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  1. My guess would be that if they insured for $4,010, the premium would be higher vs $4,000, most likely. In the end, how much higher would it have been vs. being denied the claim??? 20/20 Thank you and bon voyage
  2. e2007 - was that posted here on CC or somewhere else? Maybe if Steve sees this, he can comment further on an explanation beyond the $10. bon voyage
  3. e2207 - considering the serious nature of your situation, it would be best to call Steve or someone on his staff to discuss directly. They will be able to walk you through what is available based on your requirements and needs. Good luck and bon voyage and I trust it all works out for you and your family, for cruising!!!
  4. Long+ for sure!!! There is a travel insurance policy to cover that!!! bon voyage
  5. Also, you may want to consider getting a policy which will cover you, potentially, in case there is a family emergency before and during travel. I believe there is at least one (1) of those out there. As recommended, contact a Professional (i.e. tripinsurancetore,com or call Steve's office) to guide you through a situation like this. You indicate that $260 "...is not an insignificant amount of money." please clarify if you mean that charge is too much or not an issue. Sometime ago someone in a similar situation posted here about coverage and I do believe the
  6. v - I do not think anyone is suggesting that it be a Federal project, for proof, vs just insuring everyone who chooses to cruise or enter any private business for all that matters. Business owners have the right to require proof of vaccination and not infringe on the rights of those who choose not to be vaccinated for whatever reason as those who may not want to be vaccinated or provide proof can choose to patronize a business which does not require it. Just like kids on any particular cruise ship, we can choose to go on those with lots, few or no kids aboard... In heal
  7. 👍👍👍 I wholeheartedly agree with you on this... Often times we believe, erroneously, that X should communicate with us directly on any changes or updates, when it is the TA/agency we booked through who is ultimately responsible for these communications. bon voyage
  8. raodlamp - this is definitely a situation where you will need to read the T & C's for this policy, carefully, in order to determine if it is 'legal' or not. Also, I do know that "verbal" changes to an insurance contract is not legally binding, it must be in writing from an Authorized Representative to do so from said company. i.e. no CSA. Good luck and it might happen.... or not. bon voyage
  9. Now, it is a bit clearer as to what the 'challenges' are. Most insurance companies will pay if it falls within their terms rather that be narrowly or generally. Your claim, as written, appears to not fall within their terms AND Expedia is not being of assistance (as I believe they need to be), as such you may want to consider alternative ways for booking flights and taking out insurance for travel. For travel insurance most here would recommend a broker like Steve Dasseos who is the expert that posts here and host seminars and a few others which are peppere
  10. The "premium or real luxury lines" only work if one enjoys the ship size and possible passenger demographics, too. There are times when price is the only issue even when it appears to be high, as many may want it to be. I wholeheartedly endorse looking at other lines, comparable to X or not, if pricing is an issue. bon voyage
  11. j - can I go with you? I will pay my own airfare!!! Happy Belated Birthday and I trust you will be able to celebrate aboard soon!!! bon voyage
  12. What are the specifics of the claim (i.e. injury, time frame, reason for refusal to pay, etc.). What type of policy did you purchase i.e. limits and etc.. There are specific reasons that insurance companies will not pay. I trust you are all better now with the exception of the RTPC... bon voyage
  13. Quite possibly i, quite possibly... does not hurt to try!!! bon appetit and bon voyage
  14. m - I had all different types of meals, from Indian, Asian, Middle Eastern, African and American.... dahl, stir fries, falafel, etc... of course when dining in Specialty, then the cuisine of the restaurant we were in. It depended on the Chef who was responsible for special meals and their depth of experience of various cuisines... bon appetit and bon voyage
  15. Would that be a Cobb Salad you recommend???? LOL bon appetit and bon voyage
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