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  1. what type of music was the band playing in the star lounge and the bands name thanks good review thanks again
  2. what floor where you on? we where on 10 and they made me take mine down. Friend on 9 had theirs placed on the bed.
  3. We are going on the liberty next month going to try door decorations again .
  4. It was shocking to us but i think it was just that ship on that sailing.
  5. that is 100% right, every day paper is stuck behind room number everyday
  6. That looks like the NCL policy we looked up. RCCL sells door decorations and the policy we found placing materials anywhere on the interior of the ship which may be deemed by ship management as inappropriate including stateroom doors.
  7. Has anyone had problems with RCCL making them take door decorations down , if so what ship? We just got off the Brilliance and was told to take them down. WE also talked to others on the ship and there decorations where removed and placed on there bed with a note saying it was not allowed. I have read the policy and it is subjective. We have done it many times and this is a first for me. After 377 days at sea with RCCL this has never happened before.
  8. We are doing a crossing on Nov. 3 from Spain to Tampa . We have 5 ports in a row with late sailings like 7 or 8. Then one seaday then another stop before the before the crossing .When would you think the first formal night will be? (dress your best) what ever
  9. how many years has the LOS sailed from galveston ? 6 or 7?
  10. take her please she has had to set a record for being at one port for several years texans need a new ship
  11. web site said galveston, seaday, cozumel, costa maya , roatan ,seaday, seaday, galveston . the paper work tickets has it galveston, seaday, seaday, roatan, costa maya, cozumel, seaday, galveston
  12. if the ship makes it in on time. it will be 1 pm or 1,30 pm
  13. just booked sept. 1 on the liberty ,the web site shows one itinerary ,and our tickets itinerary another, same three ports but different days ?
  14. are all the cruise parking lots near the terminal prone to flooding looking for a high one for sept. 1
  15. are all the parking lots near the terminal prone to flooding looking for a high place for sept 1
  16. how many formal and smi formal on 17 night crossing
  17. loyal to royal pays off 315 days nice ships real good crew and the perks are the best by way way way better We have 190 day with carnival and carnival has way better free food alot better but no perks
  18. thank you yes jorge and ryno but trying to find there e maiil address would like to get in contact with them before our crossing and the last 4 day cruise out of galveston
  19. trying to find the email address of the concierge of the vision of the sea
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