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  1. I'd swear there is a football style pool at HQ over this program; whoever gets people to pay the most for boarding day lunch and saved show seats wins the prize
  2. We had a Freebie at JR's; left Labadee picnic to go back and have that. Coco Cay food has improved, Labadee is awful. WJ burger don't know what, it is all gristle and no flavor, you are right, just mush. Gross. I am not a food snob. don't need a gourmet burger. WJ burger is nastiest burger I've had. Anywhere. I am sure that "meat" costs cents per pound.
  3. My friend, good to see you, have a great cruise; but also you would not be concerned until the last lifeboat was untied! 🙂
  4. Already the most maddening buffet experience one can have on a cruise ship will surely get worse.
  5. https://www.abcactionnews.com/news/state/injured-cruise-ship-passengers-flown-to-florida-after-bus-crash-in-bahamas?fbclid=IwAR06PPmwQKMweeyRFSdGtu6WmxnbPika1BDu1t_Wb4a7bPL85a7edvXojoI Developing story. Usually find the busses in Bahamas way undermaintained.
  6. Man, don't know what that is, that ain't no hamburger in there though.
  7. Whats the current status on Navigator, setting sail in few weeks
  8. The whole thing is very off putting. Too many restrictions. Too many dollar signs at each turn. It felt pervasive on Escape. This would just kill the vacation mood for me. Enjoy the new ship.
  9. IMO, that is how this situation should be handled. It's good customer relations and probably better for them long term financially.
  10. This does present the opportunity for many discount bookings on Majesty; possible to have a 4 night cruise to key west and nassau with only 2 days off of work, last minute, firesale deals. Who lives 45 minutes from FLL with "unlimited" PTO? Lmaxwell does. Silver lining
  11. If it is congested with traffic see if the parking garage has a grace period; they have luggage porters in the garage at the elevators and if you get into the parking garage before trying to drop at the terminal you can bypass a lot of traffic.
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