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  1. Hi there We are flying into Prague. Spending a couple days before we go to Budapest to catch our Viking cruise. We currently are booked into Century Old Town Sofitel in Prague and in Parlament Hotel in Budapest. Anyone stayed at these hotels that can give me some insight on them? Likes and dislikes location, safety cleanliness? Also post cruise going to Salzburg and Munich for a couple days each. Booked at NH Salzburg and Mercure Allstadt Munich...same question any experience with these two? I do have a few Marriott points I can use but only for a few nights not all so wondering if you could only do Marriott in one of these cities which of these you would choose and why? Looking forward to our Danube cruise...thanks in advance!
  2. Hi all! Looking for good restaurants close to Sant Angelo area of Venice especially for breakfast and dinner but we will be all over during the day and open to all suggestions. Interested in Breakfast lunch and dinner. Moderately priced (15-35 Euros per person for dinner main course) Not into gourmet at all, prefer the little mom and pop joints the locals go to just good basic food, but do want a sit down place in evening. I find a lot of times those don't make it onto trip advisor so hence the posting here. I have been on trip advisor a ton and now hoping to hear from those in the know who have been there recently as to what their favorites are. Thanks in advance!
  3. Looking for restaurant suggestions for Amsterdam and Lucerne for pre and post cruise extensions. Staying at Renaissance Amsterdam and Renaissance Lucerne. Looking for good basic food...not into all the gourmet foams, caviars, etc. Street food on the go at lunch is ok but would enjoy sit down dinners in evening. Would like moderate priced (15-35 Euro per person for main course in evenings) Interested in suggestions for Breakfast and lunch as well. Not into the hotel buffets at 25-30 Euros/person...something simple for breakfast, even good bakeries are a plus! Would think we would like close to hotel in morning and evening but open to all suggestions. Been studying all the reviews on trip advisor until I am cross eyed...and hoping for some input from you all with your favorites. Thanks in advance!
  4. Hi there doing a river cruise in July. Looking for suggestions for restaurants in Amsterdam, Lucerne, and. Looking for moderately priced (15-30E for dinner main course) nothing fancy but good food, casual atmosphere, in these three cities. I have been burning out the computer reading trip advisor. Seeing if you all have some favorites! Please include Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Breakfast can even be just a great bakery. Not into hotel buffets so much, especially at 20-30 E a piece. Would rather just grab a pastry and get to sightseeing. Here is locations we are staying but will be all over these three cities so open to all suggestions but would probably prefer closer to the hotels for breakfast and at night Amsterdam Kattengat closer to central station area (Renaissance Amsterdam Hotel) Lucerne Pilatusstrasse 15 (Renaissance Lucerne Hotel) Thanks in advance!
  5. Thanks we do plan to try and pack light but gone almost 3 weeks and not sure with weather if cooler in AMS, river cruise, and Switzerland then warmer in Venice will need a few extra things. We usually always get by with just two carryon rollers but thinking of one medium check on, one carryon roller and a tote...have to have a little extra room for a few souvenir's! Will see what forecast is before I leave
  6. We plan on one carryon roller, one medium roller and two back packs so should be ok...was I reading somewhere there is a water taxi stand in train station and that you can get shared rides to help defray the cost?
  7. Wondering best way to get to hotel from train station. I understand there is a vaparetto station right outside of station but also hear that they are very crowded and hard to use with luggage. Is this true? We will be arriving mid afternoon and in July so know it will be busy. I really don't want to pay 100+ euros for private water taxi if possible. Our hotel is right next to Sant Angelo water stop. Is there a way to share private water taxi, any other thoughts? Thanks in advance!
  8. Any suggestions for good but not terribly expensive restaurants near Sina Palazzo Sant Angelo? Mostly interested for dinner. Would like to keep t in the $15-30 range for entre for dinner. Thanks!
  9. We are booked! Ended up booking at Sina Palazzo Sant Angelo. Thanks for the heads up on it. I am happy to have that settled. We have an very early flight so we are staying out by Airport our last night, it will just be easier. Thanks again for all your help!
  10. Thank you very much. It is so hard to decide. It seems all hotels have great ranking like 4.5 out of 5 then you start reading some reviews how they stick you in a closet with sewer issues and the staff are jerks. Always like to hear from someone who has stayed there. I am torn between Sina, NH Barrocci, and Savoia and Jolanda at the moment. Probably in that order. Are the rooms in pretty good shape? Heard carpets are old. I don't mind if they are clean. Thank you so much for the input.
  11. Hi all Getting cross eyed trying to figure out hotels for post cruise in Venice. I have a few to ask about and wondering if anyone has stayed at these and what you thought of them. Also open to any others that you would suggest...Criteria is location to sights we can walk to easily, clean and safe, good AC as will be there in July, Close to Vaperetto stop for dragging luggage. Looking at...excuse spelling please Star Hotels Splendid Sovoia and Jolanda NH Collection Venezia Palazzo Barrocci Hotel Monaco Ca dei Conti Ca de Dogi Sina Palazzo Sant Angelo Ca Segrado Thanks in advance!
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