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  1. @zeberdee It´s not the question whether the country you´re traveling to requires the 6 months. It´s Celebrity who requires a passport to be valid 6 months after the cruise has ended. My friend recently had this problem that their passport was 5 days short. They had to get new ones as they weren´t able to do the online check-in. And they were on a TA only hitting EU countries and ending in the US (which doesn´t require the 6 months but only a passport valid until you leave the country). steamboats
  2. Aurea guests have access to the TOP 19 Solarium. This one has only one hot tub either - it´s more or less the same sort of "infinity" tub they have on deck 16 on both sides. I didn´t see any signs saying YC can use the TOP 19 too. I remember that from the MSC Seaside/Seaview. But there the YC Sun Deck and the TOP 19 were next to each other and there is a door inbetween which can be opened with a YC card. steamboats
  3. @floridian1, my friends answered. Yes, technically the priority for YC is possible. At the beginning of the cruise it still worked to go directly up or down. Currently this function is disabled. But you still can give a priority call. They are still working on it. steamboats
  4. Yes, you can´t just jump in. Inside there´s a screen showing the floors the elevator is serving. Of course it´s not just going from 5 to 15 but also serves decks inbetween. But when you order the elevator it shows the letter and then it´s gone. I think on the Carnival Horizon there was a screen showing which elevator has been already "ordered" for which deck. The video is just covering the way a legally blind person can cope with the elevators. They use that button marked with a wheelchair (and Braille letters) to get into the system. As a non handicapped person you simply touch the number of the deck and then the letter of the cabin appears. I´m pretty sure they still can use one as priority elevator. I might ask friends who are onboard. BTW, part 2 is online. steamboats
  5. I had the pleasure to be onboard the MSC Grandiosa for the naming ceremony in Hamburg for two nights. I started my detailled photo review today. It´s a deck by deck review - restaurants and bars & lounges are featured in separate entries. There will be an entry each day until the review is finished (pretty likely next Sunday). I´m still working on it. The text is German but you don´t really need to read the text but just the bold words and have a look at the photos. Some menus are included in the photos. Enjoy! steamboats
  6. The Malamocco-Marghera Channel (or Canale dei Petroli) is already used by cargo ships. But it´s one way only. Traffic has to wait until they get a slot to go in or out. The Vittorio Emanuele III Channel is not navigable for any larger ships. They have to dig it out first and that´s the part environmentalist oppose to. There´s another channel called Contorta Sant´Angelo as an alternative to the Vittorio Emanuele III Channel but that one has to be digged out too and has been skipped. Those were the plans in 2017 - the plans were talking about a 4 year time period until it´s finished. So far nothing has happened at all. steamboats
  7. Nope, no cruise ship ever passed through the Canal Grande... it´s the Guidecca Canal. steamboats
  8. Customer protection laws in Germany allow me a finaly payment 30 days prior to the sailing. So it depends on the country you´ve booked in. steamboats
  9. The current flooding has nothing to do with the cruise ships. And the "Moses" defence is not blocking any ships from going in (o.k., only when it´s up but then the ships won´t dock there anyway). steamboats
  10. Wow, that article is... very well researched... I´ve never seen a cruise ship passing through the Grand Canal (Canal Grande). They go through the Guidecca Canal. Plans are there for years but there´s still a lot of opposition against every kind of plan. And each plan requires some kind of construction work and planning. I´ve never heard a complaint regarding the pollution of water by any cruise ships. The complaints are about air pollution but not the water. steamboats
  11. You can find photos of the Vibe Beach Club here in my review and here´s the Vibe Bar. Some cabanas, two whirlpools and a mist area on the upper deck (deck 20). There are nice double loungers up there too but I guess you have to be fast to grab one. steamboats
  12. BTW for all who are searching... Face the Surf Bar and go to the left side where the Garden Café outside area is located. There you will find it. And for those who are still following my ship review... Bars & Lounges part 1 went online today. Still a couple of more entries in the future. steamboats
  13. My DH did some 360° photos which you might enjoy. I´m on the train to Hamburg for the new MSC Grandiosa but more parts of my review will go online today and the next days of course. Not so much enjoying the 6 hour train ride instead of a one hour flight which was cancelled due to a strike of the flight attendants. steamboats
  14. I´ve never heard of shuttles by the cruise line. But there are shuttle busses to Largo della Pace - single ride is 2 Euro. Then you have to switch to the port shuttle busses to your ship (free of charge). steamboats
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