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  1. We got off the Panorama a couple weeks ago after a B2B. I found the theater to be brilliantly designed. It is the first theater I've been in where every seat is an obstructed view. 😀 Otherwise I very much liked the ship and would not hesitate to sail on a Vista class again.
  2. I was hoping for outside movies too, but I just got off two weeks on the Panorama and didn't go to one Dive-In movie, lol. There were even a couple I wanted to see, but we were having so much fun doing other things, watching a movie dropped down on our priority list. And I ate a lot of burritos, breakfast and otherwise.
  3. I leave for LAX tomorrow and will be going on the Panorama. I'm no more worried about this than any other flu, cold, or pneumonia virus--which is to say I'm not particularly worried. There's always something--disease, natural disasters, political situations.
  4. The Alchemy Bar is, really, the primary reason I get Cheers.
  5. I'm the same way--it's all about a good end, and a good middle too. I'm the type that would worry a little bit about it through the whole cruise. I once had an early afternoon flight from FLL. The snag came when trying to get through customs, which took over an hour. Then there was security at the airport that was backed up. Now I do a comfortable afternoon flight--if it means reading my book at the airport, that's OK--that's better than standing in line and running to gates, and yes....not being able to go to the bathroom.
  6. Thanks for the review! I especially appreciated the port explanations, and your sense of humor. We get on a week from today.
  7. I do not book my Carnival cruises based on the CD. But a CD that I like is icing on the cake.
  8. The 18% is paid up front when you buy the package. We've always had a great experience with the walk around servers on the Lido with Cheers. We usually throw on a dollar or two extra with each drink. They will offer, (or you can ask), to come around automatically every half hour or whatever time frame you would like. Your group of 7 won't phase them. They have hundreds of people on the deck to wait on. Just tip extra and tell them what you want and you should be well taken care of.
  9. Better it sit empty when I don't want to use it, than it being crowded with people (who didn't pay the premium) when I do want to use it.
  10. Yep. The point of the restrictions and cost are to keep it "underutilized." We like hot tubs and swimming pools at night. On the Conquest class ships we do the hot tubs at the aft pool, but this is even better. Only 16 days until we're sitting in a Havana hot tub on the Panorama!
  11. I would guess until the Inaugural Season merchandise sells out?
  12. I did one Journey cruise. To me, it was simply an elongated Carnival cruise. If you don't like the current style of a Carnival cruise, I don't think a Journey cruise would make you like it or dislike it any more. I like cruising on Carnival, so of course, I liked it.
  13. In my experience this has been the case. Sailing from Miami and Ft. Lauderdale, I was charged for the 7 days, and then they credited the drinks from the first day when I purchased Cheers on the second day.
  14. Yes, at the first bar you come too, and there's often a table set up in the atrium and on lido. I sometimes wait to buy it on board for the same reason.
  15. What your son is wearing will be fine. If your husband wears the same thing as your son, he'll be fine too.
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