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  1. Hello all, I must say that I Am not successful in dl'ng this file... Any ideas what my issues may be in regards to this? I save it to my drive and will not open, says corrupted, try to open with adobe acrobat and will not.... TIA for suggestions or input on this. Cheers and bon voyage
  2. No flame, yet wanted to point out that most third (3rd) party companies will have a spread between the original operator and them, as the middleman. Economics not withstanding. I agree, that often times one can book, economically, better by trying to go direct. Although, we have run into several situations where the tour operator will only accept bookings through X. bon voyage
  3. m - Unless your TA has actually sailed in that cabin OR had other clients sail in that cabin, it would be near impossible to know in advance what 'non-public' spaces are contiguous and may cause issues such as you faced. I can guarantee you that your TA now knows about that particular cabin and its' noise issues now. You also may want to do some on-line research for websites which rate cabins and this information may be there... bon voyage
  4. LOL, bb you need to get away... 😉 I would think that you can call your local X country office and find out if the pricing is available to you. Somehow, methinks it might not and you may need to seek out a US agent to book these through, if they are in fact bookable through a TA. bon voyage
  5. o - this can turn out to be some real money were one on a 10+ day sailing... and/or have no beverage package at all... cheers and bon voyage
  6. Maybe you cancel the cruise since you are not able to contact the Embassies or Consulates for the countries you wish to visit or do not believe what they have to say about requiring Visas or not. There is no need to stress over it any longer. X will not put itself in a position to provide you with information on which, if incorrect, you will come back and blame them. In all reality, they are only a 'transportation' company which happens to take people all over the world. They only can say which documents the ship and its' staff and crew will need when going to foreign ports, not its' passengers. If a crew member cannot get off the ship because they do not have the correct documents, then they have to stay aboard, nothing more they can do. Good luck with this and bon voyage
  7. I did a search here on CC and only found three (3) instances where there were 'discounts' posted about, July, Aug and Nov... in each instance they were approximately three to four (3-4) days each and discounts were as high as 20% (I know as I was able to get that one for my sailing) with the others 10%. Posts before July are not currently available, to me at least as such I cannot find out how many times the discounts were talked about here. Cheers and bon voyage
  8. Your third (3rd) party travel insurance or the CC used, if used, for payment of the cruise or air fare. bon voyage
  9. Maybe a call to the Embassies/Consulates in the Country that issued your passport, may be in order to reconcile the issues you appear to have with the responses provided, so far. Asking here, may not be in your best interest and would spoil your vacation if incorrect. Upon checking with the Embassies or Consulates, you find that you did not need any Visa, better you got them than not just in case... bon voyage
  10. All promotions are scheduled, generally, around US holidays with no fixed guarantee at that (can be targeted in other markets as well). Yet, the best bet is to know that they run the sales when they run them and not before. Discounts can range up to 20% off, again without guarantee. Discounts can be targeted to specific ships and specific time(s) of year, again without guarantee. In other words, there is no real 'schedule' for the sales a/k/a discounts. What you 'wonder' can be true, yet what I know as being true is that one needs to be signed up for X's mailings and/or check their CP regularly for the sales/discounts or wait until posted here on CC, when someone notices them. Do you know if there is a 'standard' time frame and/or projection for the sales/discounts? If so, what has been your experience in this? cheers and bon voyage
  11. Usually, your tour operator can find out what time your ship is due to arrive and depart through their port and/or the port agent. Also, as these times can change, it is best they find and monitor this locally and adjust your tour time(s) if necessary. bon voyage
  12. In your case, I would think it is better to go ahead and add your buddy to the reservation now, as it may not cost any more, if it does, provide the additional deposit and then you can cancel by final payment date and incur no penalty unless you currently hold a non-refundable fare for your sailing. bon voyage
  13. Blue Chip and Reservations are the same entity? bon voyage
  14. What about a quick phone call??? bon voyage
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