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  1. Applied the offer to my AmEx card last night. Right after that, I went through the link, but it wouldn't bring me quite to HAL....so I went to the HAL site on my own and applied $500.00 to my balance. The $500 was immediately deducted from my cruise balance, so that looks good. However, I never got any confirmation from AmEx that I would be getting the $100 credit. My $500 charge simply showed up on my transaction sheet, as it normally would. How will I know if I will get the credit? I followed the link again that was provided, but the "offer" disappeared, so I am sure that since I had applied it to my card, that things will work out.🙄. Someone posted that they saw the credit within two days. How long did it take anyone else to see the credit on their AmEx transaction list? Thanks.
  2. OK, so I went through it all and put $500 toward my balance on my Amex. Hoping to see the $100 credit soon. I think someone here said they saw it in two days!
  3. OK, sorry if this was asked already. I clicked on the link so I was able to see the offer and add it to my card. Now, my final payment isn't due until late February....can I use this now to apply $500 toward my balance? People were asking only about OBC....and at this point, I just want to start paying down my balance. When I click on the "Redeem Now" link, it brings me to the "Worlds Leading Cruise Line's " site to MAKE a new reservation.... Thanks.
  4. Thanks for the replies. First, on my confirmation it only says Denali Meal Vouchers. Nothing else. And then in response to the road closure....well, crumb!!!! I didn't know about it so I just googled it. If the road is closed at this 43 mile post location, how much will that affect the HAL bus trip into the park? How much of how far we can get into the park does it affect? I've never been there so, I don't know the logistics. A Park Service press release says mile 43 mile is a good closure point because there’s room to turn around traffic, including shuttle and tour buses. Road closures at that milepost would cut off vehicle access to points west along the 92 mile Park Road, including the Eielson visitor’s center at mile 66, and Kantishna and Wonder Lake at miles 85 and beyond.
  5. Hi. Can someone please let me know if this sale would apply to me? I booked last year for an Alaska/Land/Cruise Summer 2020. I was lucky and got free beverages, food vouchers for land, and free gratuities. Am in a Signature Suite. If I called, could I get OBC too? Would love to use free money on the cruise. We are very new to cruising. Thank you!
  6. Hello all. A few questions: If I purchase now, it's $219. for 7 days for a couple Does this sell out? Do they have a limited number they can sell I've read I might be able to get discounts if I buy on embarkement day Note: I'm traveling Noordam Anchorage to Vancouver VERY IMPORTANT: What are the hours? Is it open late at night? Thank you all so much.
  7. Curious. How many Signature Suites on Noordam?
  8. Congratulations on your Anniversary. That said, I am doing the 3-day Denali, land first. We will arrive in Anchorage on a Tuesday. I booked a hotel near the airport (about $150 a night) and then on Wednesday, after breakfast, we will uber or Taxi up to the Westmark, which is where I anticipate HAL will book my Wednesday night. I was lucky to book during a very great promotion, so I will be getting my meals paid for on the land portion, free beverages on the cruise and free gratuities. I also get a free railroad journey during the cruse at one of the ports...White tail or something? Anyway, so I bit the bullet and am flying into Anchorage. It's actually easier (I live in the south)....as I only change planes once, in Chicago, and then straight to Anchorage. Coming home from Vancouver is a different story, as I have to change planes twice...in the middle of the night. My husband didn't want to spend a night in Vancouver so we are doing it the difficult way. I, however, booked us in first class coming home, so it shouldn't be too bad. (LOL, my revenge!). Anyway, i truly believe LAND first is the way to go, and then relax on the cruise on the way home. Best of luck to you!
  9. If I am in Alaska (obviously a US territory).....what happens if I use my ATT Cell Phone (unlimited talk text and data)....to post pix to Facebook, text my family and friends back home, etc.? Do I just physically NOT get service or is it just a price issue I have to worry about? When I traveled to Italy last year, I purchased a plan for the length of the trip that I was able to use. Thanks!
  10. Hello. Ship arrives in Vancouver at 7:00. What time do we have to be off the ship? Is there time for breakfast? I'm not in a rush for the airport, so the later the better. Thanks!
  11. I've called HAL and they won't tell me. Since I am arriving one day early, I have two reservations. One is at the Westmark at $225 and the other is "nice" hotel near the airport for half that amount. Since I will be arriving around 7:00PM, I might just keep the "nice hotel" (free shuttle to/from airport and free breakfast)....and then just taxi to Westmark (or whatever hotel HAL decides to put me in) the next morning after breakfast.
  12. I am a Disney Annual Passholder, so I frequent Disney (Orlando) quite a bit. The wristband is amazing. It opens doors, gets you into the parks (plus the finger scan), and you have the option of linking it to your credit card for purchases (then must establish a PIN code). It is amazing. Nothing to carry. Wristband stays on in water, everywhere. I think it's way better than carrying a card (even on a lanyard).
  13. Hello all. As noted by my previous posts, I am VERY new to cruising, (albeit I did do a short caribbean one many years ago). But really this is a first for hubby and somewhat for me. So....I am on a HAL cruise Anchorage to Vancouver. I was "lucky" enough to get free gratuities and a free beverage package. So, does that mean all of my tips are covered? Don't know if that means room steward and bar tender, or does it include room steward, bartender, wait staff, etc.. Thank you all so much for your help.
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