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  1. Yes, isn't that a bummer when you really got to go... bon voyage
  2. It is generally known (and has been discussed) around these parts, that X releases funds in portions (dribbles and drabs), pending on what was paid with them and how the passenger paid. Very, very, very, very rarely in one lump payment. Very happy you have been made whole, regardless... bon voyage
  3. d - thank you very much.... bon voyage
  4. g - thank you very much... bon voyage
  5. d - no need to apologize about your post, sometimes it is legitimate and needed... Many of us understand and accept it as such. Yes, most of us need a cruise... LOL bon voyage
  6. Happy Canada Day/Fête du Canada, to our Canadian members.... bon voyage
  7. j - LOL, I cannot imagine the reason to leave the discussion! You mean to say that they are not 'licensed' in their respective fields to discuss??? Oh yes, we have a few of those types here on CC, too... bon voyage
  8. You are quite correct, it would be delegated to Compliant Staff.... bon voyage
  9. LOL, who could blame her... bon voyage
  10. I think it was because you are such a nice passenger, they thought let us really reward someone who has not hassled us with something petty and was very pleasant to every staff encounter. You fit that bill and deserving of the treats! bon voyage
  11. That My Dear, can always be changed on our side, to be sure.... bon voyage
  12. O - I did, but wanted to keep it as basic with 'official' and easy to follow graphs on the same page so as not to get into a different discussion as to how to combine graphs from different sources and statements. I do realize that the poster may have been only talking about the city or county in FL where they live specifically and not the state as a whole? This may color what the poster is thinking about as well, but so be it. In health and bon voyage
  13. Based on some of the data being reported, Florida cases are increasing. Maybe by county or zip code there is little to no increase in the spread. Not overwhelming as in NY or NJ or CA initially, yet between last week and this week there was an increase in tested positive cases and hospitalizations, overall, COVID-19 cases are no the rise. For how long? We shall see for sure. I have read that there are a few cities who are slowing down re-opening and businesses due to the jump. Not sure where else one needs to look or read the statistics to verify what is going on in Florida, but this is a start for sure. In health and bon voyage
  14. You need to follow up with X or your TA about this.... Others will post their experience(s) shortly. bon voyage
  15. You may want to consider reading and then posting this on the Insurance Forum here on CC... bon voyage
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