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  1. I've heard of this happening to other people. Speculation that waiters were charging the wrong cards. Maybe an accident or perhaps to give extra drinks to other passengers. It's never happened to me tho.
  2. Thanks for opinions. The difference is I'm sailing with a newbie since DH can't get off work for this "last minute" booking. Friend is concerned leaving luggage outside the ship with porters. I've tried to reassure her that we've never had any issues, but of course there is not a 100% guarantee. So in an effort to ease her peace of mind, I did purchase it so we can have immediate access to cabin. I'm just trying to coordinate ground transportation to the port; since I've never done FTTF wondering what time to arrange.
  3. As a fairly frequent cruiser, I've never seen the need for FTTF... However I'm considering for my next cruise. I know this topic has been discussed before, just wondering for any recent cruisers sailing out of Miami: how early is it realistic to expect to be on board?
  4. Why isn't any itinerary posted for this ship? I don't even see it listed on Carnivals website.
  5. I did not see an email... I'm also using a better rewards card right now. I'm gonna check and see if theres an offer in my on line account. I was just contemplating cancelling this card before my annual renewal and losing the points.
  6. I can't find much help on destination page... So on the 4 day Cozumel Plus, the ports of call key west and Cozumel have weird times. KW is 7:30-1:30. Has anyone had this and what did you do? I've been there several times, but will be going with a newbie next time. Any suggestions? Butterfly conservatory doable? thanks....
  7. I concur. We stayed in MDR until about 9:30 before making our way out. Luggage piled everywhere - wasn't an issue. It was a nice calm breakfast before we headed out. I also think most hotels will hold your luggage until your room is ready and you can start exploring, sight seeing, or have lunch nearby.
  8. From what I can tell assigned boarding time depends on several factors: how many Diamond/Platinum/Weddings/Fttf/special passengers. Boarding time can also be delayed if there is a delay in ship return ing to port and/or issues off-loading prior passengers. Go early if you want but be prepared to wait. We've gotten on early, but we've also had to wait.
  9. Quite enjoyed your review: which do you prefer tequila or mezcal, and what are those items beside the montelobos mezcal bottle: dipping sauces? Take care.
  10. Stemless martini glass. We had them at Alchemy in August.... Heavily weighted at bottom that prevents tipping. Searched high n low to find some when we got home. Great cocktail glasses!
  11. on our last RCCL sailing they were almost militant accosting you upon entering the buffet area to wash up. I do wish they encouraged it on Carnival. One reason we avoid the buffet - but always have hand sanitizer with us.
  12. Hi. True the pub was packed... We found service was better when we grabbed a booth out front. Waiter was attentive. I too thought these drinks were sweet but strong. We got a bit tipsy. Luckily Guys Bbq is open at embarkation right outside on the deck near RFP on Magic. I brought us back a couple plates of food so we could down a second drink. I think they said the special was only until 2:30 but seems like they may have gone past that time. Also note we saw A LOT of people ordering the fish Bowl but carrying them out to other areas of the ship. I'm booked on a short Victory cruise in November; it has a RFP and hoping they have this special.
  13. Interesting thread. My DH earns less vacation days than I do... And was ready to book a solo 4 night. In the end a friend (newbie) wants to go. Problem solved. Might be fun seeing things through the eyes of a new cruiser. But I'm still intrigued by trying solo sometime.
  14. We've been to both Uxmal and San Gervista. Both very interesting. Uxmal (spelling ?) At Progresso is much larger. Very large temples that can be climbed at your peril. But it was some distance on an air conditioned bus. I guess it depends what you want from the experience. In my opinion there are more options for alternative activities on Cozumel, less at meridia. Tip: sturdy shoes and bug spray!
  15. Correct. We had a couple on the Magic (half price on embarkation) and at least one other port day for a couple hours. They are not a souvenir glass.
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