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  1. If I pay for 6 people going on a cruise do I get the cruise points for the 6 of them or just for my wife & myself?? george35
  2. 1.This about the Adv. Of The Seas, is breakfast free at J. Rockets?? 2. What are the free breakfast, lunch & dinner options on the Adv.?? 3. Any special places on the ship we should see?? All for now, THANKS george35
  3. What do you call " dressing like a slob "?? How about a table for 6 and all the males had on baseball caps all turned sideways & backwards, shorts & 1 guy had on a bathing suit that looked like shorts & the women they were with had cut-offs & short-shorts & this was on formal night & not 1 person on the staff said a word to them. Of course they were " felling good ". This all took place on our last cruise on the Oaises in Feb. We happened to be with-in 2 tables of them & they were LOUD, we asked the waiter about it & he said he couldnt do a thing about them. I asked why, he said they paid there money & no-one stopped them from entering the dinning room. george35
  4. Sorry but I know this has been answered before but I cant find it. My question is, We D+ do we get free laundry??? Also we are B/B if we get free laundry can we use on both cruises? This is george35 wife so dont get mad at him. george35
  5. Do they have them on the Adventure or the Harmony? george35
  6. We will be on the Harmony in a B2B & we are not heavy drinkers & was wondering if they sell the 10 drink pkg around the 4th day?? If they do can we use any drinks we have left over from the 10 day drink pkg on the 1st week on our 2nd week?? george35
  7. This is for LITTLEBRITON, as D+ and reading your answer about D+ amenities were it lists ELEGANT GIFTS CHAMPAGNE-----RED WINE----WHITE WINE---LOGO ITEMS Do we get to choose 1 from each or just 1 from the above?? george35
  8. On the HARMONY in Sept on a B/B & just got cabin10132, my wife & I are both in our 80s & we are a long way from any elevators & not looking forward to the long walks.
  9. Congrats on your up-comming nuptuals, we will be on the same cruise celebrating our 62nd anniv. Take the drink pkg & enjoy all the other drinks you would like to try but never did. george35
  10. Our 1st cruise was on the Song Of Norway & it was for my wifes 30th birthday in1969. As we were pulling into P.R. & going by the 2 sides that use to guard San Juan I was up on one of the decks having a smoke & enjoying my 1st glimpse of San Juan a guy came up and stood next to me, I took a quick look at him & turned back to the view. But something came over me & I looked at him again and again then I caught him looking at me also. I excused myself for starring at him told him he looked familer to me. He said I did also. After questions about where we lived it dawned on he was in the bunk bed above me on the troop ship The Alexander Patch as we were on our way overseas in 1952 & we spent a week together in really bad weather & how when we got off of the troop ship we both said we would never get a ship any bigger then a fishing boat. We now keep in touch & even whent on a couple of cruises with our wives. george35
  11. Sailing on the Harmony on Sept. 1st for a B2B & have a grtd balcony cabin on catagory 8d which I assume is either decks 6-7-8 or 9. How can I find out what cabins ( if any ) are obstructed?? george35
  12. Did they have " THE LOVE & MARRAGE GAME " on board? george35
  13. We will be on the Harmony in Sept. 2019 & was wondering if lunch & dinner are free in the SOLARIUM BISTRO & do I need reservations???? george35
  14. 1st time on the Harmony so take it easy on me. I have a few questions, we only do FREE dinning, Breakfast, lunch & dinner. What are the FREE breakfast venues, lunch & dinner that we can partake of?? Thank You george35
  15. The last cruise I booked a balcony guarantee & I did not receive a cabin #. When I went to the embarcation dock the clerk told me we were in a JR> SUITE. So you never know what you will get. george35
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