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  1. Royal should simply come out with a policy that says if you book a Guarantee you will be assigned your room at the pier. This would eliminate a lot of gty anxiety.
  2. You said your folks are paying. When the sisters friend comes along she is forcing a double to become a triple. Triple room mondo expensive. This puts your parents in a position of paying significantly more even though the friend is paying for themselves. Might want to see the total difference...could be as much as the friend taking a solo room on their own. I don't think your sister realized how much adding another party into the mix jacks things up I just priced out same thing actually; 3 in an oceanview balcony on Harmony was almost $2700 MORE than 2 in an oceanview balcony on Harmony. So I figured I'd book the cheapest interior gty I could for myself and pay the solo supplement (and get double points for myself) and just never set foot in the room, book my wife and son as 2 in a balcony. The total difference was under $100 so I abandoned the idea. They stick it to triples and solos.
  3. You need to book a triple and get your kid back in your room. You're about to find out the fun way that a triple is BONKERS more money than a double, btw. Not a big deal. We do family cruises. I don't want to share balcony space w my siblings and their families. That's the quiet peaceful spot for each of us. We usually do not book near one another. You will lose that aspect of it but you already dislike your sister so really how much time are you going to sit on a tiny balcony with her? None. Just go find a suitable triple before they are gone
  4. Well, that's dangerous and can, and has, killed people. So that's a pretty big difference...
  5. If you don't think you are being treated fairly, don't spend the money. If I was a business owner and I advertised a prix fixe menu and someone balked, I'm not sure I would bend the rules. Seems to me you are holding a servers tip hostage as a way to get what you want; you would tip them worse without getting your way? If there are experiences I want, and the terms and conditions laid out, I decide if it is value to me. I don't negotiate saying someone else will eat more so pro-rate my bill. I appreciate many of your comments and have learned a few things from reading them but I think a presumption of lower cost at a prix fixe menu is wrong. As others have said, vote with your wallet and go to a la carte places that are better suited to accommodate you. Why must the restaurant change? Why aren't your friends willing to compromise?
  6. The 3 of us go to the pool to use the pool. Haven't saved a chair and come back hours later ever though. You can all have my chair if Royal would provide more cubbies or lockers to put my stuff in while in the pool.
  7. 750 NRD for 3 people. Some portion of that becomes an FCC if canceled before final??
  8. Let me ask another way. Does insurance with CFAR, if I take it when I make the non-refund deposit, cover the deposit amount as well?
  9. No, of course it won't cause hardship. But a mid range policy with CFAR for $175-ish to protect $750 now and up to $6000 later seems like a good bet?
  10. If I book a non-refundable deposit now for a cruise next year, should I take cancel for any reason insurance (3rd party, not from Royal) immediately? I typically always waited until final payment to buy insurance since I always had a refundable deposit. It would seem following my own logic of taking insurance once I reach the point where some money can not be recovered if the trip is cancelled or changed, i should take insurance when I book. Wondering if I am missing some other important piece of information? Your experiences? Just to clarify; this is not a question of whether one should or should not have insurance. We always take out trip insurance. With the deposit on the line though would the CFAR coverage taken now be sufficient?
  11. Can't speak to Majesty specifically...but dinner in Windjammer usually very good to great. Quieter than MDR, no long waits, can be casual. It's not hectic like lunch time. You will likely see at least 75% of the main MDR menu being offered, along with many other items. Expect larger desert displays, roaming waiters to bring drinks, sometimes an ice cream sundae bar, etc.
  12. Casino will have a good variety of games on Sunday afternoons
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