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  1. j - sorry for the issues you are experiencing with X for sure, not good! Did you ask for confirmation of the refunds by email? That will be, most likely, an overriding factor other than asking that tapes be pulled of your conversation. I trust this can be resolved to your satisfaction. bon voyage
  2. c - very nice, for sure! Did you bring that Butler back home with you? LOL bon voyage
  3. He z - how is your recovery going or are you all healed by now? In health and bon voyage
  4. You should have some 'insurance coverage' through Chase Sapphire, file a claim through them first. Good luck and bon voyage
  5. p - I think crew will want to enforce the rules or request help from a supervisor or officer as their jobs will really be on the line if the cruise line shuts down again... In health and bon voyage
  6. s7 - what is the reason you are trying to make sense from no sense? LOL In health and bon voyage
  7. For me, those encounters will be very pleasant or at least for me... LOL Thanks Sheriff Pinboy from your Deputy... then again as Bob Marley sings "I shot the sheriff, But I didn't shoot no deputy, oh no! Oh!" Which means you may not be safe after all, when I get finished with the offending parties ... Bob Marley told them to do it... bon voyage
  8. Then can not our mindset be "we will not use them for this perceived lack of amenity"??? At least one carrier will bring some of it back to some degree or fully as time moves forward. bon voyage
  9. It will be the same as for cigarettes... With some possible push back from some cigarette smokers and non-smokers in the area. bon voyage
  10. I apologize - My bad.... bon voyage
  11. Not to worry, you will not miss this cruise only Lift and Shift it... That is if your schedule will permit you to do so... bon voyage
  12. We had an IV on The Edge, thinking that we would not enjoy it and enjoyed it a great deal. Yes, there were a few times when we could not open the window, but not a deal breaker for us, just a 'temporary' inconvenience. Other comments are valid for the posters, and their experience(s) for sure. For us and our group it was enjoyable. bon voyage
  13. VT was one of the BEST on researching and delivering info on The Edge... I can look back at some of the info provided coupled with what I know to be accurate and will try to answer your question about where the beds are located. For example our bed was to be by the bathroom based on the schematics but it was by the IV which makes me think that someone, at sometime mixed up either the verbal info or the schematic across the board... When I booked the same cabin for our Med sailing next year, the reservation person aboard was insistent that our bed was by the bathroom. I invited him to drop by and take a look to let me know if it was a mirage I was sleeping in or not... he laughed and said he believed me. bon voyage
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