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  1. @kwokpot do you mean that no comp'd sailings will be replaced at all? bon voyage
  2. I would suggest that a call to the originator of the 'Comp'd' sailings be contacted or X then let us know what you find out, as there may be others in the same situation. bon voyage
  3. c - I Am sure anything you would care to share here will be polite... Rather I agree with it or not. So, not to worry about that. Regardless, it does sound like you have had a 'wide exposure' to the world and now have chosen to take a step back given what is going on world-wide and not locally. Very understandable. While not knowing exact details, I would advance that it is quite possible that you and/or your companions missed the bullet with local endemics which were possibly going on in some of your travels and for that I Am happy. Because cholera, botulism, E coli, and the like can be very deadly and unless announced in advance, I would suggest that further precautions would have been taken or I would like to think so. Yet, it sounds like those of us who 'choose' to want to sail as quickly as possible are not in the same league? Or have I missed your point, specifically??? Just because you would not want to in 2020 and possibly beyond, does not mean that others do not want to. I do respect your decision on this, too, it is very understandable! At any rate, thank you for your input and bon voyage
  4. ... I believe most of us do have great travel insurance plans when purchased with the understanding of what we are purchasing and coverage's we want. Otherwise, more often than not, many choose to 'self-insure'. In health and bon voyage
  5. Then again, after a few good sips, it won't matter!!! LOL Cheers and bon voyage
  6. t - nothing that a good scotch or bourbon cannot get us through! LOL bon voyage
  7. Well, given what the OP has indicated the areas which interests them for 'SD' they did not address the use of walkers and power chairs, what about them? Does this mean no use of elevators or at minimum having to wait, possibly, 45+ minutes until one can occupy them alone or just always take the steps if one is very mobile? What does this portend for 'tender' ports? bon voyage
  8. As most of us will be and we will continue to purchase through our trusted agents, where we feel most comfortable. I do realize that some of us prefer to purchase direct and that is understandable, as I believe an agent can help navigate the situation much better, IMO during times like this. bon voyage
  9. These can be found at X's and CLIA's website as well as CDC's. In health and bon voyage
  10. hindsight, is exactly what it is, unless someone has a crystal ball and refused to disclose the current situation that is reckless, IMO! I like the idea of planning and executing plans for the future, even if some of them do not pan out. Without planning then companies and individuals can possibly be stuck in a perpetual state of fear for not knowing what the future will bring. We can only forecast and move forward and change up when things look like they are not going as planned, contingency planning is in order. bon voyage
  11. I, for one, Am committed to cruising! I also understand the 'increased' risks (as there were risks before the current situation) and can accept them with my ability to mitigate as many of them as I can before, during and after a sailing. There were many passengers who boarded ships ill, sailed ill, passed on respiratory diseases and left ill along with many of those they infected and did not realize it, until returning home. bon voyage
  12. c - some of us have a higher tolerance for risk and adventure than others, to be sure and evidenced by a few posters here. I completely understand the fear factor which abounds us at this time and respect it. In health and bon voyage
  13. I understand as I Am beginning to look like a wolf-man! LOL bon voyage
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