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  1. There is absolutely a difference in the demographics; HAL attracts more seasoned, more affluent cruisers who are likely to be a bit more logical and level headed about solving a problem. Unfortunately, the lowlife behavior we have seen the last few years in how people interact with one another is becoming normalized and acceptable; and I have low confidence in any cruise line effectively being able to stop that. I wouldn't want to be in a contentious situation with someone who refuses to follow guidelines they had agreed to; we know that some amount will agree to anything just to get onboard and immediately ignore that and just do what they want. Anyone so discourteous to place others in that kind of situation should be banned...but it won't happen. Once the ships leave the port it will be a free for all and if YOU are following the guidelines and made uncomfortable, can not use ships services due to others not following guidelines, or are infected by others that's too bad in the cruise lines eyes. But don't expect any effective monitoring of the situation
  2. Anyways, you can simply go to youtube and type NCL fight or carnival fight and you will see all kinds of outrageous guest behavior set off by the smallest thing. And security doesn't really do much. How are they going to enforce any distancing/mask regulations? What is the plan if a guest won't comply? There's only so much security force onboard a ship. Guests are the weakest part of the equation here, not the cruise lines.
  3. As for the NCL Spirit watch this video; at one point over 500 ppl crammed the lobby berating the Captain who took off to hide from the mob. Not just the few folks holding a sign. Look at the size of angry crowds
  4. Comments submitted this weekend. I have confidence the cruise lines will put on a good show of cleaning procedures and new standards but it's all going to fall apart with the guests. People are proving daily they can not be trusted; just wait on a ship when people don't feel like following any new rules and steamroll right over the staff trying to enforce it. And while I expect a HAL traveler to be seasoned and more able to be content with a quiet time; how are they going to be on Carnival when they are bored to death after 3 days and everyone wants to line up at guest services to cash out their monster OBC's? I predict the same mob style riots guests on Carnival throw when they miss a port stop at Nassau. How will cruise lines manage the guests?
  5. It was funny to read that they are closing decks and reducing capacity; those ships have always sailed with decks closed and were never more than 50% full. If your intent is to get a few meals and have a deck chair in a quiet setting it's really not bad cruise line at all. The real issue is by the time you get done with taxes, fees, this, that, the third...you're close to the cost of a 3 day cruise on a major line. Some caveats - the free drinks do not include gratuity; and OBC can not be used to cover that. OBC also can not be used to offset daily gratuity charge. So between those two it is another 50-60 per person. I don't think OBC was good in the casino either. Basically can use it towards the liquor/gift shop or specialty dining. Never used their Wi-Fi so can't say, but if it works free is free and surely adequate for the short trip. And while kids may sail free, the kids club is NOT free. The Rock Grill is one of the best specialty meals I've had any ship, any cruiseline, any time, anywhere. I have found that if BP makes any changes you won't get a dime back and their customer service beyond sucks. I've sailed with them 4 or 5 times because they are local and I got a killer deal (direct booking, no sales pitch to sit through). It's a nice day and a half getaway but not a real cruise.
  6. Looks like the hammer has dropped on this one ladies and gents
  7. Just another gated cruise compound so you can go spend $100 on lunch or get Dairy Queen. Let's face it, most people don't go to Nassau for the charm and since they haven't been able to get their crime and decay in check, at all, instead of trying to make the area more attractive for tourists they'll make a caged in area for tourists to generate some tax money. See also; Falmouth, Jamaica
  8. Yes, I've done that as well. We don't gamble so we walked through the Casino for 5 minutes. It's something to see and kill a little time. A round trip ride on the water taxi across the harbor is nice. Low dough and kills some time but that's all
  9. There's a few good sites to check out in Nassau if you have never been, the Queens Staircase, John Watlings Rum Distillery, walk the historical buildings of Nassau, or take a low priced tour of the island if you want to see and hear about it; and you can definitely have a very entertaining day on a low budget if you are a DIYer. Food and alcohol can be had very reasonably priced. .Buttttttttttt the Bahamas is flat and not really tropical; Nassau itself feels grimy and tight walking around, and once you get past the few blocks tourist areas with jewelry stores, clothing shops, and trinket stores, it can really be inhospitable for tourists. But it's pretty much a tourist trap selling Chinese made junk trinkets. There's expensive excursions to take you to a beach or a resort for a day, those are popular. Like others on here, I live in South Florida so Nassau we either stay onboard or look for something off the beaten path. Staying onboard in a deck chair and viewing the harbor traffic, the ocean hitting the beaches, or even the colorful buildings is enjoyable. Sweating to death, doing the head down push through the gauntlet of pushy sellers, to go get a beer and go back to the ship isn't my idea of fun anymore
  10. What I spend a year on cruising will easily cover the cost of joining and maintaining membership in a boat club with reciprocity at multiple locations; so maybe look into smaller mini-vacations in those various shoreside areas.
  11. I can't figure out any fundamental that has the stock priced where it does today (48-ish; 1st week of August for reference later on). It makes no sense to me. Those that gambled in the 20's and were disciplined enough to get out at this point should take their tidy profit and run. I'm just astonished.
  12. Disagree; it isn't a tourist trap like most of the standard Caribbean visits have become and has a lot more European influence in architecture and history that many would imagine. There are really magnificent parts of Cuba; it's called a cultural experience, not something you are going to get at St Martin or Cozumel. Is it a third world country with inconveniences? Surely. But there's a ton to experience. If you're the type that needs a Dairy Queen or Starbucks within 500 feet of the ship, I agree, not the right destination.
  13. Thanks for the updates; I haven't been on the board much. Have they extended the sail by date of 12/21?
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