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  1. Which venue are you speaking about eating in? Bon voyage
  2. Pending on who is admiring my 'treasure' will depend on if I say it was purchased or stolen.... directly... LOL bon voyage
  3. YIKES! I Am sure that my limo driver would not mind me hanging out with him for a night for $250 and drop me off early the next morning to the port and I can shower after check-in... LOL bon voyage
  4. This could be a good question for Jenn to ask. Bon voyage
  5. Warning heeded, thank you very much for your postings on this. bon voyage
  6. Then move on to another cruise line where you believe there will be better internet for your requirements AND better customer service to address issues like this, which you or others may have. bon voayge p.s. did you try wifi in the ports you visited? That might have been a solution, not long term of course, yet a solution to gain access to your courses without dropping.
  7. Jim - I look forward to your writing and sailing! Thank you for sharing... bon voyage
  8. Yes, that is great, for sure... Yet, if X does not keep them in the suite for both sailings what a downer it would be on the second leg... IMO bon voyage
  9. Have fun all on this sailing.. We are on-board at Thanksgiving and I will be very interested in the Dailies and ease of getting on/off ship in ports visited. bon voyage
  10. There is no 'vegan' menu as it were... Being vegan myself, I speak to the Maitre d' first day to make sure they know (and they do LOL) about me being vegan. Almost always you will see the next nights menu and let them know what you want and how. Personally, I leave it up to the Chef to prepare something instead of having to labour over all of the possible combinations. I do provide some guidance and input like, I generally do not care for beets and no meals the same during any three day period, as on Silly a few years back, even though I really enjoyed the vegetable risotto after day two of it, I sent it back on day three... Also, what I do is go to the kitchen tour on the first sea day, meet with the chefs then to discuss further what I like to have and figure out how creative they are without much input from me. On the Summit it was fantastic, a different meal every night and my bonus was the Pastry Chef made a different dessert for me each night on the last night they presented every dessert prepared each night for the whole table.. it was amazing, to be sure. Yes, let them know, look at the menus and you may just find what is on the vegetarian menu can be made vegan and you will be happy with that... YMMV.... though. bon appetite and bon voyage
  11. We do know that the TA is the one who dropped the ball for whatever reason, at this juncture the reason is not the focus point, the focus point is to get the original cabin back, if possible. If the current passengers in the original cabin booked refuses to move, then the OP has to think long and hard about what other cabin options are available to them aboard the B2B. What is the (minimum) value you are placing on "make me happy", just curious? bon voyage
  12. I resemble that remark and will stay with X through thick and thin, for now! LOL It is worth it to me to pay $100 for Specialty Dining when and if I want to...especially if my spouse wants to, I need to say! LOL bon voyage
  13. Not sure if you can or are willing to do this, yet offer to give the current passenger(s) in the cabin you desire $100 in OBC, maybe that will entice them to move, too. Just a thought. bon voyage
  14. j - no worries at all... I understood your intentions, for sure. I wish I worked for X, it is easy being here, for sure (dodging computer keys) LOL I, like CP to be sure, are fine and will continue to be fine.... we understand there will be distractors... otherwise I would cry at the Martini Bar! NOT... Please know that we are not thin skinned either and can take on the best of them... Especially when warranted. bon voyage
  15. Yes, but that will not deter them from posting about this five (5) years from now... LOL bon voyage
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