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  1. Italy and Spain are still closed for cruise ships. Spain has extended the shut down for another two weeks - so until after Easter. Italy was still considering the extend the shutdown which is currently ending this week. But they will extend. steamboats
  2. That´s Oasis Plus class... with all features of all other ships ;-)! steamboats
  3. Virtual of the Seas ... seems to be the lastest ship of the fleet. steamboats
  4. You mean no nice cat purses anymore ???? 😲🤣😂 Let´s get back the cupcakes... steamboats
  5. Neither the Ultimate Abyss nor the Perfect Storm slides are mentioned on that list. steamboats
  6. Obviously September 30th counts as October as the Norwegian Encore´s conveyance started in the evening of Sep 30th. steamboats
  7. As delievery is due in the beginning of November conveyance can be late September. Norwegian Encore was Sep 30th, delivery Oct 30th. steamboats
  8. And April 20th has been postponed too. No new date given yet. steamboats
  9. Sorry, yes, I mixed up Library and Card Room. steamboats
  10. Looking at the Iona - she´s due for delivery in May. Float out was mid Feb, Ems river conveyance mid March. Odyssey - delivery November, so float out maybe August, and Ems river conveyance September? steamboats
  11. The middle part of deck 12 became a library on the Oasis. steamboats
  12. So far it´s still spreading... Italy is shut down, as well as France and Spain. Here in Germany we are basically shut down but still allowed to walk, run in the park keeping the needed distance. steamboats
  13. So far it´s still on deck 11... Right now nobody knows when the Amplification will be done and how much they are doing. Plans are to move it down to deck 4 like on Harmony, Symphony and now Oasis. steamboats
  14. According to Ouest-France 20 subcontractors were allowed to disembark the Celebrity Apex. As the crew has more than 60 nationalities the evacuation of the crew is much more difficult as for each nationality they have to give clearance. steamboats
  15. The easiest way to visit Neuschwanstein and Linderhof castles is to take a day trip by bus. This gets you as close as you can get. Tickets can be bought onboard too and get you skip the line. Anyway this is an old thread about a new train connection to Munich airport and it´s not a thread about sightseeing out of Munich. steamboats
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