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  1. It's true. They are reducing the staff, the offerings, even the amount of time they are open. We have found kids program staffers generally have degrees in education; don't pay them a verbal tip, help them out because HAL is about to get rid some of them
  2. HAL says it is going on Oosterdam currently; if you are able to check during your cruise would appreciate it. Apparently kids club relocated to one conference room and most operating hours removed; kids 7 and older no club just arcade.
  3. If HAL would give me a refund they could go ahead and lose me, but they are insistent on keeping 100% of our money for a cruise FOUR months away. I don't even feel valued as a client at this point; I am supposed to trust they will keep my son safe in an unstructured environment?
  4. The one best set up for this is Park Cafe in Central Park. They will have cut fruit in cups packaged to go; breakfast sandwiches easy to fit a couple on a plate. MDR really not set up for "to go" orders.
  5. Really liked the food at 150 CP. Felt it stood out from the rest in quality and presentation. Genuinely impressed and looking forward to again. Giovanni's and Chops have been hit or miss for us; sometimes great, sometimes not worth paying a cent.
  6. In my experiences usually 7-10 business days (2 weeks) max
  7. We know. Your wife lives on a cruise ship. You go like every other week. We know.
  8. Just a follow up a couple of years later; kids 12 and under are half price in specialty dining for reduced size specialty portion, or free off kids menu, Pinnacle Grill, Sol De Mer, Tamarind, Cannaleto all included. https://www.hollandamerica.com/en_US/family-cruises.html
  9. I am at full blown war w HAL since they are eliminating kids clubs. I requested a refund and HAL won't give a NICKEL. Booked at 116 days out. 48 hours later we are at 114 days out and they are going to keep every cent. Their stance is basically you paid, take the cruise or don't.
  10. Are they still running the trial on this ship where Club HAL for ages 7 and up is replaced by an all day pay arcade?
  11. guestrelations@hollandamerica.com,socialmedia@hollandamerica.com,pgoodwin@hollandamerica.com,OAshford@hollandamerica.com,"Office of the President (HAL)" <officeofthepresident@hollandamerica.com>,skruse@hollandamerica.com,msmith@hollandamerica.com if anyone has any others let me know.
  12. HAL official stance is send an email and they will reply on 4 weeks. Even though I booked 48 hours ago since it was a special fare if I cancel I lose the entire amount and there is no one I am “allowed” to speak to. I will call American Express tomorrow and see if they have my back. Disgusted. Outright disgusted. I will not forfeit thousands of dollars. See you at Tamarind with children in tow!!!!!
  13. My cruise is in March that says club HAL dead in Feb. smart move in middle of 7 night Caribbean season. HAL has not responded to my TA yet
  14. HAL Shoreside telling me this is a trial only and no other plans. Asked them to put it in writing or refund my upcoming cruise. Let's see what they choose
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