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  1. Thanks, @chengkp75! I had in mind the accident of the MSC Armonia last year in Roatan when she hit the pier. For a sudden stop they´ve dropped both anchors. steamboats
  2. It was announced for Oasis and there were even the "under construction and coming soon" signs during the TA. But then they skipped the plan. They never announced it for Allure (dry dock 2015). But when they refurb the Oasis this fall and add Wonderland I´m pretty sure it will come to Allure next year too. steamboats
  3. But... which consumer law comes into action depends on where the customer did "sign" his contract. So all US pax are a subject to US law. The Brits onboard are a subject to EU consumer laws. The flag of the ship is not important regarding consumer laws. Same for the location of the company´s headquarter (which is Basel, Switzerland). @chengkp75 Isn´t it a standard emergency manoveur to drop both anchors for an emergency stop? For a regular anchorage one anchor is the routine. But here they wanted the ship to get to an immediate stop to prevent a grounding. steamboats
  4. I don´t have a clue why they´ve dropped it in 2014. During the TA the signs were still on "Wonderland soon". But the area was only used as storage for furniture and no construction was going on. steamboats
  5. The towboat Ocean Response is now shown as "towing" with destination "Molde" on Marinetraffic. Two more towboats are aside, the Vivax and the Normand Ranger. steamboats
  6. As passenger was interviewed by Norwegian TV and she confirmed that a window broke and the dining room got water. Some people got cut by the glass from the broken window. steamboats
  7. I fear there isn´t any English language news service. At least I can understand some single words (as I´m German). steamboats
  8. I think it´s the freight ship Hagland Captain which is in distress with 9 people onboard. You can see this on the live stream. The freight ship was not supposed to assisst. The offshore vessels (Ocean Art, Edda Fauna, Siem Symphony and Troms Arcturus) are the ones to assisst. steamboats
  9. Actually the evacuation was ordered when the ship was adrift with no power and a high risk go run aground on one of the reefs or the near shoreline. Not until later one engine has been restored. So they have limited power. steamboats
  10. The helicopters are way to heavy to land on a cruise ship. Newer cruise ships don´t have a real helipad anymore but just a winch area. steamboats
  11. Last time we did a food tour. You can see photos here. In the meantime the company offers food tours through different quarters of the city. All tours are not just about food but also a little about history and life in Naples. All tours are in English. We were lucky as it was only us and one other woman. We had lots of fun. steamboats
  12. Live Stream is up and running right now. But it will stop soon for a break as they just have passed the ship yard lock. steamboats
  13. Once more... if you find it cheaper than go for it but it must be the red one not the cheaper green one! steamboats
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