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  1. Hi Tring - I am in the same boat (!) as you. We are due to sail on Columbus, to the fjords, in July 2020. Final payment, of £787, is due 5th April 2020. I was hoping CMV would allow a delay to final payment or get a refund of deposit. However, as someone else posted, their policies are really draconian compared to the other lines. I too am reluctant to pay the final balance and then if the sailing doesn't go ahead. Who knows how long it would take to get a refund. If we do get a refund. I wouldn't want to receive a FCC. I booked through a travel agency and they insist I pay the final balance. I think I will just check again with the agency, and I think I will just take the hit on the deposit - £360!! (ouch)
  2. Hi - we're from the UK. A transatlantic a few years back on Quantum was fabulous. Would love to do another transatlantic in the future. I don't think the ports are the problem - its the sick crew members!!
  3. I spoke to CMV yesterday. They said they will be sending out emails next week. They will be offering re-booking of upcoming cruises. When I asked about just cancelling and receiving a refund, I was told that would not be on offer!
  4. Hi - pardon the pun but we are "in the same boat"! We too are sailing in July and final payment is 4th April 2020. We booked via a travel agency. I spoke to them yesterday and they just said that the sailing would be going ahead and that I should pay up. Ideally, if I hadn't paid such a big deposit, I would have cancelled. As it is, we will just have to wait and see and hope that they do cancel our July cruise or at least extend the final payment date.
  5. Hi JP62 - we have done this several times!! Why? - we got to see a ship that we have never sailed on before. If we like what we see, we will book a longer voyage. (MSC Opera - didn't like the ship so didn't plan to sail on her ever again. However, we booked the Armonia for October 2018 and MSC changed it to the Opera - we were not best pleased!) - we get to stay in a better grade of cabin, generally, for a lot lower price. MSC Meraviglia and MSC Seaview. For the Seaview we managed to get the yacht club, 2 adults and 1 child for £78.00, though it was only for 1 night but worth it!! - we sometimes do these cruisers as it sometimes fills in between longer cruises and we have also used them as positioning cruisers. Often this one/two night cruisers are cheaper/more pleasant than a flight! We have boarded in Barcelona and done a two-nighter, disembarked in Civitavecchia and then re-boarded another ship/line and then sailed back to Barcelona or Hamburg! What we do try to do however, is book one nighters if they will be sailing back to a UK port. Failing that, we stay overnight (Amsterdam/Rotterdam/Bruges) and we then get the ferry back to Hull. We have had a really good laugh doing these "cruises" but it takes a LOT of planning and stamina. Would we do it again - probably not unless it was a fabulous deal and in one of the suites!
  6. Hi - ask yourself if it is worth the stress. What is the atmosphere going to be like on the ship? Will you be happy using the Kids Club, the swimming pool/hot tubs/gym/sauna/going to see a show, etc? If this was your first ever holiday ever/somewhere completely exotic and once-in-life time bucket list cruise - then maybe. This is "only" the Med!! Think about having to work at home for two weeks at home and your daughter probably having to take two weeks off school as well......? Whilst not in completely the same situation. We (myself, husband and 10yr son) had Costa Magica booked for 9th April 2020, so over Easter. We decided to cancel and just bear the loss. The cost of cancelling the cruise was about 220 euros, but we cancelled before final payment date. We also stand to lose about £150 with Ryanair flights (this could possibly be refunded if the flights are subsequently cancelled by Ryanair). I don't know what your cancellation loss would be for the cruise and flights. I see that you have the Carnival Legend booked for July. I presume to the Med. If possible just wait until then. We are going with CMV to the fjords, in July, and are just looking forward to that. So glad that we were able to cancel and don't regret that decision.
  7. It is such a dilemma and I do wish the cruise lines/airlines would just refund on request! We just made our own decision and cancelled our Easter cruise. We were due to sail on Costa Smeralda last week but had changed it to Easter. We are not timid travellers but with a 10yr old and the thought of being quarantined on a ship for 14 days, or longer, was too big a risk to take. Also what is the vibe going to be like on the ships and in the ports?!! Will you want to use the hot-tubs, the swimming pool, the casino, see a show,etc? Also will all the museums, shops, attractions at the ports be open? Will there be angry/panicky locals, hassle with local buses/trains, food shortages?!! We have taken the hit with our loss of deposit and am looking forward to upcoming cruises from the UK that do not require a flight (so eliminating the costs of flights). We have the Preziosa booked and MSC Virtuosa, one for October and December and hope the situation will have "resolved" by then as the Virtuosa does require flights to Barcelona!) ps. Hi Beamafar!! Sorry to hear about your DH. Were you planning on the sailing the Virtuosa?
  8. Hi Alicat58 - what would the cancellation fee be at this stage. Will Costa let you transfer? We were due to sail on the Costa Smeralda last week but changed the cruise, back in December to this Easter. We thought it would be better as our 10yr old son is off for 2 weeks over Easter compared to the half-term. Subsequently we cancelled the Easter cruise as for us, it is just not worth the stress of it all. We have lost about 220 euros (we booked through a German website) for the cruise and we have to add in the cost of unused Ryanair flights (fingers crossed they cancel the flights and that will be refunded!) We are not timid travellers but I just can't imagine the cruise having the same vibe. For instance, will you want to go for a swim, use the hot-tubs, put kids in the kids club......? What will the ports be like - open or closed stores, panicky/angry locals, food shortages.......?!! We have come to terms with it mentally and will just spend a little less/change to a cheaper grade of cabin for the subsequent cruises we have booked for later on this year and next year. Is this something you might consider? Added to the above, say something did transpire do you want to be in quarantine for 2 weeks or more?!! As I type this, on the news France have had a couple more cases and Greece.
  9. I don't mind Costa and would argue that you do get what you pay for!! I have never been on Costa and expected to get the same level of service you get with Cunard. With regard to gratuities, it really is only an add on when you book via the UK. I've said it before, I book via Germany and the gratuities are included. Added to this, the price is often cheaper and the final payment due date is closer to the sail date.
  10. Me again - I asked about multi-generational cruises to the Fjords.
  11. I contacted CMV today and was told middle to end of Feb 2020.
  12. Hi - has anyone been able to book this? I thought it was going on sale today.
  13. Re service charge/hotel charge/tipping/gratuities - or whatever it is called! In the UK, on average, we pay more for our cruise and the above is NOT included and has be paid at the end of the cruise. For 2 adults and 1 child, that adds about £130 to the cost of the cruise. In the past, I happily paid this as COSTA was often a lot cheaper/decorative ships (loved the Costa Mediterranea) and "more interesting" ports. However, by chance, I was able to look at prices and what was included on a German travel agents website. I found the particular cruise I was looking at was a lot cheaper in euros than pounds and the service charge was included. From then on, I have only book via Germany and am very pleased. From time to time I compare the UK prices to Germany and am aghast at the price differentials. Added to this, the deposit is often cheaper and we have longer to the final payment date.
  14. Hi there. We are sailing on the Apex preview and just wanted to know if there were any free dance or fitness classes on the Edge. I fear the weather in April might be inclement so am wondering how to keep entertained!
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