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  1. We have the classic drink pkg. can we use that in the MDR or will we have to bring a drink in with us??? george35
  2. Are the cruising ducks also found on Celebrity ships? george35
  3. PLEASE, PLEASE, when you post about a cabin PLEASE include the name of the ship. george35
  4. We almost all the time have a bottle of wine waiting for us in our stateroom, can you ask the room sterwart to change the wine from white to red?? george35
  5. I juist printed out my boarding pass for our up-comming cruise on the Equinox March 28th & on my wifes print out it says ELITE- PEARL & on mine it says ELITE-ONYX. What does that mean?? george35
  6. 2 Questions, can you use your OBC & is it free to attend?? george35
  7. Thanks to all for making my drink pkg easier to decide. At my favorite bar it will be on the 1st day. george35
  8. I also am thinking of up-grading my Classic Drink perk to Premium but I have been told to do it on the ship at your favorite bar because the bartender gets extra $ for selling it to you & besides he will remember you when you want a drink. True or not? george35
  9. I am D+ on RCL but I have sailed as an Elite because of the status match, but my question is, I have sailed on Celebrity at LEAST 15 cruises, how do I find out how many points I have with Celebrity with-out using RCL points? Hope you understand my question? george35
  10. Just a tip about the safe in your cabin, we always unlock our safe at night when we are retireing for bed. I case of emergency & lose of light you can grab your valuables & leave the room. george35
  11. We are D+ on RCL & I know we are ELITE on CelebrIty but my question is I cannot find our where the ELITE bar is in the EQUINOX, help. george35
  12. We will be on the EQUINOX April 4th with our daughter to celebrate our 63rd annv. & I was wondering if in the lounge after you get out from the theater still has a ( what I call a game show )? My wife LOVED it on last cruise on the EQUINOX & thanks to the members of the cruise who ran the show made our cruise so special I would like to see them & tell them what they did for our family. It is a personal thing but made a special moment for my wife & myself. george35
  13. I was wondering the same thing, on our cruise in April we will celebrating our 63 annv. & my 85th birthday. My wife keeps saying say something about it because we MIGHT get a bottle of champagne. I would be happy just to get a card from the captain, at our age a bottle of anything would have to be brought home for the neighbors to enjoy LOL.But all kidding aside would you do it?? george35
  14. We will be on the Explorer B/B Nov. 24th for 5 days then for 9 nights. My question is my wife has picked out 3 tours she said looked interesting, can any one help us decide if they are worth our time & money? 1. CURACRO-----------Discover Curacro-----------$58 PP 2. BONAIRE-----------BONAIRE HIGHLIGHTS---$66 PP 3. ARUBA---------------The tour that is listed at $50.99 PP george35
  15. We have the classic drink pkg & if we want to up-grade to preimum it would cost $14 a day per person plus %18 grat. per person. We already paid %18 grat. on the classic okg. Wouldnt that make %36 grat.?? Or did I do my math wrong?? We will be on the Equinox. george35
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