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  1. They don´t tender on a regular basis as getting 6,5 K passengers on land with tender boats would take the whole day through. This does not mean that they have an opening with a platform where any kind of other ship can go alongside. These are used for medevacs and of course for loading (goods and baggage). The other point is that the life boats are not designed to double serve as tender boats. Oasis Class ships do have special life boats with a capcity of 370 persons. A life boat which can be also used as tender would have a much lesser capacity for life boat purpose (a
  2. It does not matter whether you get off or not. You are in Schengen waters and in Belgium. Pretty likely the Belgian immigration officers will board the ship in Southampton and do a passport control on the seaday. That´s what happened vice versa on short cruises from mainland Europe to the UK as UK never was a Schengen country. Last time was last November on the Norwegian Encore for me from Bremerhaven to Southampton. There we had to do a face to face with the UK officers showing our passports. On Med cruises which had a Turkish port (as an example) the passports were collected by t
  3. If there´s anything like a 90 days rule your passport definitely will be stamped. But anyway, I think there´s a mistake in your thoughts... You can only stay 90 days in a row and then have to leave - not 90 days in total per year. So that short trip doesn´t matter as you´re returning to the UK. 90 days is the regular "Schengen visa" which is stamped in your passport upon arrival. When you return to the UK and start another trip you will get a new stamp valid for the next 90 days. There might be rules saying that a one night stay (or whatever) might not be enough to start another 90
  4. Nope, they won´t let you onboard. You have to quarantine prior to boarding. And if there´s still a two weeks quarantine they won´t cruise at all. steamboats
  5. I didn´t talk about the return quarantine because the question was about traveling to Europe. steamboats
  6. MS6 arrived in Malta anchoring. AIS has changed to Malta Anchorage as well. We´ll have to wait and see whether she´s going on to Gibraltar or the Canaries... or back to Greece.... steamboats
  7. We´re talking about the two weeks of quarantine when entering Europe ;-). steamboats
  8. Mein Schiff 3 is dockside in Piraeus. Mein Schiff 5 is anchoring outside of Malta (which is Western Med). Maybe Mein Schiff 6 is going to the Canary islands too. They should still have full crew. steamboats
  9. It will take more than a year to get all vaccined... steamboats
  10. There´s no travel ban for Canadians or US here in Europe but you have to quarantine. There´s a travel ban the opposite way - as a German I can´t enter USA or Canada right now (just for travel) - not even with a quarantine. Right now it´s way too early to tell what´s going on in September 2021. Who ever thought in March that we still are coping with this in November? steamboats
  11. Currently MSC is sailing basically with Italians. There are only some single non Italians onboard. MSC did not accept French, Spanish, Swiss guests anymore for a while. As a German I still could go but as Italy is a high risk area for Germany I have to quarantine after the cruise when I´m back home. steamboats
  12. Yes, this was the original planning... But mid October they announced that they´ve added cruises out of Iraklion in December. They wanted to change from Sunday to Saturday as embarkation day and from Corfu to Rhodes. Currently you can´t book Mein Schiff 6 anymore (not even for December). steamboats
  13. BTW I´ve been on Mein Schiff 6 3 weeks ago. Here´s my full review (text in German but Google translate usually works pretty well - and there are a lot of photos as well). Tomorrow ends the so far last cruise of Mein Schiff 6 - this one was without any port stops anymore. Depending on the Covid-19 situation TUI Cruises wants to continue in December. We have to wait and see. steamboats
  14. News from SeaDream I - passenger 6 is confirmed and also his other half has been tested positive. So it´s up to 7 now. Seems like all other passengers are free to disembark tomorrow and fly back home. steamboats
  15. Crazy thing... they just sent out the news for a new 35 day cruise to the Caribbean today starting Dec 10th til Jan 14th on Mein Schiff 1. The cruise will be out of Germany crossing the Atlantic then 9 days in the Caribbean (they are talking about beach vacation on a private island - so Coco Cay) and after than back to Germany. steamboats
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