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  1. If people want cruising and are able to pay for it, there will be cruising.
  2. I agree with the OP, August or September. The models my media sources are showing have peak infection coming sometime in May. Millions of people like to cruise. It's an affordable and fun vacation geared toward the middling classes. Whatever lines survive or are created to meet that demand will adapt and adopt their practices and designs to minimize the risks. For example, buffets may become a thing of the past and they all start food courts. On Carnival, the Vista class ships are just one step away from that now. We mostly did lunch at Cucina del Capitano. I'm wondering whether the economic fallout will have more of an impact on cruising than a fear of disease.
  3. Will they survive? I have no idea how high finance works. I own stock in CCL, but the stock market is another person's game. Do they deserve bailout money? I'm sure their home ports want them to, as well as the ports they stop. Privatizing profit and socializing risk seems to be baked into the system now. Will I be back? I have two booked, the Miracle in November 2020 and the Mardi Gras November 2021--which might end up being its maiden voyage. (That last bit is a dark humor joke, not a rumor.). I would like to book another for February 2021, but I'm waiting to see the specials.
  4. As of yesterday, Finland is doing what other European nations are doing--closing borders and schools, banning gatherings, sending workers home. I imagine Meyer Turku will be affected.
  5. By reset I mean that the information is changing so quickly from the cruise lines, government, and health officials, that not everyone at the cruise lines, let alone the passengers, can keep up with it. Everybody is calling with their questions, but they can't handle the volume, and the answers they give are conflicting or inaccurate. It's time to stop, take a few weeks, make the new policies and terms, then get everyone in the company up to speed so that they can really help their guests.
  6. A reset is needed. It's a sad and stressful time.
  7. What is Carnival thinking? If they're changing their terms, they have an obligation to make sure the people leaving on a cruise in a couple of days are FOR SURE made aware of those changes. An email, a letter, AND a follow up phone call from somebody at HQ checking their name off a list to make sure they were contacted and understand. That's the least they can do. If they can't do that, it's just time to put a moratorium on their cruising until they get their ducks in a row. It is obvious their efforts at communicating these significant, confusing, and quick changes is lacking.
  8. With testing finally becoming more widely available, all the suggestions and recommendations may be changing regarding travel and public gatherings.
  9. That's too bad; for the industry, for the economy, and for people who like to vacation with a cruise.
  10. Korea has a high infection rate, and I wouldn't want to be the cause of anyone else getting sick, dying, or being stuck in a quarantine. But, I get cruise insurance too.
  11. I would make the final payment and let the chips fall where they may. But, I also get insurance right after I book a cruise to the point that my mind is at ease with any potential loss. On the more expensive cruises, I also pay more for the better insurance.
  12. When we got on Feb. 2nd, it was the slip of paper that asked some questions about recent travel and any current symptoms.
  13. We got off the Panorama a couple weeks ago after a B2B. I found the theater to be brilliantly designed. It is the first theater I've been in where every seat is an obstructed view. ๐Ÿ˜€ Otherwise I very much liked the ship and would not hesitate to sail on a Vista class again.
  14. I was hoping for outside movies too, but I just got off two weeks on the Panorama and didn't go to one Dive-In movie, lol. There were even a couple I wanted to see, but we were having so much fun doing other things, watching a movie dropped down on our priority list. And I ate a lot of burritos, breakfast and otherwise.
  15. I leave for LAX tomorrow and will be going on the Panorama. I'm no more worried about this than any other flu, cold, or pneumonia virus--which is to say I'm not particularly worried. There's always something--disease, natural disasters, political situations.
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