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  1. Sorry, this has nothing to do with discrimination. It´s simply a slow restart of cruising. BTW someone did contact TUI Cruises asking about a cruise out of Crete. The person - like me - is living in Munich and we´re currently above 50 cases/100K citizens/7 days. And even with a negative test they said we won´t be allowed onboard. steamboats
  2. Once again vistaman, they simply want to start with one group of passengers. If that works out they might enlarge the markets. Costa did exactly the same and offered the first cruises for Italians only. Now they do accept Germans too. Not regarding the fact that Antwerp was regarded as risk area with a travel warning here in Germany just a while ago (and yes, Munich hit that critical mark too - I currently can travel everywhere here in Germany). steamboats
  3. Not that big... but the World Explorer (currently nicko cruises, during the winter season usually Quark Expeditions) sucessfully ended her first 15 day cruise in Piraeus yesterday. steamboats
  4. Heard about this too. The river level is lowered by 1.5 m. Not sure whether this is still enough water for the river cruise ships. steamboats
  5. @Coral, don´t worry about it... The nickname and photo are just because my first river cruise was onboard the Delta Queen (and this was also my first cruise at all - I didn´t start ocean cruising until 2007). Yes, the photo is showing the Belle of Louisville and not the Delta Queen. But that was something I had in stock ;-). @notamermaid I didn´t ask yet. But the ship is managed by AmaWaterways (if you can say that - hotel operations is Sea Chefs). I think e-hoi is more an advisor and marketing / selling the cruises - so mainly doing all the booking operations (you can´t book directly with AmaWaterways). But there are others who are able to book you on those cruises too. There was an e-hoi representative onboard but we didn´t talk with him. I´ll let you know if I do know more (and are allowed to talk about this). steamboats
  6. @Catlover54 nothing by HL yet but I heard about it. Hurtigruten has cancelled too. So I assume it´s just too much of a risk as there is no way for med evac in Antarctica. steamboats
  7. @Jb-lhr the Northern route right after our cruise was the last one going to Amsterdam. The ship left Amsterdam early to be within the non travel warning rules which set in by midnight that day. The next Northern route starting tomorrow won´t go farther North than Düsseldorf. Other ports are now Frankfurt, Mainz and Mannheim. The Dutch guests disembark in Düsseldorf or Cologne. steamboats
  8. It´s not the drive but for those still working you need another day off. steamboats
  9. I´m finally finished working on the photos and text. Today´s entry was Cochem. The rest of the cruise follows - one entry per day until we´re back in Cologne. @Roz, actually I do point on the items on a menu as well. Sometimes the waiters on cruise ships do not really speak good English and then it´s easier to point on the menu and say "the fish please" ;-). And good to read that my review can fresh up your German as well! Enjoy following along! steamboats
  10. I´m not a big fan of the Oktoberfest... But at least we had some Obazdn, Brezen and a Maß beer last night for dinner. steamboats
  11. The Points Guy article which is linked in the one linked here was written by Gene Sloan who´s a long time cruise expert. He used to write for USA Today for decades and recently changed to The Points Guy (somewhen last year). Mentioning the delay of the restart of MS1 in connection with Covid-19 cases is a bit off... This was prior to the restart and cases amongst the arriving crew which never stepped onboard as they were tested prior to boarding. The Points Guy article is totally correct saying there hasn´t been a Covid-19 incident onboard since they´ve started cruising (MSC and TUI Cruises). This agrophilia article is a bit weird and off... The main purpose is to say that cruises out of Crete are a bad thing. steamboats
  12. The bar and restaurant crew is speaking English with some German words. The hotel manager is German as well as the cruise director. All menus (except for the main bar menu) are in German. Also at the reception they do speak German (but no native speakers). The table next to us there was only one person speaking English pretty well so this person placed the orders. But it usually works when you point with your finger on the item in the menu ;-)! I didn´t think that anyone felt uncomfortable not being able to speak English. All announcements were in German. The wellness host (Spaniard) did speak German pretty well as he studied in Cologne for a year. steamboats
  13. 😂 No, I´m a woman... Anyway there´s is a man involved who wrote this short artice for CC. You can see me in front of the ship on the bike and DH at the end of the article... "See", uhm, Covid-19 style... 😉 steamboats
  14. Nijmegen is locted in Gelderland. AmaKristina has left Amsterdam early yesterday and is on her way up to Cologne. Next cruise is the Southern itinerary. steamboats
  15. No, I haven´t moved 😉 , I´m still in Munich. steamboats
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