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  1. We get the MDR filet all the time - can't tell the difference and we go to chops at least once every cruise. On SOTS last year we had a bad service experience on our second night ( we were moved from our table from the first night ) and the manager gave us all free filet for the rest of the cruise.
  2. Done this itinerary on harmony and symphony - was la spezia both times. La spezia was actually a revelation last year on symphony - the town itself is fantastic just to get off and walk around - really enjoyed it as a relaxing port to just wander around .
  3. We were on Navigator 2 years ago - I really like the look of what they have done in the dry dock - ship looks fantastic. I enjoyed El Loco Fresh on Symphony last year - great addition for the ship. Excellent live blog by the way - really enjoying it!
  4. Are the balconies on the hump slightly bigger than the other junior suites?
  5. Can anyone tell me if there are reclining chairs / loungers on junior suite and grand suite balconies on adventure?
  6. Any problem with noise from the pool deck above?
  7. I have an awful feeling I am going to spend a lot of money on a grand suite. The more I read all your comments the more I think this is going to be a very special trip for us. My wife's parents are also coming with us and they are getting on in years so it may be the last time they venture this far from the UK for a cruise. Would be great to make it very special . We all had our first junior suite on rhapsody last year and absolutely loved it - we have another booked on ovation for June this year. There are a lot of perks associated with the grand suite that we would take advantage of. I wonder is there many issue with noise in the grand suites on adventure with the pool deck directly above? I usually book a cabin sandwiched between passenger decks.
  8. Thanks again! Quite a lot of extra perks with a grand suite. Can you explain the private lunch seating and private breakfast seating - is this buffet or service and where is it held? Any idea where I would get hold of a sample menu ( or is it the same as the MDR menu?)
  9. Have you ever stayed in a grand suite on adventure (or other voyager class ships)? A grand suite on this sailing is about £900 (approx $1100) more than the junior suite. Would it be worth the difference? What are the grand suite perks on adventure? Normally there is a bigger difference between the two.
  10. Thanks - what is your opinion of the ports on the cruise - which is your favourite ?
  11. Hello All! We are from the UK and as of yet have never been to the Caribbean. We are on the point of booking Adventure of the Seas 29th July 2020 10 day from New York calling at Bermuda , St. Maarten , St. Thomas , San Juan and Labadee. The flight is much shorter from the UK to New York than to Florida plus we wanted to spend a few days in New York , so that was chosen as our departure port. I am not keen on 7 day cruises so wanted 9 nights or longer and we wanted to incorporate at least some Caribbean islands ( not just Bermuda) hence we settled on this itinerary . This will be our 9th Royal Caribbean cruise (and 1st as diamond😎) so we are very familiar with the company. Couple of questions for those familiar with the Caribbean and Adventure of the seas -Is the end of July date risky in terms of hurricane season? There is an alternative 9 night itinerary on 1st July which misses out st. Thomas - would you suggest this instead? -Would you consider this a good itinerary as a first foray into the Caribbean? -Is Labadee basically just a beach day? -We want to book a junior suite on Adventure - any suggestions as to locations to pick or avoid? We are very excited about this trip and want to get it right so all help and comments gratefully accepted!
  12. That would mean no oasis class ship in Europe for 2020.
  13. If Celebrity Edge makes a success of the dining arrangements ( and it is definitely a version of dynamic dining) I wouldn't be surprised to see it replicated on Icon class.
  14. We were on symphony in September in the med and had superb service from pretty much everyone including our MDR waiters and the head waiter in particular . The food was very good for the most part. We had a couple of dishes we weren't keen on at the beginning of the cruise and they told us we could have the chops fillet steak any time we wanted it at no extra cost! Strange how service and food can vary so much on the same ship - maybe some new crew joined in Miami? We really enjoyed symphony but all agreed we actually preferred our rhapsody Greek island cruise in June , even though the 2 ships are chalk and cheese!
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