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  1. I just upgraded to one of these forward balconies. I figure I'd try something new. Anyway, where did you see this picture? can you provide a link? I'm realizing there are very few pictures or videos of the Mardi Gras. I'm hoping they let in a few vloggers or travel agents to do some pics and vlogs when they're in a port. Or does anyone have any links to any that have been done?
  2. I booked a cabana because, next February, there will be 3 of us cruising in the room, and the balconies were all for 2 people on our cruise. I have cruised interior before, but after covid, I will not (in case we have to remain in our staterooms). In my opinion, the extra money for the cabana is well worth it because of access to the Havana area. The Havana area on the Vista class ships is now my chief reason for cruising.
  3. We always go with the ship first. With the exception of Alaska (and maybe Hawaii--that one got cancelled) we find ports and their activities very similar to one another.
  4. Yes. That too. The Havana Area. In fact we just booked the Vista last week for the Havana Area. It will be the first time out of Galveston for us. We couldn't find anything in the Havana Area on the Horizon for our dates, and the Panorama was way more expensive. We did the Panorama Havana area last February.
  5. Nothing official. But other than reminiscing, speculation is all we have to do for cruising at the moment. It's a difficult time to make your living talking-up cruising.
  6. I only had one cruise cancelled. I took the refund on that one. I had another one booked on the Mardi Gras for Thanksgiving Weekend 2021 before the pandemic. Since then I booked the Celebration for 2023, and just last week I booked the Vista for February 2022 (the same day Canada cancelled cruises through that month). The Europeans have been cruising for a while now. I think something's going to have to give for North America by this summer. I think cruising will happen by then, but the question becomes do I want to cruise with restrictions? and/or am I willing to cruise with the restric
  7. We're also vegetarian (we eat dairy), and we find the food delicious and usually eat too much. The Vegetarian Indian offerings in the MDR are some of the best Indian food we've ever had--but I can't vouch for how healthy it is. The variety of items on the buffet are tasty and good. The Blue Iguana Cantina is always a favorite. Between all the food and the drinking, I guess taking the stairs is the chief healthy remedy for us...when we choose to do that.
  8. I was thinking of booking a cruise for next February yesterday--I really wanted to have something to look forward to and plan towards. I was even considering the RU9 offer; it would have saved us about $196 in the end, since we usually get Cheers. (It was the Panorama, where the RU9 ended up being $50/day for the Cheers rather the $53/day on the other sailings I looked at.) But the $500 nonrefundable deposit convinced me otherwise. For me, that's too much money to tie up for that long away in this much uncertainty. If the booking spirit returns, I might be tempted to take the $50pp deposi
  9. USVI, I really like Trunk Bay. I like San Juan for walking around. And anywhere I can get a ride in a sailboat that's just a ride in a sailboat.
  10. I like the avocado toast and yogurt parfait at the MDR on port days. And I like the Indian Vegetarian off the daily menu--some of the best Indian meals I've ever eaten.
  11. It's been so long now...but was it Carnival, or some other line, where on the newer ships, the menus appear on your phone with a UPC? And I think they were already available on phones just from the hub.
  12. I think early summer at the earliest, but who knows. Funny about the vaccination certificates. I'm ambivalent about such a thing myself. I'm taking my dog's rabies vaccination certificate to the court house next Wednesday to get the license, and the tag that he'll wear on his collar for the next three years. Will we get something like that too? (This is a snark.)
  13. In another world, we would have been about back from Hawaii now on the Miracle. We haven't sailed on a Spirit class yet, and I was really looking forward to trying one out.
  14. LOL. That has crossed my mind too. I'm one of those who bounces around room types, and my next two are insides. I don't know how I feel about that now...
  15. I would put April at 5%. I think May it jumps up to 25%. June is 50%. And July is perhaps the best chance to have an air of "normalcy" about it. Although, I have no idea what the new normal will be. The vaccine will be helpful, I hope, but it's not a panacea. Deciding public health and safety issues are difficult in the best of circumstances, and near impossible in the current political climate.
  16. IMO That would make it easier for everyone if they did. It seems all the expensive hoops they would have to jump through and the potential of becoming known for a disastrous Covid cruise, is not to their economic advantage. If we can all be vaccinated by summer, it probably makes better business sense to buckle down and wait it out.
  17. I've certainly seen no publicity. They usually have a to-do about laying the keel, and I've not come across anything. Just in passing, I don't know if I've heard whether Mardi Gras is finished being finished? I don't think Carnival has taken possession? have they?
  18. For me it was a 6 day on the Horizon for December 5. With my VIFP number, the (required minimum) Oceanview was $429pax, and with the RU2 it was $799pax. That's $370 more expensive (if my math is right). Cheers on a 6 day comes out to about $370. (Actually...I think buying cheers ahead of time, without the promotion, would save about $2pax?)
  19. Well, I didn't. But my cruise buddy did. His VIFP number is connected to my email for some reason. I was hoping to get one as I'm a fan of Cheers. So, when I chose a cruise, and compared it side by side with the same cruise under my VIFP number, the difference in price is...wait for it...the cost of the Cheers program. I only did this with one cruise though. As others have mentioned, I saw no gain taking advantage of the targeted promotion.
  20. JH says no BF sales this year, like in the past. He mentioned that perhaps there will be something once sailing is more definite.
  21. Yes, we will cruise again. I think by summer. The cruise lines will survive. The hardware and successful business plan exist. After we get the vaccine, the money will be there if it's needed.
  22. Well, I think there are plenty of stock debates on the boards. But, to my very unprofessional mind, if a company can even consider a billion dollar offering, there must be something worthwhile about it. The ships are there and the business plan works. Fingers crossed.
  23. I'm all about the ship too. I think they're just different styles of ships with just enough different styles of cruising to make a difference. The big RC ships have little appeal for me at this point in time. Thirty years ago I would have thought you were crazy if you told me that I'd be such a Carnival Cruise enthusiast, or really, a cruise enthusiast at all. Happily there are choices to make, and hopefully we'll all be back to sailing our favorite lines in 2021.
  24. It might be going out in waves, or the answer might have been given in order to appease you. But even before this, it occurred to me that I have been a little behind in receiving an offer. I imagine expanding the offer to more people, or emailing it to more people, depends on how well it meets the target they set for it. The goal is to generate the revenue without giving away the ship. For all the snafus we like to discuss here, I tip my hat to how well Carnival has targeted and run their promotions in the past. This is one of the reasons they are solidly still in business without havin
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