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  1. I have flown into both for cruises from PortMiami, and all things being equal, I'm happiest if the flight configurations point me to flying into Miami. As for cost, it all seems to become a wash for me. As others have said, it's really all about the times and directness of the flights. Sometimes I'll even fly into the one and out of the other if it seems more convenient. I will pay more for convenience, especially when I'm on vacation.
  2. No bones to pick with the CDC--not an easy task--but at best it's just lazy at this point; and at worst, it's like their shutting their eyes, covering their ears, and humming, in order to not acknowledge anything.
  3. I got my second Moderna on Saturday morning, had a headache and felt a little achy Sunday morning, then Sunday afternoon it was the fever and chills. I slept most of today (Monday's my day off), and this evening temp is normal, but still a bit tired. I think vaccinated or not, the key to fun cruising is going to be what happens when someone comes down with it. The successful cruising that's been happening since last fall, pre-vaccine, indicates to me they can find ways to handle it. I'm so confident I booked a cruise for September a couple weeks ago. I'm willing to go on a cr
  4. That was very interesting. (I think YouTube is changing our speaking patterns. I never hear so much upspeak, uptalk, high rising terminal--whatever you want to call it--as from YouTube narrators. I don't know if I will ever get used to it.)
  5. I was never a fan of "showtime." To avoid it is one of the reasons I generally go to the lido buffet for supper. If it were to stop, for whatever reason, I might eat in the MDR more. But I know others like it, and if it continues, I'm not put out by going to the buffet.
  6. I just booked a B2B on the Conquest for this September three days ago (4 day + 3 day). I booked them online and then called customer service to link them. I specifically asked if that was allowed, and the customer service rep said yes, and did it...so she said. Maybe I'll FINALLY get to turn platinum. I just need 7 more days...a year and a half later.
  7. Good for NCL. They are being proactive. If there are bureaucrats who really want to get the economy firing on all pistons again, this helps to break the logjam. I'm dealing at a very minor level with a reopening (it's really complicated in Michigan right now), and it gets stuck on sincere chicken and egg questions with a lot of "let's see what happens" thrown in. NCL put something out, I believe, in good faith. Hopefully there's somebody willing to respond in good faith in the CDC.
  8. Horizon, definitely. I'd sail for the nice Havana area above all else.
  9. A message from Christine Duffy basically said it would not be worth it for Carnival and its business model. They are more about lower price point cruising, so their customer demographics probably do not support a flight expense, not to mention health testing/certifications leaving and reentering countries, including the U.S. It may work with one of their other corporation companies though, like Princess or Holland. But it seems with vaccinations and fatigue, we're reaching a tipping point? so it might be better for the bottom line to just wait it out.
  10. I admire how Carnival and the other cruise lines are keeping at it and trying hard. It's an uphill battle, but I respect how they sincerely want to make things work so that they can get back to their business. Maybe they will eventually find someone from the CDC side who really wants to find a way to make this work. The places where the governments are working closely with the cruise industry are the places where they are successfully sailing.
  11. I agree. Vista class for the Havana area will always be my first choice now. I would have gotten it on the Mardi Gras if it were as nice.
  12. As usual, I'm confused. Is this anything new? Or are we speculating on a potential statement that hasn't been released yet?
  13. Hah! We are sailing with you. First time out of Galveston for us. We love the Vista class ships. I think all the excursion items are touch and go at the moment. I haven't seen anyone bragging about snagging a FTTF on this forum for a while. You might call to find out if you can make your bed request with a GTY--the phone operators might appreciate a nice call like that after all the more difficult questions they're getting these days. I think the last time check-in times were open, last year now, they were down to opening a week out, or 10 days or something?
  14. I'm glad you asked and I'm glad to see the answers. I plan to start getting AARP gift cards for my November cruise. (Or that's the theory--no plan ever seems to go off without a hitch anymore, either with gift cards or cruising.)
  15. It is doable. But depending on how you're booked and with whom, there may be a charge, or you may lose something you got with the booking, like OBC. I found the easiest thing to do is call and book with a TBD (to be determined). Then, when I know for certain, I just add the name on the web page. I just added someone like that this week. After final payment, things start getting trickier. Most things are changeable, at least if you're willing to pay a charge. I couldn't say when the absolute cut-off is, but I imagine it would be sometime around the time the cruis
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