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  1. I want to thank everyone for their suggestions. I checked out your backpacks and finally settled on a TotalPack 35L. I paid a little extra to buy it from amazon because that one has an unconditional guarantee. It weighs almost nothing, has several pockets, and the bottle holders are just right for my 12 oz. water bottles. It's big enough to hold my jacket, poncho and other things I might want to take on a shore excursion. But the only security feature is a "hidden anti-theft pocket" and the zippers have a tendency to get stuck in the fabric of the backpack. And it has no waist strap. Instead it has a chest strap, obviously made for a man (not me). Not perfect but I'll give it a try on my next cruise. Again, thank you all for your suggestions.
  2. Anti-theft - of course! I didn't think of that earlier. Now I know that I need a packable, anti-theft day pack. I found one by Travelab, but it's only 12 liters. That wouldn't be large enough for my jacket, poncho, water, and shore excursion incidentals. Does anyone know of a bigger one?
  3. Do you like your Lugs? Do they hold a light jacket, poncho, etc. and fit easily into your checked bag?
  4. I'm looking for a backpack, large enough to hold a light jacket, poncho, water, and the other things we take on shore excursions, but also lightweight and flexible enough to fit into a checked bag for air travel to/from the cruise embarkation and disembarkation ports. (Using the backpack that I wear on the plane doesn't work for me because it disrupts my packing organization and then I tend to lose things or not have what I need when I need it.) Does anyone have suggestions?
  5. cruiserj12, I hope that you're having a wonderful time on the Flora. I'm sorry that I wasn't able to answer your question before you started your cruise. Whatever you decided to wear in the evenings, I'm sure it's fine.
  6. Which deck or cabin do you recommend on the Island Princess for the best view of the Northern Lights (should they appear) or for the easiest and quickest access to the public outside decks? Looking at the deck plan on princess.com, it seems that the Lido and the Promenade decks would be best, in spite of all of those cabins being aft. But I can't tell for sure where the door from the cabin area to the outside Lido deck is. I'd like to book a Penthouse Suite on the Lido deck, but in addition to being very expensive they're already sold out for October 2020 😲
  7. I just contact my TA and ask him to get me the better deal. I think what he does is "cancel and rebook". But if he "refares" (whatever that means), it's the same as far as I'm concerned.
  8. I cancel and rebook my cruises all the time, before final payment date, whenever the fare and perks improve over what I've originally booked. But I've never tried adding FCC at rebooking. Would they refund my deposit?
  9. Oh no, I'm out of Future Cruise Credits 😭 and won't have a chance to buy more until December 2019. I'd like to book another cruise now - one that sails in October 2020. My question is, if I book that cruise now and pay the deposit, can I later apply a FCC to that cruise and earn the onboard credit that comes with it?
  10. We had just about settled on the Hurtigruten Astronomy Cruise when we discovered that they now charge a 20% non-refundable deposit. How far in advance do we need to book in order to find availability for a cabin on the Astronomy Cruise in October 2020? We like to plan ahead, but not at such a cost. We're in our 70's and have grandchildren, so anything could come up in the next year and a half. But I'd hate to miss out. The Northern Lights are at the top of my bucket list.
  11. Found it. By following your link, I also found the "Astronomy Voyage" that didn't come up in my initial search. It seems to be on a different site than I initially accessed. My site only offered "Norway The Roundtrip Cruise Bergen-Kirkenes- Bergen", and the fares are in dollars. The site I was able to access through your link gave prices in Euros. Funny, the dollar site offers a cruise on the same ship on the same date as the Astronomy cruise, ( MS Midnatsol October 12, 2020) but the cruise on the dollar site was not named "Astronomy" and it did not mention a northern lights promise, "lectures on board from renowned astronomers", or a visit to the Northern Lights Planetarium in Tromsø. I wonder why. Two different cruises on the same ship at the same time? Incomplete information on the US site?
  12. Has anyone been on Princess' "12 Day Search for the Northern Lights" cruise? I would like to know whether the ship turns off its deck lights (not its navigation lights of course) so that passengers could see the Northern Lights in a dark sky. I am concerned because on a recent trans-Pacific cruise with Princess, their onboard entertainment department offered several star-gazing programs. We couldn't see much of anything because all of the ship's very bright deck lights remained on.
  13. hallasm said: " I did sail Hurtigruten in January- my pictures in post #11 and #20 are from the ship - #11 is standing in the bow while #20 is from upper deck where smoke from the chimney did disturb - but no lights" Good news. Thanks for the information.
  14. I can't find the promise on their website, but I did see a review where it was stated that they only saw " a very dim static grey glow" that was deemed to be the Northern Lights and they did not receive a free cruise per the guarantee. So I'm not sure that it matters much that Hurtigruten might have discontinued that guarantee.
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