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  1. r - thank you for pointing that out... cheers and bon voyage
  2. I emote, therefore I Am...??? Does this count? LOL bon voyage
  3. This type of situation (card players and the like) has been on-going here at CC... I have not read, as of yet, any suggestions as to where the players can go to have their games or had I missed it? Maybe those places have been posted in the Daily and they missed it? Has anyone asked GS to provide a place for card players and gamers to play so 'public spaces' can be available for those who want to read books or newspapers or people watch or those who want to sit by themselves in public venues? If GS is not notified, such a pain I know, that seating is an issue how can they or X help us gain it back, if we want it back? I, on previous sailings, would invite myself to sit at occupied tables or on the couch in public venues if that is where I wanted to stay. If it did not matter, I meandered on to another space or place to relax. bon voyage
  4. I would go with, it can only be used on the day it was purchased (through 11.59p), as it is a 'daily' fee. Right on the flyer it does say it is for daily purchase, which means if you do not use it you will lose it. cheers and bon voyage
  5. Call ASAP or eMail ASAP or Chat ASAP.... It may be possible to do it ship side at check-in, not sure... Have a great sailing otherwise - bon voyage
  6. w - stay strong in your convictions and thoughts.... Take into consideration that the number of people who post here represent only a small sliver of the passenger universe of those who sail on X, which in all reality is not even a representative sampling. Have a glass of wine at the ready when coming to these boards for info... LOL, it or the bottle will help you laugh through it all! This is not to say that there are never any 'legitimate' info coming from here, just have to really wade through them and know that you will have a great sailing and enjoy it.. will there be issues? Of course. Solvable, most instances, Yes. Have fun, please. Sail with abandonment. Take in as much or as little as you choose... bon voyage
  7. Not necessarily, if you bid 1/2 of the maximum amount you want to pay. i.e. if $250 is the max you want to pay for an upgrade bid, then bid $125.00, which will equal $250.00 based on two (2) passengers traveling... Solved. bon voyage
  8. SAT/ACT style of question OR Common Core? LOL bon voyage
  9. v - Thanks for the suggestion to set phones on vibrate, I think you know that there are some of us who believe that we can set our phones to whatever method for notification we want, as it is our phones after all... 🤣 Then there are those who 'convenience for them' or 'forget' to set their phones to vibrate, thus causing a disruption to others in the middle of meetings or when a lecture or meeting is going on, again not to mention while dining.. LOL While I do not dislike carrying my phone, I dislike those who believe I must answer it each and every time they may call despite what else I might be involved in, at the moment! LOL At any rate, thanks for your input.. one ringy dingy, two ringy dingy and bon voyage
  10. j - thinking about it over these past few weeks, the comments on 'no beep/alarm/sound' when a text comes in, I understand a reason not to do so, and that would be the number of sounds arriving at any given time in a crowded or even not so crowded venue that everyone would stop and look at their phone thinking it was them... The middle of a show, dinner, etc... and disturbing other passengers were someone who was traveling with a number of individuals or children would, possibly, be a nuisance to others... just thinking out loud here. bon voyage
  11. Thanks for posting this, I think I shall try to sign up for this... as I have never done this type of exercise regimen before. If offered on our sailing in November on The Edge. bon voyage
  12. ✋ and with 14 others in IV's too... We look forward to the experience(s). bon voyage
  13. No worries or wonder, I thought about going there but have recently been slapped on the wrist about movies participation... LOL cheers and bon voyage
  14. Why o why did you go there! 😁 Cheers and bon voyage
  15. So sorry about the cancellation, yet I know your husband will have a speedy recovery and that sailing will happen in the near future. Here's to better health and bon voyage
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