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  1. Agreed. Ugly inside and out. A panoramic ocean view lounge is a benefit of a cruise compared to most land resorts. If they won't continue the Diamond Happy Hour I'd like to see them schedule more events and entertainment there for all cruisers. They could still staff the bar and advertise happy hour for all and create a very vibrant scene in the early evening. Just think it is a shame such a beautiful space is underutilized.
  2. Don't recall; I don't pay much attention to that information. It was a nice event. Favorite spot so far; really enjoy VCL.
  3. They had the Diamond HH with hot and cold served food in the VCL back in 2014 sailing from Miami.
  4. On the Mariner they don't care where anyone smokes
  5. I don't really see the Edge as being different enough from regular Celebrity offerings. It offers new gimmicks and amenities, but the itineraries and how the cruises are functionally run/onboard scheduling fall within the majority of Celebrity product. A long time Celebrity cruiser would likely be very comfortable with the Edge (insert Infinite Veranda opinions here).
  6. Yes, absolutely. Yes, absolutely. I can't say, but they offer these as "perks" quite frequently as you mention. I think the VV model does away with a lot of "plus, plus" pricing and is easier for consumers. Celebrity has been trying to lower the average onboard age for quite a few years now. Anyone denying that VV is going after a portion of the Celebrity demographic is kidding themselves. VV is not targeted at traditional style cruisers. Also, VV is not marketed or intended as a "Booze Cruise". That's still going to be your 3 day party barges. This is aimed at the couple who might otherwise fly to an island or Vegas for a few days in a nicer resort hotel. We are late 30's/early 40's and using Celebrity as a step up in atmosphere and service from Royal Caribbean and when looking at a trip for "just us" and leaving the kids home I am way more inclined to try out a 5 night on VV's new experience/cabins/ and dining and entertainment concepts than I am to book a 7 day Celebrity just without bringing the kids. VV is the first I have seen of trying to really do something different from the regular cruise industry playbook and that is exciting. It ought to scare Celebrity and force them to be competitive for that segment of the market (35-55 singles and couples)
  7. You'll spend $600 +/- for the kids to ride a water slide a couple times. Your call
  8. I always like the pool bars; they usually quiet down around 6pm, still nice outside, never busy (fast service). Check out Lime & Coconut bar, also close to Windjammer so can get cheese, crackers, apps, etc
  9. Royal created an exclusive venue by trampling on their signature feature. 100% of people on board used to be "good enough" to have access. Now only about 5-10% have paid enough I suppose. You may call it cynical, but I don't make the business decision and I don't white knight for corporations. Just telling the truth and let people form their own opinions. Of course people that spend 5-6 digits a year w Royal, and have little to no basis of contemporary comparison to other lines or other forms of vacation or travel, are going to be dismissive. To them pointing out a truth like this is like calling their baby ugly. They find it offensive. It's not comforting to have someone point out how much has been reduced when you were feeling good about clicking payment for another 5 digit trip. Human nature.
  10. Some of us get good information and never wrong though. I'm moving you up into Top 12 in the fan club
  11. LOL good grief these marketing people at Royal must really peg their customers for rich suckers with 3 brain cells
  12. I was 3 months out and had just paid in full
  13. Thank you for the update and THANK YOU for the original post. Without your original post HAL would have never refunded me my full cruise fare without penalty. I think the update to the program makes much more sense but the money has already been spent to go on Celebrity and HAL's corporate stance at the time was basically "You weren't supposed to find this information online..." With the changes we may entertain HAL for our Alaska trip.
  14. What about the China based cruiselines that are not name brands in the US? Aren't there some mid-size ships that sail full time from China?
  15. Why doesn't anyone board the ship in 3 piece suit or long dress anymore? It's just for a few hours. You can change later when I don't see you. You are important background actors in fantasy land I personally believe if you can't dress appropriately to board the ship you don't have a leg to stand on demanding anyone dress for dinner. Ditch your Las Vegas t-shirts and RCI caps and elastic waist $5 walmart shorts and New Balance joggers with knee high socks. Fly and board ships like they did 50 years ago...
  16. You guys all think anyone working for the company is your friend? Really? Look what happens when one tried to use a clearer head to do something nice for guests. Shut down by a corporate bean counter.
  17. If you want to wear one size fits all polyester clothes like the wait staff, go for it
  18. All I said is it changes the atmosphere. Yes, if I walked into the Martini Bar and every had their face buried in a book it would change the atmosphere. I wouldn't have a problem with it. Just noting a difference. I never said people could not or should not do as they please; so long as they are not being obtrusive to others there isn't a problem. Same argument that eventually killed formal nights; people wanted to do things that, while not hurting anyone else, did undoubtedly change the atmosphere until there was no point. Perhaps they will upgrade many of the bars to be like airport bars with built in tablets that have news, games, menus, and phone chargers built in. Things evolve. Throwing your fathers age out there was a bit strange and unneeded reverse ageism. I am 38. So what?
  19. Yes, I understand. 1 voucher for virgin drink, 1 voucher for a shot. I'm just calling it like I see it.
  20. Didn't you say you have to use two vouchers? Stingy.
  21. They have to take that up with their employer. Why would I pay for a service I am not using?
  22. No you won't be asked for an explanation. OP, you can tip cash to whoever you want, whenever you want, and they will keep it whether you left automatic on or not.
  23. OP makes a valid claim. Bars and Lounges are meant to be Social settings. You are not FORCED to socialize, but they are indeed social settings. Walking into a lounge full of people face buried in a phone is a bit offputting. But that said, so long as their device is not making any distracting noises people are free to enjoy. It does change the atmosphere though, undoubtedly. At least Celebrity doesn't have the same problem as Carnival with people cranking up bluetooth speakers as loud as they go until their rap or autotuned fake country music is blaring
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