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  1. Thanks! Tomorrows entry might not be as entertaining as it covers the side costs with A-Rosa. I just finished our first day in Porto and that will be a very long one! steamboats
  2. Nothing but a café and souvenir shops (and yes, a wine shop where you also can get water) in the port. Take the port bus T3 (3 Euro single ride, 4 Euro back and forth) to the beginning of La Rambla. There you will find plenty of shops. steamboats
  3. Vistaman, yes, I am German and I live in Munich. So no need to tell my about skiing holidays in Südtirol or Ischgl. That´s been the main source of infection here in Bavaria and our state was hit the hardest in Germany. Currently we are doing well. I don´t think you can compare a cruise to a hotel stay. We should be happy that Hamburg, Kiel and Warnemünde do accept cruise ships once more and therefore we have to play with their rules. It was the same for all hotels over here. They had to stay closed and now can only accept limited numbers of guests with lots of hygiene measures. We should be happy that cruising is taking up slowly. Unfortunately cruise ships are still regarded as a high risk and breeding place for viruses - a prejudice as we all know. But as I said before my federal government still has a travel warning up regarding cruises. And that´s basically why those upcoming cruises are having no port stops and don´t accept all nationalities. The travel warning is only valid for foreign countries... a cruise to nowhere out of a German port technically does not really leave Germany and therefore is not applying to the travel warning ;-). steamboats
  4. @vistaman this is not about politics... just following the rules of each country regarding disease/pandemic control. It´s a start... I just read about a 5 phase plan from Costa starting Aug 15th. The first cruises will be Italians only, then they allow French and Spain... We Germans can´t cruise with Costa until November. That´s their plan worked out with the Italian authorities. I´m happy to be able to cruise again (and have just returned from a river cruise in Portugal with A-Rosa - we were the first group being able to go to Salamanca/Spain). So I accept the rules although I might not like them. steamboats
  5. Thought it would be a better idea to start a new thread - our first post lockdown cruise got us on the Douro river in Portugal onboard A-Rosa Alva. A-Rosa is mainly German but caters to English speaking guests on the Douro too (and on select cruises on the Rhine and Danube rivers). This was really a special trip by all means. Besides all Covid-19 stuff (and yes they are pretty strict about it in Portugal and Spain) it was sort of surreal walking through almost empty streets and usually very touristy spots. A chance to get photos you usually can never take due to the amount of people walking by. The review starts - as usually - with a deck by deck description of the ship. It´s photo extensive so no need to read the German text. If you want to, google translate usually works pretty well. Enjoy! steamboats
  6. @Daisi we had a choice of 3 main courses (fish, meat, veggie) for lunch and dinner plus for dinner a special Portuguese dish (which could have been fish or mean - and as mentioned by others lots of potatoes 😂). So no need to worry! Everyone will be catered. @Canal archive you´re invited to sort out all 2,340 files on my computer 😂 - o.k. not all of them will be in my review but of sure many of them. Some of them were for my Instagram stories only (lots of short videos). steamboats
  7. @vistaman, the restart of cruises of HL, TUI Cruises and AIDA out of German ports was worked out by the German port cities and the CLIA. In Germany it´s mainly the state setting up the rules regarding disease protection. So the port cities (except for Hamburg which is a state by its own) have the back up by their states. The current travel warning by the Auswärtiges Amt is still including cruises of all kind except for river cruises within EU countries ("Von der Teilnahme an Kreuzfahrten wird aufgrund der besonderen Risiken dringend abgeraten. Hiervon ausgenommen sind Flusskreuzfahrten innerhalb der EU bzw. Schengen mit besonderen Hygienekonzepten."). So setting up an agreement between the port cities and the CLIA for ocean cruises is really a big deal. Hurtigruten started out Jun 26th with the first all German cruise out of Hamburg with no port stops. This cruise is limited to Germans (or people living permanently in Germany). All further cruises are limited to Germans too (but by next week they can do port stops in Norway). Hamburg wouldn´t have allowed the cruises out of their port without this restriction which is not violating any EU regulations as it´s all about disease protection. DACH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) is a common market for travel industry as well as UK or Nordic or Spain... Market means different offers, different prices... Although German is the main language in all three countries it is not mainly the language which lead to create this as a common market. It goes farther than just Germany (see Hurtigruten) but that may be a compromise to have at least one full market where you can offer the cruises. BTW a friend of mine (Austrian nationality but living in the Netherlands) can´t book HL either. You should be able to book with Ponant. At least I saw that a Belgian friend is cruising with them. They did offer the cruises here in Germany too. But you were only able to make a reservation as the paperwork wasn´t fixed yet. I haven´t heard whether Germans are now able to go or not. You have to provide a negative COVID-19 test. steamboats
  8. Hapag-Lloyd announced cruises yesterday... Europa 2 - starting July 31st with 8 day cruises out of Hamburg (no port stops) Hanseatic Inspiration - I think it was Aug 2nd with 5 day cruises out of Hamburg (no port stops) steamboats
  9. Back home again... and yes, we had a wonderful cruise with lots of great food! Only 31 passengers with 36 crew (and the following cruise had only 17 pax). There will be a review with lots of photos but the text will be in German (usually google translate works pretty well). But you have to wait for the first part until the weekend. steamboats
  10. Thanks... I´m known of being able to take 2,500 plus photos in less than 48 hours 😂 - o.k., that´s Oasis Class ships by Royal Caribbean International... Maybe not that many photos on a river cruise ship...😉 but wait, app. 900 taken during the two nights I´ve been there for the naming ceremony last year (and we weren´t even sleeping onboard as the boat wasn´t finished yet). Porto is such a beautiful city with zillions of photo opps! steamboats
  11. I´m gonna give it a try... first flight since February tomorrow and then 7 nights on the Douro river... steamboats
  12. For any major upgrades you need a ship yard and workers. Can´t be done by the crew only. They can make repairs or change carpets. The Allure was in Cadiz and has just left with no major upgrades although everything was prepared. But they can´t get all the needed (extern) workers onboard. steamboats
  13. There was a fire on May 22nd which was limited to one cabin and caused a damage of 40,000 Euro according to the news. Meyer never confirmed the ship´s name. Many media sources named the ship "AIDA saga" mixing up the AIDAcosma and the Spirit of Adventure for Saga Cruises. Other media sources talked about the Odyssey. steamboats
  14. If they Odyssey moves back and the AIDAcosma´s second block is built at the door they first have to move the second block out of the hall. After that the Odyssey can leave the hall. So it´s easier to build the second block in the back, move out the (almost) finished Odyssey and move back in the AIDAcosma block which is now outside. steamboats
  15. Tim Meyer did only mention the fire onboard the Odyssey saying it caused a high damage (not mentioning any amount - media was talking about 40,000 Euro) and a further delay - but again no mention how long the delay will be. They are looking for a new short time loan. They won´t pay some due gratuities in time but after the hand over of the Iona in late August (so a 4 months delay as the Iona´s hand over was due in the beginning of May). Hand over of the Spirit of Adventure is now scheduled for late September. Saga already has talked about October. The negotiations with the cruise lines still don´t seem to be over but difficult (regarding the "stretching" of the new builts delivery plan). Again, regarding the Odyssey there were no dates given or any hints about the duration of a delay. Fire was confirmed. steamboats
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