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  1. The cruise we have booked for March 2022 has some excursions for Nassau but not very many.
  2. We had a cruise booked for March 2021. I called and moved it to March 2022. Yes, I paid a fee but I feel it was worth it. I'm not much of a gambler and just couldn't be bothered fretting about a cruise that might not happen. Now, I'm enjoying just thinking about the cruise in 2022.
  3. We aren't beach people so I actually prefer PC over HMC. I liked the cabanas being back from the beach because it's quieter and less chance of people sitting on your lounge chairs.
  4. We also purchase FFTF for both se perks but the last two cruises I have found confusion on debarkation. There has been two meeting places, one for FFTF and the other for suite guests. I went to guest services and asked for a debarkation information sheet for both groups. The time was the same and yet there were two meeting points for each group.
  5. I'm with you, Chadci! I thought I was the only one who loves the coleslaw! Have you tried the red cabbage coleslaw from the BBQ?! So good!
  6. We were there last week. We didn't have a cabana but we did walk by them. They looked really nice and I actually thought they were better than the ones at Half Moon Cay.
  7. Wondering......was this because you bought your flights through Carnival Fly 2 the fun?
  8. Yes there is a specific terminal for Carnival. And you are correct, just tell your driver and they'll know where to go.
  9. Considering booking this for our cruise in February. Am also thinking about making a reservation for the Steakhouse. Would like to do the Steakhouse on the first night (4 day cruise) for the bottle of wine discount. Is chef's table held on a specific night of a 4 day cruise? I'd like to book it online in advance but hard to plan if I don't know what night it's held, Thanks.
  10. I've seen the coupons on a display rack near the future cruise desk.
  11. You can purchase either flexible or nonflexible fares. I was surprised to hear the flexible fare was cheaper through Carnival than the nonrefundable fare. With flexible fare you pay for it when you pay your final cruise payment whereas the other fare has to be paid at the time of booking. You can pick your seats, at least with Delta, regardless of which fare type you choose. About a month after I booked my flights and chose my seats, I decided to upgrade to comfort class and so I called Carnival and they made the changes for me. I check prices on Delta regularly and so far the pr
  12. I've booked our flights through Carnival for our upcoming cruise this February. Booked on Delta, chose our seats in comfort class and a direct flight on my choice of early morning two days before the cruise.
  13. I don't think so. There is a phone number under Fly to the Fun. We've booked flights this way for 2 cruises and both times I called the number. I've also found that Carnival's prices go up and down, just as they do if you book yourself.
  14. Looking for something different for a change from the usual mojito......what's in a lava flow?
  15. Best wishes to both of you. I had to cancel our cruise last March because my husband had to have a triple bypass in January. I too had paid for the cruise by credit card long before final payment was due. It took about a week or two but it was refunded to my credit card. They usually are pretty prompt so I'd say you should have your refund within two weeks.
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