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  1. I believe that written meant to write 'everyone coming through the scanner..' bon voyage
  2. It sounds like you only saw what was on the menu what you thought might be the only offerings and that is not the 'usual' for X. Being a vegan and never really enjoying many of the 'uninspired' pre-selected items, I let the Chef decide what they wish to prepare what is NOT on menu. 90%+ of the time I have been greatly satisfied with the presentation and creativity. Risotto, lasagna, pasta made from vegetables, stuffed squash are a few of the dishes which were not on the menu yet prepared for me. They are only limited by the types of ingredients aboard and your imagination for the asking. The only reason one of the many 'specific' dietary requests will not be made is due to their not speaking up and requesting something different and provide an idea as to what works good for you or the eater, especially in the MDR. bon appetit and bon voyage
  3. Not sure the reason you would think that 'pasta' is the only pasta available for vegetarian aboard any cruise line. You can receive the next nights dinner menu the night before to make your selections OR you can let the Chef decide what to prepare, in the MDR. You will find in OVC a wide variety of 'vegetarian' and/or vegan items available to consume. More often than not these items are labeled too.. If not, a staff member will be more than happy to assist in your decision and deciphering what is vegetarian or not or whatever other allergy one may need or want to avoid. This will be for all X ships and dining venues, even when there 'appears' that there is nothing on the menu, go to the venue and request at least 24 hours in advance if possible, bon appetit and bon voyage
  4. Could be due to those of us who rushed the door upon our first sailing! LOL... bon voyage
  5. She must be speechless at the moment.... LOL I know she is taking it all in before starting the blog... bon voyage
  6. Yes, they are... ... and there was lots of open seating there, often. bon voyage
  7. Okay, I have to accept this rather I understand it or not. Our sailing in Alaska was quite a bit more than Caribbean, say by 20% or so... for same number of days and same cabin level. bon voyage
  8. I believe the writer wanted to say they are 'elitists' while being at the Elite level in the Captain's Club, which is fine just as long as it is admitted to... LOL... bon voyage
  9. You really need to go to X's website and pull up the deck plans which will make it clear... There is a delineation between The Retreat and Public Areas.. which mirror the actual ship as built. bon voyage
  10. I Am sure you will not let that ship sail without you aboard!!!! Just as long as you are in the terminal, all will be good... What are your thoughts currently? Still excited? bon voyage
  11. For Eden, go there.. most likely later in the day, as most kitchen staff there is prepping, but if the Chef is there, he will make note of your desires and make it happen!!!! Five (5) unforgettable, to me, courses.. including dessert. The hostess, Kathleen (when I was aboard) will take good care of you.. if she remembers me, tell her 'The Vegan' from Thanksgiving sailing, Samuel says hello and Hugs! She works the OVC during breakfast and lunch as well, I believe. Definitely breakfast, though. Have fun! Have an OJ for us! Smile as you are creating an unforgettable memory, ahead! Also, do not forget to take names along the way of those whom you found to be particularly helpful so you can mention them in the mid-sailing and end of sailing surveys... bon voyage
  12. You compared an Alaskan sailing to Caribbean sailing in terms of cost? Pending on where one is traveling from, even, that is not a good compression IMO. Even different port experiences for both regions. bon voyage
  13. Chill!!! Ahhh, you chilled on the flight down, at the earliest! LOL I understand you are not a big drinker, but once you get that champagne or mimosa in hand, drop luggage in cabin, head to see Maitre d' at Cosmopolitan next to confirm dietary requirements... head to either The Magic Carpet or Sunset Bar (wherever your RC is meeting) and wait for sail-away!!!! The stress will start to melt away! If not, have another drink... LOL bon voayge
  14. Shucks, are these some of the great reasons which The Edge and X ships are so appealing, for many here and others? I better hurry and get back on board and soon! Thanks for sharing this list.... 😎 bon voyage
  15. E-X-C-I-T-E-M-E-N-T!!!! IMO, initially, the most glorious view you will have is when arriving in the port and seeing The Magic Carpet, all else will be just the support to keep it going! bon voyage Beth, bon voyage!
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