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  1. Does this mean I can unsubscribe from Celebrity emails? They send way too many.
  2. I take Dramamine, active ingredient dimenhydrinate. It works for me, as long as I take it 30 minutes before the ship starts rocking and rolling. Though, it's been a bit of a challenge getting accurate and timely state-of-the-seas predictions from customer service. If I see sea-sickness bags put out on the stairways, I know it's definitely time to take Dramamine. Also, every person reacts differently both to the seas and to the medicine. It's been trial and error for me to know how much to take to avoid both seasickness and drowsiness.
  3. artmc, You mentioned having sailed on Princess. If you sailed on the Pacific Princess, the Tahitian/Ocean Princess, or the old Royal Princess, you've been on a ship exactly like the Azamara Quest. I've sailed on all three of those Princess ships. They definitely rock and roll more than the mega-ships that are all the rage these days. I am subject to sea-sickness and had to take meds a few times on those voyages.
  4. Great suggestions Keep them coming! Here's the list so far. Did I miss anyone's? Mark Twain: Innocents Abroad The Source by James Mitchener A book with blank pages, i.e. a journal Anything by James Mitchener "The Winds Of War” by Herman Wouk “The Only Way To Cross” by John Maxtone Graham Jack Reacher book by Lee Childs titled 'Worth Dieing For' one or more novels set in a place where I'll be a book about a place, such as the one about the history of the Tower of Pisa I read before that visit When I am going to be sailing in areas
  5. Except the meaning of "past". Before the COVID shut down? Before the sale? Before you can take advantage of any benefits? Will they be going through the records of Captain's Club members to discover who doesn't have a past cruise with Azamara and then placing a block on any more points being transferred from Celebrity? Will they be taking away reciprocal status already applied from those who don't have a "past" cruise on Azamara? Seems like an unreasonable thing to do to newbies who might have had "at least one past sailing with Azamara" had it not been for the Pandemic.
  6. If you don't have an upcoming cruise, you can see your points by: logging in clicking on "Welcome your name" to get the drop down menu then clicking on "Past Cruises" You will see your points and tier at the top of the page and further down, your past cruises with points earned for each. Your cruise points + PUP should equal your total points, unless there are more ways to earn points that I don't know about.
  7. Thank you all for your responses. A cabin more to my liking popped up, A727. I booked it. Now if the seas will just cooperate, so that I don't get seasick so high in the ship 🤢
  8. Weird. I got 5 (for the webinar probably), but didn't receive the 2 for the March 10 trivia.
  9. We're looking for a cabin to see the Northern Lights, with an aft view, a view up, and preferably a starboard or port view as well. Most of the aft cabins are sold, but B745 just came available. The information I'm finding online (deck plan, photos, reviews) are conflicting. Can someone who's been in Island Princess B745 tell me what the view from that cabin's balcony is like?
  10. Once again, thank you all for posting. I have 31 unread emails and would likely have missed this one.
  11. " As from March 2021 in order to use your Celebrity Captains Club points with Azamara you will need to have taken at least one Azamara cruise." So does this mean that, although Azamara currently designates me as "Explorer", since all of those points are from Celebrity, on my first cruise with Azamara I will have no status? Didn't Azamara say previously that they would honor reciprocal points?
  12. I am confused about Azamara's complimentary nights for loyalty members. 1. How is the requirement " Have sailed with Azamara for at least 50% of past voyages" calculated? Does this mean at least half the number of Celebrity + Azamara voyages or does it mean at least half of the points earned on such voyages, or at least half the nights sailed? In other words, if a member sailed three Celebrity 4-night cruises and two Azamara 21 night cruises thereby moving up a tier, would she qualify for the complimentary nights awarded with that tier? If eligibility is based
  13. How do you qualify for 6 free nights on Azamara?
  14. Ooops. "This item is no longer available." Sorry.
  15. I found one of REI. https://www.rei.com/rei-garage/product/812843/paradox-everyday-rain-jacket-womens
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