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  1. Does anyone have the email to contact Royal to advise them of a dietary requirement in advance of a cruise? I know it is special needs something but cant remember it exactly.
  2. We have just booked a cruise on Jewel of the Seas to Dubai for February 2020 (couldn't pass up the price!!) This will be our first cruise as diamond members - how does the 24 hours of free internet per person work? How is it activated ? I presume if I book an Internet package online in the cruise planner I don't get allowed the free day? We usually get an Internet package - but if we have 2 free days and Internet in some of the ports , I may get away without booking one.
  3. Just booked the 9th June 2021 12 night Norway and Iceland on Jewel of the Seas. Got an aft cabin on deck 8 - 8168 .. Quite pricey but we have talked about this cruise for some time. Just waiting for odyssey now to complete 2021!
  4. We have 9 people travelling from Dublin to Newark airport in July next year for a 3 night pre cruise stay in New Jersey. Our party includes children and elderly parents. To make life a bit easier I would really like to have a transfer waiting at the airport to take us to our Airbnb house in New Jersey. Does anyone have any recommendations for a reputable company which would have vehicles which would take all 9 of us together? I would also like to arrange a transfer from our property to Bayonne cruise port at the end of our stay.
  5. How much is a taxi from the dockyard to horseshoe bay beach ? We have 9 people to transport. Are the taxis plentiful or can we prebook to have one or more waiting for us - we only have one day in Bermuda and don't want to waste any time.
  6. We are on a 10 day Bermuda and Caribbean cruise from New York at the end of July next year. This will be our first time in Bermuda (we are from the UK) and we only have one day and I would appreciate some suggestions as to what we should see or do - some details below to give you an idea of our group. The ship gets in at 7am and leaves at 5pm. We are a family group of 9 people ranging in age from 11 to 79 - one family of 5 (kids 11 , 13 and 15) , and 2 other couples (one of the couples in their 70's) We would like some beach time and a bit of sightseeing or shopping also , but we don't all have to do the same thing all day.
  7. Thank you - that would actually be perfect timing for me. Will be eagerly awaiting the release of this itinerary on 11th November!
  8. There is a 2020 cruise on Brilliance out of Amsterdam in August which calls in Iceland and Norwegian fjords and Shetland islands on the way back. I really want to do this itinerary but can't do it in 2020 ( anyway the prices for the remaining cabins for 2020 are eye watering - the cruise is well booked already). Are there any indications from port bookings confirming that there will be a similar cruise offered in 2021?
  9. We had an 11am flight last week from Barcelona to Dublin after disembarking Brilliance. Had a private taxi booked for 7.55am which arrived right on time and we were going in the airport doors at 8.20am. In my opinion this was just right in terms of time - we weren't rushed at any point ( worth noting there was quite a long line at security - took us maybe 30 mins to get through) and didn't have too long to wait anywhere . For a transatlantic flight you should maybe leave a bit more time - I would want to be getting in to my taxi at 7.00am.
  10. We have booked a Nellies Beach Cabana for our Adventure of the Seas cruise next July. I have a couple of questions - this will be our first time at Labadee. - The maximum number of guests is listed as 8 - there are 9 in our party - 6 adults and 3 kids - will they let us all in or do we need to book a second Cabana? -It is a standard Cabana we have booked (not overwater ) but is described as having direct water access - how far a walk is it from the pier ? Is there any carts / golf buggies etc - 1 of our party is not very mobile. - How far away is the buffet and how far away are the restrooms from the Cabanas? - Would you describe Nellies Beach as a good beach ? -It describes the Cabana as having a water cooler - is this stocked with water? Anything else I should know about these Cabanas please let me know!
  11. Thanks for the replies everyone. i specified an apartment , but of course it ccould be a townhouse. Not sure if that makes things easier or opens up other options? We are also looking at hotels , but quite liked the idea of all staying together! Any other options will be gratefully accepted!
  12. We are booked on Adventure of the Seas in July 2020 to the Caribbean from Bayonne. There are 3 families (9 people in total ) and we are looking for an apartment which will hold all of us in New York for 4 nights prior to the cruise. Any suggestions as to location , and the best company to book through? We have never used Airbnb - maybe worth a try in this case?
  13. How did I miss this??!! This is absolutely perfect , except that we will be on Adventure on those dates! I will look out for it in the 2021/22 release - it's the type of cruise you need to book on release - the prices for the 2020 cruise are eye watering!
  14. I would love RCI to put on a few cruises with stops in Iceland - currently it is only transatlantics. I might have to stray to Celebrity to get to Iceland.
  15. So does this mean Anthem and Indy will be in the UK for 2021 and 2022 after Indy was cancelled for 2020 ?
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