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  1. We are another couple who love quantum class. Anthem and ovation are our favourite ships and faced with an identical itinerary on different classes of ship I would choose quantum class every time. We are on ovation again 2 weeks today. our first cruise was on Norwegian Epic which we enjoyed. 2 years later we booked anthem on her maiden season from Southampton - we didn't just enjoy it - we were blown away! To us it was a real step up from Epic. We have sailed royal ever since. I am also in the minority who wish for the return on dynamic dining! Forget the reviews and enjoy Ovation!
  2. Agree with the previous couple of posts. I have read several reviews from the 11 day and some from the current 7 day and they are overwhelmingly positive. We have booked for 14th June and I for one cannot wait!!
  3. Just want to check where you signed up for the $49 North Star experience at the glacier? Really want to book this.
  4. Just wondered if anyone has been to Jamie's Italian and asked for a gluten free meal? If so what was available or what could be modified? We are sailing on Ovation in a couple of weeks and I would like to book lunch , but my wife has celiac disease so I would need to make sure there is something she could eat before I boom for both of us.
  5. Our original scheduled arrival time back to Seattle was 6am (we are on the June 14th cruise) but that was updated a few weeks ago to 4.30am.
  6. Amazing review - so looking forward to 14th June. We have purchased Voom S&S - we will see how it goes - might be a visit to guest services!
  7. How is the food on the ship? Someone on "another site" said they weren't happy with the food generally - but food is so subjective. On other cruises we have always had some dishes we liked better than others , but overall really couldn't complain.
  8. Thank you so much for this live review. We are on ovation 14th June - we are from the UK and this will be our first time to Alaska so a real bucket list trip for us. We have been on Ovation before - the ship is perfect for Alaska . Hope chops was just a bad night as we are booked for dinner there one evening and usually enjoy it. Waiting impatiently for more posts!!
  9. We are on the 14th June sailing. I would like to know for definite what the formal nights are. Also if there is gluten free pizza available in Sorrentos, and how wide a range of food there is in the gluten free section of the windjammer.
  10. I have changed one booking for another , and had a price drop honoured for another. One was a booke on board cruise which allowed one swap , and the other I guess I was just lucky.
  11. Anthem launched in 2015 so 2020 will be its first dry dock refurbishment.
  12. We are also on the June 14th (join the roll call!) , have also been on 7 royal cruises and it is also our first time in Alaska. We have been on ovation and anthem before so are at least familiar with the class of ship. looking forward to reports from the initial sailings to see what's what! We have all our excursions , dining etc booked and the suitcases are coming down this weekend - maybe we will run into each other onboard!
  13. We get the MDR filet all the time - can't tell the difference and we go to chops at least once every cruise. On SOTS last year we had a bad service experience on our second night ( we were moved from our table from the first night ) and the manager gave us all free filet for the rest of the cruise.
  14. Done this itinerary on harmony and symphony - was la spezia both times. La spezia was actually a revelation last year on symphony - the town itself is fantastic just to get off and walk around - really enjoyed it as a relaxing port to just wander around .
  15. We were on Navigator 2 years ago - I really like the look of what they have done in the dry dock - ship looks fantastic. I enjoyed El Loco Fresh on Symphony last year - great addition for the ship. Excellent live blog by the way - really enjoying it!
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