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  1. On your itinerary Spanish VAT is only applicable within the 3 mile zone of a Spanish port (and in port of course). In all other ports no Spanish VAT is added. steamboats
  2. All shuttles from the cruise ships end at Largo della Pace. Later in the morning they might stop near the Fortress (only for terminals 10 to 13 - green line A) too. No stops for the terminal 25 busses (light blue line B). See here. steamboats
  3. Today the "diary" starts with day 1 embarktion and 3 Queens in Southampton. This and the following entries (until day 9 as we spent one night in NYC) will have more text. I won´t post a link to each day but of course you can still follow if you like to. steamboats
  4. Today´s entry is featuring our cabin 4203. steamboats
  5. 1. each guest has his own C&A number and account. 2. Partners (same household is sufficent, must not be married) and children under 18 can have their account linked to each other. 3. With linked accounts each family member does have the same number of points and the same status. 4. There are two kind of points - those you have earned yourself by cruising and those you have inherited from a family member. Inherited points can be consumed (or lost when kids turn 18 or partners split up in separate households - then the account only reflects the earned points but still shows the former status). "Consumed" means when your partner has some inherited points from cruises you´ve been on on your own and now cruises solo then the new earned points show up but might not add to your account. As an example you´ve been on a 7 night cruise (with another person sharing your cabin) and therfore earned 7 points making a total on your account of 170 points. Your partner will have 170 points also. Now your partner cruises (with another person sharing the cabin) on a 7 night cruise and earns 7 points. His (and your account) won´t show 177 points (meaning D+) but still stays at 170 points as your partner had 7 inherited points which are now consumed by his 7 earned points. Sounds a little complicated. steamboats
  6. @steve1young Thanks a lot, Steve! We stayed in a hotel in Lower East Side for one night after the crossing and had lunch at Jing Fong plus some ice cream from the Chinatown Ice Cream Factory. We both love to experience new things especially regarding food. Our other major research project this time was the General Slocum so we visited those sites and especially the memorial at the cemetary in Queens. Photos will follow later in my review. Today´s entry is featuring a lot of text about extra costs onboard. But there are still some photos. steamboats
  7. @TMLAalum Good old Air Berlin... 2 years ago we´ve been to Cuba on Air Berlin via DUS. On the flight back a lot of people had to check their carry ons in DUS as the duty free shop in Varadero did not pack the receipt inside the plastic bag containing the rum they´ve bought. When we arrived in Munich some of those bags arrived - dripping. Others didn´t. One lady was desparate as she had her keys in that bag. Although my bag had been checked through it didn´t arrive. It was Saturday morning and the next flight was arriving in more than two hours. So I thought I prefer to go home. My bag will be delivered tomorrow (Sunday). Not with Air Berlin! I learned that they had a different contract than Lufthansa with the lost baggage operator. With Lufthansa I usually got my bag delivered the next day. No, with Air Berlin my bag was handed over to the delivery company on Monday evening and didn´t arrive until Tuesday!! Fortunately I was at home and didn´t need anything out of the bag. steamboats
  8. @BobBranst here you go... Part 4 covering bars and lounges onboard the QM2. steamboats
  9. It was o.k. on our Westbound crossing on Aug 11th - 18th. I only used it for social media but DH was uploading photos and text to his website. There were only certain moments when it was really slow. Reception on Deck 4 aft in the cabin was no problem. steamboats
  10. I never had my bag being weighed by LH but I only have a day pack backpack as carry on. And yes, this day pack is just big enough to hold one set of clothes (meaning fresh undies, socks and a shirt), all my electronics (including a 12in laptop and Kindle plus camera and a back holding all cables and chargers) and my basic cosmetics in a 1 l clear bag (no not a regular zipper but a more stable one with a real zipper). So I can survive one day without my luggage. I just flew back home (Munich) with UA and I was surprised to see the carry on luggage the people had which in most cases exceeded all measurements given by the airline. To make it even worse the overhead bins were really small especially those for the middle seats. Small means that most of the "carry on" suitcases did not fit in "upright" but only sideways blocking almost a whole bin (no space for a second suitcase). So many people walked around trying to find some space for their oversized carry on. steamboats
  11. Fitness classes like pilates, yoga, spinning are extra as well as the use of the spa area (and of course all treatments). steamboats
  12. Thanks to all of you! Part 3 just went online and is covering all restaurants. steamboats
  13. Thank you very much for your kind words, Hattie! Part 2 covering decks 7 to the top is online now. steamboats
  14. I just started my photo extense review of our crossing on the QM2 August 11th - 18th, 2019. The text is in German but no need for translation (you can try google translate anyway). I start out with a deck by deck ship description (except restaurants, bars and lounges - which will get a separate entry) in two parts. Part 1 is online, the other parts will follow - one each day. Enjoy! steamboats
  15. @Cosmic Rays I never said anything else... as stated in your quote ESTA is a "pre-scan" for the Visa Waiver Program. @Griller Just went to NYC onboard the QM2 and someone from our group had a visa because the person traveled to Iran since 2011. Last year on my trip to Tahiti and the Marquesas a couple had to chose the flights via New Zealand as they also had been to Iran and haven´t got a visa for the US while I flew via LAX. steamboats
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