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  1. I meant the different deck plans on the Carnival site--the horses mouth, so to speak.
  2. I wrote JH, and was asked for copies of what I was seeing. I went back to the different sites to get screen shots, and now all the deck plans match on the site. They all show that we will have the differently shaped balcony like on the booking engine. I'm happy.
  3. That might explain why some suite rooms on the Mardi Gras aren't suite rooms on the Celebration. I even called Carnival and sent a screen shot of the difference. The person on the phone didn't have any answers though, as to which deck plan and numberings were more accurate. (To me it's not that big of a deal--I just thought the bigger balcony on the deck plans, for the regular balcony price. would be nice to have.)
  4. I booked a stateroom on the Celebration with a uniquely shaped balcony, using the Carnival booking engine and confirmed through one of the Carnival site's windows for deck plans. When I go to the deck plans on Carnival's site though another window, that room has a different number, is a suite, and the number for the stateroom I booked is a little farther stern. When I look at the Mardi Gras (in my experience, different ships of the same class have the same numbering), the booking engine stateroom numbers are different on the Celebration, at least for that deck. I wonder where that room number will be once the ship is built?
  5. True. I always get it. But if a person tests positive for Covid 19, how easy or hard is it to arrange a flight back to the country? And how easy or hard is it to be allowed back in? Wasn't that one of the hiccups last spring?
  6. I cancelled before Carnival did. (I didn't want to make the final payment.) I had my refund from Carnival in under a week. It took about 3 weeks for the travel agency.
  7. I already had the Mardi Gras for 2021. I look and I look and I look, and then sometimes I think I will, then I talk myself out of it. I'll wait and see if they have a booking special for the Celebration next month.
  8. The Carnival Kitchen classes are great. We did three on our Panorama b2b. It's a lot of fun and a lot of food. My cruise buddy ended up buying a pasta maker when we got back and uses it all the time
  9. For the fun of board conversation and speculation... I think the cruise lines will make it through. There's a lot of money out there for speculation since nothing can be made in savings. The cruise lines fill a niche and know how to make money--it's one of the better areas to speculate in. The assets are all there and in good shape, and they're using this time to scrap less profitable ships. The business model is a proven winner--they get them on and they get them spending. Once the plague has passed, and it will one way or another, within weeks they'll be liquid again.
  10. Even if they're going, we're not now. 😢 We cancelled it. Looking at similar future cruises, they end up being about 30% more expensive than the one we just cancelled. It will be a while for us.
  11. I've done several. They give you a time and place to meet (usually in the library) and sometimes we walked off and walked back on, other times they just gave us new sail and sign cards at the atrium bar. From my experience it seems to depend on the port and what immigration's mood is that day. In every instance it's easy peasy, and always involved free mimosas and a free picture.
  12. 9+ days to the Caribbean are a bit unusual. But as was suggested, you can do a b2b or a s2s. I did a b2b2b once with a 4-3-4 on the Ecstasy that was fun. Turnaround days are kind of fun when you're staying on.
  13. I booked the Panorama on the day bookings opened--I guess not everyone had been informed, because when I told the agent I wanted to book the Panorama, she kept asking, "but on which ship?" Anyway, I say this because there were some good deals to be had for the first few days (or weeks?) of booking. In fact, it was so good, I ended up booking a b2b on the Panorama. So, I would watch for booking deals for the Celebration. I'll sign up for that email too.
  14. Yeah, I have to call the TA to cancel it tomorrow. I don't want to do the final payment on Sunday. I wished I had booked it with Carnival, which I think would have given me greater flexibility at this point.
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