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  1. A VERY good tip is That when you & your cabin mate are in the cabin for the night is to leave your safe OPEN, in case of an emergency or light malilfuntion you can gather your contents out of the safe & be on your way to your station. Saves a lot of time then trying to use a lighter to open the safe, just remember to lock the safe during the day when you leave your cabin. george35
  2. We were given as a perk the CLASSIC drink pkg which I know is up to $9 per drink but my question is all my wife drinks is a LEMON DROP can anyone tell me if that is in the $9 limit??? george35
  3. We got bathrobes in our balcony cabin. george35
  4. We will be on the EXPLORER & have the Classic drink pkg. anyone know what it will cost to upgrade to premium drink pkg???? george35
  5. Is this Joyce & Bob my sister & brother in-law?? When are you going on the Equinox? george35
  6. Leaving Saturday on the Adventure & was wondering if there are any places on the ship that is sort of forgotten & overlooked by the passengers & nice to relax?? george35
  7. We were given the CLASSIC DRINK PKG. by our TA, I know the Classic Pkg is a $9 limit but my question is if I go to the Martinni Bar & order a drink for $13 which is over the $9 allowed will I be charged the $4 PLUS another 18% tip?? george35
  8. Thank you for such a quick ans. When we check in I will do just that. george35
  9. We will be on the Adventure on Oct. 26th & 3 days ago we were notified that our credit card was compromissed & they issued us a new card. Our cruise is paid with our old card but where do I go once on board the ship to give them my new card number for any purchases on the ship or can that be taken care of at the check-in??? george35
  10. What deck is the Diamond Club on?? george35
  11. Going on the Equinox in April & our TA gave us the classic drink pkg. I know that means any drink up to ( I belive ) $9 My question is if I order any drink over $9 I will pay the difference but will an extra tip be added on?? george35
  12. On the Adventure in 15 days & would like to know if wine is included in dinner in CHOPS? george35
  13. jelayne thank you for your answer but it was my wife who asked yesterday & I didnt know it. george35
  14. What does the classic drink pkg. include?? I mean what is the limit price per drink? george35
  15. Thank you so much for your quick ans. george35
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