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  1. That is the question now isn’t it! Releasing it a year later than normal if the ports were unique might bring a good price and drive interest but this is not the case. I certainly don’t intend to book no matter the price so fingers crossed I’m hoping they bring something of interest to the table next week.
  2. I keep checking and have my TA watching for it to come available as well. Nothing yet 😖
  3. To my understanding only cruises after April 2020 to the Middle East have been effected so yes January 2020 is still for sale, at least for the time being. I am on the last cruise before going into dry dock and my cruise has not been cancelled
  4. Now don’t get me wrong, I am totally down with a cruise leaving from Venice arriving in Tampa but November 9th doesn’t jive with the Caribbean cruises already on sale. Time will tell, I will just keep checking in to see how this progresses!
  5. Would very much appreciate it if you see pricing or book the TA you post. I am not overly fussy about the cabin but would like to get in on pricing before it increases with capacity
  6. So odd that I can see all the other cruises and pricing but not this one. We are on the last cruise before she goes in and will be looking to book this cruise to see the changes if/when pricing comes available as we were looking to book a TA for the fall anyways!
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