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  1. Hello. Ok so along the way I received specialty dining for two. Apparently, I can book it now. However, when I go to book it wants me to pay with a credit card...but no where can I insert that I have specialty dining promo. Can this only be done over the phone? Am I missing something? Thank you
  2. Whew. Everything was reinstated. Wow, what a stress headache! Always check your paperwork!!!
  3. I think I may have had the speciality dining.....but it's not showing up on my new itinerary....and it's not on my original booking one. I wonder if I had it added between April of this year and last month or so?
  4. OK, I believe my cruise was reinstated to what it was originally. They apparently sent a confirmation last night and I spoke to them today. Until I see it in my account, however, I won't be happy, and as many of you know, Princess is having computer issues today. Yes, when I called yesterday to see if they could "add" the $50 pp credit to my reservation, the agent, unbeknownst to me, took away all of my perks. Same room, same confirmation code, just minus all the good stuff. Needless to say I don't have the $50 pp onboard credit, but at this point, DON'T CARE! LOL
  5. No. No new booking number. Same cabin. The actually total price came down $200. This is NOT WHAT I ASKED FOR. It's not fixed yet...
  6. On the phone right now trying to fix it. I called this afternoon to see if I can get the $50 pp credit applied to an already existing reservation. I have a Mini Suite and have the "Prepaid Gratuitie, Signature Bar, and Free Wi Fi". Unbeknownst to me, she took ALL of that off but gave me the $50 pp onboard credit. Good thing I looked at the email confirmation. None of that was on it. I then went onto my Princess account and didn't see it anywhere either. My total bill was reduced by $250 but WHO CARES????? I wasn't looking for a reduced fare. I'm still waiting to see if they
  7. Ugh. Don't think my May 2021 will happen. I see that 2022 Alaska cruises are posted....but NOT cruise tours. When do you think they'll add them?
  8. Geesh, I have deposits on both HA and Princess for May 2021 (was supposed to sail May 2020). Not sure if 2021 is going to happen. Hoping to book for 2022. When do we think they will open. Also, I can kick myself all of these years putting Alaska off.
  9. Ugh....So, I might move one of my deposits over to May 22 when that opens.....
  10. Hello. Have deposits on both HAL and Princess for a cruise/tour in May. I have all of the bonuses they have offered, and cruise prices are fairly the same. Only thing I don't have is free food in Denali (which I had last year....) On the cruise this past May that I had to cancel, I had all the bells and whistles on my HAL cruise PLUS a bonus of all my food paid for in Denali and the train ride in the Yukon. I booked this during last November's black friday sale. I know that none of us know now if we'll even be cruise next May, but what do you think the chances are of HAL or
  11. OK. I give up. I can't find my current invoice on my account (have a cruise booked for May.) Now, I have the original one when I booked back in April (yes I was brave)....and I have a current one because I was being charged $8200 for an Alaska Cruise/Tour and now the current price is $7200. She emailed me the new invoice, but she changed my room (I'm not happy but at least I'm on the same shipboard side). But for the life of me, I can't locate the invoice under my account. I remember it was ALWAYS difficult. I can't even go under Future Bookings because it comes up as an error (I'm assum
  12. Oh my gosh. I meant to say Coral Princess. My bad!!! So, Coral Princess Vs. Nieu Amsterdam
  13. Alaska Cruisetour. Almost identical itineraries....which would you choose. Princess Star Vs. Holland Nieu Amsterdam. Princess Mini Suite Vs. Holland Signature Suite. Cook Hotel Vs. Westermark. McKinley Lodge Vs. Princess Denali. So, I know that Cook hotel is better, but it's really just one night. It really boils down to the ship details. All stop in Hubbard Glacier AND Glacier Bay. All leave from Whittier and end in Vancouver. Which cruise is better? We are active seniors (golfers), etc. Thanks
  14. Prices aren't available now on the website.
  15. Which would you choose. . Both cruises are very similar about a $900 difference in price. Both are land first in Denali, The Tundra Wilderness full tour, and then 7 day cruise to Vancouver. Here are the basics: Both are end of May 2021 Holland America: Nieuw Amsterdam. Double Denali - about $8100. Westmark Hotel in Anchorage one night; two nights McKinley Chalet in Denali; Tundra Wilderness; 7 day cruise to Vancouver includes Hubbards Glacier and Glacier Bay. Cabin: Signature Suite Princess: Coral Princess: Triple Denali - about $7200. Captain Cook in Anchorage o
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