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  1. Then my job is done, since this discussion always sinks into the depths of pointlessness.
  2. Pretty darn good. I'll take those odds. 😉
  3. And there it is. I suspected from the beginning this might be the case. 😉💸💸💸
  4. If they administer a 2nd test that then comes back negative, do you assume the positive was a false positive? Or was the negative a false negative??? OY VEY!
  5. I think an incident-free sailing (from a Covid perspective) is absolutely IMPERATIVE for them. Now ... given some of the antics we've seen lately on some airline flights ... an incident-free sailing in other regards may prove to be a challenge. 🙄
  6. (Re-setting timer because I misunderstood Andrew's post and thought cruise was in February .....🙄)
  7. (Setting timer on phone for countdown to another of Andrew's live reviews ......)
  8. Unless you are D+ (like George C) or above, never, never, NEVER wait to purchase on board. Why would you pay more if you don't have to?
  9. I can't wait to .... hear from Royal Caribbean that I've been selected to be a volunteer on one of their test cruises.
  10. It's also fun telling people I usually wear jeans and a t-shirt on formal night and then sit back and wait for the judgement, before showing them this picture. 😈😁
  11. We like to have a little more fun (and flair) with formal night .... yes, those are jeans.
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