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  1. Here in Munich the Isar river is pretty high but we´re still on level 2. Passau is fine so far. Close to level 1 but they might not reach it. We have to wait until the water from the Isar river and others is reaching the Danube river. steamboats
  2. Here´s the article by my DH. It consists of 3 parts. Text is in German but google translate ususally works quite well. Lots of photos anyway plus 360° views. steamboats
  3. I´m cruising next week and I expect temps between 10 and 17°C and some rain. But you never know... steamboats
  4. The crew pretty likely will be Russian not from EU countries. Maybe Ukraine or Belarus. So Rubles will be o.k.. You will need them for purchases on land too. steamboats
  5. Yes, they decided against those gimmicks. They can be only used by a few passengers but take up a lot of space onboard. So they wanted to have this space for all passengers. steamboats
  6. Port to downtown in Palma is 3 Euro, port to airport is 5 Euro (see here). steamboats
  7. My DH had the pleasure to visit the Hanseatic nature on Saturday. Here is his article (3 parts, German - try google translate) including 360° photos of certain areas (12 360ies in part 2). And here´s the full photo gallery. steamboats
  8. For those who want to see more photos... Here are the ones taken by my DH. steamboats
  9. There has been a media event today onboard. And by now the ship should have been christened. The ceremony was held with crew only as a private event. The godmother is also a staff member of HL Cruises. steamboats
  10. They don´t walk around with a café but they do walk around with water bottles too. steamboats
  11. Great news!! Although I think this will be hard for the locals... As cruisemom42 stated... there´s single use plastic available on Capri everywhere. I had my share of lemon granitas on Capri and even the Italians love their bottled water. As for myself we - step by step - changed our travel habits. I´m traveling with a reusable bottle (actually mine is plastic but Tupperware - I prefer that over metal bottles as it´s dishwasher save - better for cleaning). I have my reusable travel mug and I have metal straws. For home use I have glass straws. steamboats
  12. That´s what DH told me too. The F1 simulator is 10$ and not included in the regular 29$ fee for the Galaxy Pavillion. steamboats
  13. The Hanseatic nature arrived in Hamburg early in the morning today. Here´s a nice video by Unimedien. steamboats
  14. I had quite a few "river days" on river cruise ships on my trips. Some days are only half days but some are full days cruising. It usually depends on the itinerary and how far the ports are away from each other. On the Rhine/Main/Danube rivers most ports are close to each other so there´s no longer cruising part (except for the Wachau and the Loreley area where they add half days of cruising for scenic reasons). Never had a dull moment on the rivers. I enjoy river days to relax and watch the scenery. And usually the crew is making up a good program for those days. steamboats
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