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  1. Taxes and Fees show as pending credit on CC this morning. Cancelled 3/11.
  2. Overworked is one thing, overcapacity another. It's not meant to sound cruel or devalue the lives of the crew. There are multiple thousands of crew on ships docked at or in waters very near to South Florida and relying on a strained infrastructure as your only plan is worrisome.
  3. Add Celebrity Apex to the list. I have seen random reports from crew claiming to be on NCL but they are unconfirmed
  4. I'm lobbying Celebrity to allow the resale of FCC's on a timeshare style exchange. How about a win - win; buy my FCC's for a discount.
  5. It doesn't matter what the source of the note is, at the end of the day it's just a "thing". It can't change an outcome. People that know they have an underlying condition...a note won't change that. A note can't guarantee anything. That was my point.
  6. When I left NJ that was my same thought. It balances out pretty quickly. Could never move back north though.
  7. I concur. My college roommate has ended up on Long Island and I am in South Florida. I pay about $4500 a year property taxes, he pays around 12K. For what his very modest, older split level home costs in Long Island, he could be living in a luxury gated golf community in Florida with a 5000 square foot house on a lake. The living costs for anything within an hour of Manhattan (NJ, CT, Long Island) make me wince. Then again, I am accustomed to a South Florida salary. Anyways. long story short. I agree with you. People in high expense areas may earn well AND be responsible with money; but any hiccup in income can be an issue.
  8. I wouldn't be in any rush to book. And I'm certain there are many more who feel the same. I believe prices will come down when operations resume.
  9. The idea sounds like the Food Hall concept on the new Virgin Ship and on a P&O Ship. As to the idea of reduced staffing; as long as bookings are up, adding staffing is probably a relatively low overhead cost and good service is an enhanced benefit to paying guests. If if takes a little bit longer for fresh food and small plated portions (saving cruise line money) for a cleaner, nicer experience I think that is OK. A lot of people are acting like having more serving staff is simply impossible. I think given the size of new ships and the relative lack of additional common space compared to old ships, that increasing service staff is the only way to reduce crowding.
  10. Thank you for the info with the updated numbers. Is that an update from HAL? I have not seen one in a few days but have not looked since about Friday. Do you know if the plan is for Rotterdam and Zaandam to stay alongside the pier at Port Everglades for 2 weeks?
  11. How are FCC's considered on a companies books? Liabilities? And, at whatever point an FCC is redeemed and/or expires it converts to revenue?
  12. At some point I fear Broward County Rescue is going to refuse cruise ship crew; regardless if it's a tender bringing the crew in and not USCG. Testing in Florida has been a significant problem; I doubt they can get enough tests out to the ships to confirm what is really going on.
  13. Not something I'd do within a retirement account. Like I said, in a separate brokerage account with money you can gamble with okay. Doesn't sound like you were asking for practical advice so much as sharing your idea. Good luck
  14. Right. The note is just a thing, a public performance, to show they did something but really it won't change an outcome.
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