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  1. I received an email from Crystal this afternoon regarding their vaccination requirements. All passengers must be fully vaccinated a minimum of two weeks prior to sail date. I am not surprised by this considering the average age of their passengers is older than Celebrity’s.
  2. I We were in the same situation a couple of years ago. I stressed over it for months and a few weeks before the cruise they switched to a SS. They did not regret it! We have enjoyed several cruises together since, all in a suite.
  3. I completely understand why you might be concerned but the walkers (usually not many actually jogging in our experience) have never bothered my husband or I and this is the area we usually sit in.
  4. I have not read all of the responses to your question. But here is my take. We love a suite. After several cruises with my sister and mom I finally convinced my husband to go on one. Of course I booked a suite and he has never been happy with anything else. However, it must be said that with every cruise the butler experience can vary widely. We have been in a royal suite with a butler that was no better than my best room steward in AQ class and have had fabulous butlers in a Sky Suite (and not so fabulous ones as well). My advice is to not expect too much or you’ll be frustrated/annoy
  5. We love Raw on 5 and usually go a couple of times (or more on a long cruise), usually for lunch and stick with Luminae for dinner. Tried Eden once and did not like it at all and we have lost interest in the others. We really enjoy the food and service in Luminae.
  6. I have sailed on all but the Constellation and Apex and would be happy to sail on any of them again. My favorite is probably the Silhouette. Least favorite was probably the Millennium but was three years ago and it really needed refurbishment. We also liked the Edge but sailed in a suite so that probably skews our opinion.
  7. For my husband and I and our children it has definitely not been a “lost year” and we are not living in fear. There have actually been a few positives to emerge and we have chosen to concentrate on those. It basically is a “lost year” for my 87 year old active parents. I am glad they are being as cautious as they are. I want them to be around as long as possible but they are definitely paying a high price. We were on one of the last cruises before cruising ceased and for the first time in many years only had land trips planned for the remainder of 2020 and 2021. Our next c
  8. In my area, central North Carolina, where testing is widely available, there are far and away more false NEGATIVES than positives. I have not heard of any false positives (though I have no doubt there have been some) however I personally know of several false negatives. In one case a friend tested negative three times before finally testing positive. It was obvious she had COVID but was denied the correct treatment 10 days, eventually being hospitalized for two weeks. The false negatives worry me far more than the false positives!
  9. We booked an April 2022 cruise (Japan) this past February while aboard the Edge. Perhaps that was an anomaly though.
  10. We have booked a guarantee suite before and were pleased. I think our sky suite was assigned shortly after booking (booked in June for a September sailing) though we were not informed. I found out by accident when calling Celebrity and the rep mentioned our cabin #.
  11. The information I have been reading is most cruise lines will not be significantly reducing prices due to the Coronavirus but holding relatively firm. I don’t think we will be seeing any fire sale pricing soon.
  12. I would allow 1.5 - 2 hours depending on the size of your group.
  13. We were on the February 2 sailing of the Edge and also skipped Costa Maya due to winds. I have read several post indicating Costa Maya has been skipped several times in the interim and would be interested to hear if they have docked at all in CM in the past month, skipping either due to high winds or the taxi situation. We also arrived in Cozumel early and overnighted there.
  14. We have four friends on the Summit two or three weeks after your cruise and they are counting on it NOT being cancelled. Who knows?! It’s anybody’s guess at this point!
  15. On our Edge sailing in February, we left the ship only twice for a grand total of four hours, for pre-planned lunches. It wasn’t our normal cruise experience but we were sailing with a couple who for various reasons was unable to stay off the ship for long. On a February Caribbean cruise this was easy for us as since what we are really after is warm weather.
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