which ship would you pick and why? Thanks for your feedback.
  9. Thanks for all the feedback. I'm a little disappointed because it's my daughter and son-in-law who will be travelling. I told them so much about using the lounges in the airport since they recently got an American Express Platinum card. My son-in-law is in the Marines so maybe they have a military lounge, not sure.
  10. Hi, We are flying with Jet Blue and have a 5 hour layover at JFK 5:20 am to 10:20 am. My ticket says terminal 5. When I look up all the lounges at JFK they are not in terminal 5. Can we still have access to any of the lounges? Thanks
  11. I recently got an AMEX Platinum card and one of the perks is to get OBC for cruises. For a balcony on Celebrity you can get 200 OBC. I tried to apply this for a cruise and my TA and Celebrity said this OBC perk is not combinable when having OBC from booking the cruise onboard. Can anyone confirm this is true?
  12. Hi, I got my Amex Platinum card. I had 2 future reservations with Celebrity and wanted to see if I could use my new card to pay the deposit and credit the original credit card so I could take advantage of 200 OBC for having a balcony. Surprisingly my TA said I could do this. Then she called me back and said the OBC from AMEX card is not combinable with the OBC from booking a cruise onboard. So for my 2nd cruise where I only had 150 OBC from booking onboard I could forfeit the 150 and get the 200. Is this correct that they are not combinable? Also, I bought 50 Delta gift card. I'll let you know if I get a credit. Thanks
  13. I should be receiving my card by Thursday. I was hoping to get the airline credit by purchasing 4 delta 50 e-gift cards. But I have read that this is not working any longer. Little disappointed because I don’t really think I’ll use this 200. I could use it to get my husband in the Delta lounge as a guest since we always fly out of DTW but also considered getting the 3 extra cards for 175 so my hubby and kids could get benefits especially the credit for Global Entry program. Has anyone tried the Delta gift cards this year and been successful in get the credit?
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