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  1. All I said is it changes the atmosphere. Yes, if I walked into the Martini Bar and every had their face buried in a book it would change the atmosphere. I wouldn't have a problem with it. Just noting a difference. I never said people could not or should not do as they please; so long as they are not being obtrusive to others there isn't a problem. Same argument that eventually killed formal nights; people wanted to do things that, while not hurting anyone else, did undoubtedly change the atmosphere until there was no point. Perhaps they will upgrade many of the bars to be like airport bars with built in tablets that have news, games, menus, and phone chargers built in. Things evolve. Throwing your fathers age out there was a bit strange and unneeded reverse ageism. I am 38. So what?
  2. Yes, I understand. 1 voucher for virgin drink, 1 voucher for a shot. I'm just calling it like I see it.
  3. Didn't you say you have to use two vouchers? Stingy.
  4. They have to take that up with their employer. Why would I pay for a service I am not using?
  5. No you won't be asked for an explanation. OP, you can tip cash to whoever you want, whenever you want, and they will keep it whether you left automatic on or not.
  6. OP makes a valid claim. Bars and Lounges are meant to be Social settings. You are not FORCED to socialize, but they are indeed social settings. Walking into a lounge full of people face buried in a phone is a bit offputting. But that said, so long as their device is not making any distracting noises people are free to enjoy. It does change the atmosphere though, undoubtedly. At least Celebrity doesn't have the same problem as Carnival with people cranking up bluetooth speakers as loud as they go until their rap or autotuned fake country music is blaring
  7. More options = more better, I just wonder why they are being stingy over a shot of alcohol with this
  8. There is no strict requirement for dress pants. Honestly, Formal Night is dead on Royal Caribbean, do whatever you want.
  9. No one on this website has ever posted that anything from Cruise Law News is wrong, incorrect, not factual. Not sure why people here love to smear the guy. I see him as a consumers advocate and until he demonstrably pushes a false agenda I see no reason for hyperbolic posts like yours. It honestly seems like attempts are made by forum posters to White Knight the cruise industry and pretend nothing bad happens. We didn't ask you to babysit the news we receive. Like I said; show me a false agenda and I'll ignore this as a source.
  10. Keep coming up with ideas everyone; figure out why you deserve something that someone else does not. This way you can negotiate down and reduce expectations all while providing RCI the ideas and justifications for cutting benefits and amenities further. We are not the CFO.
  11. I want to see how these people board the ship. Going to guess in tacky Las Vegas t-shirts, jean shorts, blinged out sandals...and have the nerve to complain about others.
  12. Not a fan of chain restaurants but no problem with that attire. Longhorns food is probably superior to RCI dining room. Both fit the theme of tourist destinations and the attire is fine.
  13. The VCL on Oasis class was far from the best; the real best ones are on the older ships especially when they had 360 degree views. You don't have to eliminate rooms to have more outside space. Simply steal the waterfront concept from NCL...something MSC and Carnival have been doing
  14. I think that's a nice outfit. Don't see a problem. If you choose to dine in that fine. If you choose not to, fine.
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